Australia PR SkillSelect Job Occupation List 2021

Australia PR Job List for Skilled 189, 190 visas with state nomination for faster processing. Monthly draw for ANZSCO code with minimum of 65 points to apply.

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SOL List Australia 2019-20

Skilled occupation list Australia is divided into 3 separate parts:

  • SOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List),
  • MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) and
  • ROL (Regional Occupation List).

You should have your job profile in one of the lists to be eligible to file Australia skilled Permanent residency application known as Expression of Interest (EOI). Australia immigration has an online tool to submit EOI known as SkillSelect.

The first step is to find your Job profile ANZSCO code from the above list and then check your Australia PR points (calculator).

How Many Points are Required for Australia PR?

Australia PR requires a minimum of 65 points to file Expression of Interest. The more points you get, the higher chances you have for PR selection.

Which Occupations are in Demand in Australia?

The occupation list keeps changing every frequently and it’s not easy to gauge the real-time demand.

What is Date Of Effect for Invitations?

The date of effect is the date you submitted your SkillSelect EOI application. This date changes whenever you make a change to your EOI and re-submit.

It is shown clearly on your SkillSelect profile. Just log in and see the date mentioned there.

Example: Date of Effect (DOE)
The date of effect for Software Engineer was 11/04/2020 6:05 PM (11 April 2020). It is the END date that was considered for 11 July 2020 Australia SkillSelect draw.

Anybody who had achieved a score of 75 before that date and time was invited in 11 July draw. If you reached the 75 points on 22 July 2020, your EOI would not even be considered in this draw.

What does Pro-Rata Invitation mean?

Pro-rata means that dividing the total number of invitations available is divided into the number of months, to make sure that an equal number of invitations are available every month.

Example: Pro-Rate

Let’s say that for ‘Software Engineers’ job, Australia plans to issue about 15000 invitations from July to June. Then, they will divide the 15000 by 12 to reach the number of 1250 per month.

So, they will restrict issuing invitations to the ‘Software Engineers’ category to about 1250 per month. This is just an example to explain pro-rata. An actual number of invitations may be different.


Written by AM22Tech Team
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  1. Priyanka_Kamuni

    Hello Anil

    As per the latest update in australia-pr-skillselect-job-occupation-list page, the points required for 262113 needs 95points and is open for only NSW.
    Does that mean the minimum cut off required for that occupation in that state is 95?
    And all the applications less than 95 hold no chance of getting a PR?
    I have 80points(including 5 points of state sponsorship).

    Kindly help me understand the situation.


  2. anil_am22

    The points shown on official Australia Immigration site are only for 189 visa.

    State points are not disclosed.

    The point requirement changes every month and may come down in future. But, chance of getting invite are low with 75/80 points are low given the current trend.

  3. anil_am22

    Points for each job code as per most recent draw are given in the list. Please check.

  4. anil_am22

    I suggest to use the calculator to find the points.

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