Australia PR Pro Rata Occupations Meaning

Australia PR pro rata invites are sent if an occupation code is oversubscribed. Waiting time is more for pro-rata ANZSCO codes.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  17 Jan, 21

What is Australia PR Invitation Pro-Rata System?

Every month, Australian immigration runs a draw (kind of lottery) which selects the limited number of top Expression of Interest (EOI) applications with the highest points and sends them Permanent residency invitations.

There is a possibility that some of the skills (ANZSCO job codes within the same category) have more EOIs than other job categories.

In this case, they place an artificial limit on the number of invites on the oversubscribed jobs to give a fair chance to other less in-demand job categories.

This is called the โ€˜pro-rataโ€˜ system meaning that highly popular skills will be restricted and the invitations are sent pro-rata (limited number of invites in that skill category).

Australia Pro Rata Job Category

At the time of writing this article, job category 2613 โ€“ Software and Applications Programmers has oversubscribed EOIs and hence restricted (pro-rated) invitations are sent for them.

After submitting the EOI, you just wait for the invitation. While waiting, you can still try to increase your total points if there is still some scope like improving your English test score (like getting 79+ in PTE) or added work experience.


Anil Gupta
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