Best Remit Rate to India USD to INR exchange rate

Best remit rate to India is offered by Indus Ind bank over 3-5 days USD to INR money exchange service. Service tax is deducted from your remittance.

Best remit rate to India is probably one of the primary question that you as an NRI (non-resident Indian) would ask yourself once a month.

If you have loans to pay-off or sending family maintenance, there is no better time to do it.
The current USD to INR exchange rate is at its all time high and you have lower interest rates on loans to top it up.

This article is aimed at simply sharing the remittance company that we have tried and tested for higher and maximum rates over the last couple of years.

To be very frank, when we first started sending money (somewhere in 2012 end), it was ICICI bank’s money2india service.

Then, a better rate search with pre-existing desi money saving minds and high aspirations to get a sign up bonus, were introduced to