Chance of Invite Australia PR 2021 (189/190 state)

Chance of invite Australia PR for offshore, Onshore candidates. Healthcare workers given preference. Chances low for points less than 90.

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  AM22Tech Team    Updated 2 Jun, 21

With the start of the New Year, those waiting for an invite on 189/190 visa will again be for a long wait unless onshore or from a healthcare job code.

Chances of Invitation in 2021

Since the start of COVID-19 and closing of International Borders in Australia, DHA is having a targeted monthly invitation round for 189 mainly focusing on the below professionals:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Doctors/GPs
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational + Speech Therapists
  • Scientists or other codes related to healthcare/medical-research professionals.

So, what are your chances of receiving an invite for 189/190 in 2021?

189 visa

DHA has notified in Dec 2020 that they will be running Quarterly (189) invitation rounds for the remainder of 2020-21 and the next invitation round will be in Jan 2021.

As per the last year’s rounds, it is expected that this time also, the majority of the invites will be going towards these codes even if there are 1000 invitations sent in order to support the country’s healthcare system and its recovery in the post-pandemic period.

Job codes from the Pro-Rata list like Accountants, ICT & Engineering Professionals can expect an invite, only if you have 90/95+ points and onshore and if DHA conducts a big invitation round for their quarterly period.

Here, the chances are better for onshore candidates than offshore applications to get selected.

190 visa


The majority of the states including VIC, NSW, SA & QLD have already notified that they will only be inviting applicants residing in the particular state/territory in response to the state’s health and economic recovery as a measure to combat COVID 19.

Hence, all offshore applicants will have to wait until the end of this financial year (at least up to June 2021 end) for the situation to change. So, submit your EOI and count your stars!


It’s a very good opportunity for onshore applicants and especially for those who are in the critical care occupations and can contribute to the state’s recovery from COVID 19.

As reported earlier by many applicants, even those with 70 GSM (General Skilled Migration) points and in a critical care job code have been invited for 190 by various states.

Even the Visa processing time for these applications has been reduced and many have received their grants in less than 60 days from their lodgment date.

Points Less Than 90

If you are from a non-critical care occupation; having less than 90 points, Be ready to wait. The exact timelines cannot be given but as expected the waiting period will be long (with no guarantee of an invitation) as evidenced from last year’s rounds.

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If one has the option of increasing points, for example by gaining maximum points in English Language Test or attempting NAATI and has already invested their time and money in getting a positive skill assessment & will be having no changes in their points for another year or so, they can think of waiting.

We recommend PTE as you can score highest points easily with our collection of real life tips.

The more the points, the better are the chances when the invitation rounds get back to the pre-Coronavirus era. Submit your updated EOI and wait for an invite.

You can leave your current employer’s end date blank in EOI and the system will automatically add points as your work experience increases with time.

189 invitations are solely based on high points however 190 invitations depend on the state’s demand of a particular job code. States can sometimes invite an applicant with 75 points over a 90 pointer if that ANZSCO Code falls under the State’s demand.


It would be a good option to think of Plan B for all the offshore applicants if they fall in the below category:

  • Total points less than 90
  • Not a critical care occupation
  • Losing points in the next few months or a year

It isn’t clear when DHA or states will start inviting people from overseas; it could be the next FY or when the COVID 19 cases are reduced in all the other countries or as and when everyone gets vaccinated.

Reason for not inviting offshore candidates?

The main reasons for not inviting Offshore Applicants since the start of COVID 19 are:

#1 Closing of International Borders – Because of restricted travel conditions, and a limited number of international flights available around the world, there is no advantage in inviting offshore applicants as many of them won’t be able to travel even after receiving their Visa Grants.

#2 Increased Unemployment – To support and boost Australia’s economic recovery during and post-pandemic, DHA is reluctant to invite offshore applicants as that will mean displacing job opportunities from existing Australian Residents and citizens or other onshore individuals.

#3 Increased Backlog of existing Visa applications – With the coming of PMSOL (Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List) for employer-sponsored visas last year and their fast visa processing times and another priority being given to onshore critical care occupations for skilled visas, the backlog of already lodged applications between 2019-20 is very high. To reduce the further backlog, DHA is reluctant to invite offshore applicants for now.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team     

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