How to Get Australia PR Easily- 189, 190 Visa

Get Australia PR in skilled migration category 189, 190, 489 visa for 5 years. SkillSelect points calculator. Step by step process for ANZSCO code invitation.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated 2 Mar, 20

How to get Australia PR easily with skilled employment? If your occupation is on the Australia immigration job list, you are eligible.

Do I qualify to immigrate to Australia? You should be less than 45 years age and score at-least 65 points to file an expression of interest.

Australia has 189 and 190 Visa to immigrate based on your education and skills.

#1 Find your ANZSCO code

Australia has 3 skilled migration lists. At this time, only people with job profile / skills in these lists are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

  1. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  2. Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
  3. Regional Occupation List (ROL)

Check comprehensive list of all currently active Australia PR skills list here. Move on to Step 2 now.

#2 Calculate your Australia Skills Points

Australia has a points based skill migration system meaning that your eligibility is tested on various criteria and then your total points decide if you will get the Australia 5 year residency permit or not.

The points calculation system is called ‘Australia SkillSelect‘ system. Use Australia PR SkillSelect points calculator to find your points and then file your application (Called Expression of Interest) under visa categories 189 (points tested), 190 (points tested + State sponsorship) and 489 (regional visa).

The calculator will ‘suggest‘ options to increase your total points and help improve your chances of getting Australian residency.

How many points are required for Australian PR?

You need to score at-least 65 points to be eligible for Australian PR.

#3 Australia Points – English Language, Work experience

  1. English Test Score – English Language test score is required for primary applicant.We recommend taking PTE Academic (pearson) exam and score 79+ in your first PTE attempt using our tried and tested notes.

    Some people might have already given IELTS and if the score is not getting you maximum Australia points, we recommend trying PTE. Read about difference between IELTS and PTE here.

    You can move to Step 4 (filing EOI) without your English Score. You can update your EOI after you have test score ready.

  2. Education, Work experience evaluation – The Australia EOI filing (next step) requires you to provide the Skills assessment proof and a reference number (provided by the assessment agency). This is a mandatory step before moving to Step 4 below. The assessment agency is listed next to the skill you have chosen in the list in Step 1 above.

#4 File Australia PR Expression of Interest (EOI)

Australia PR Expression of Interest (EOI) is a formal application to enter pool of applications for Australia PR.

This is a mandatory step. We have a sample step by step Australia EOI to help you steer through the Australia’s SkillSelect website.

You fill all the details, verify the points on the last step and then click ‘Submit’. Once you submit, you are added to the ‘pool’ of other applicants that have submitted their EOIs.

What is Australia PR Invitation pro-rata system?

After submitting the EOI, you just wait for the invitation. While waiting, you can still try to increase your total points if there is still some scope like improving English test score or added work experience.

Once you receive the PR invitation, you need to see next step.

#5 Lodge 189, 190 Visa Application

You get 60 days to accept and lodge (submit) your PR invitation.

Upload your documents as early as possible to reduce the processing time for your Australia PR. Some documents take time to receive like Police Clearance certificate from FBI (if living in USA) along with Medical test results.

We have a comprehensive article on documents required for submitting PR invitation along with step by step process.

Once you submit your Australia PR invitation, you wait until you receive your PR ‘GRANT’. Grant means that Australia officially gives your permanent residency for 5 years. You will be given a certain amount of time to make a first mandatory visit to Australia and validate your PR before that date.

Once you validate, you can go out of Australia and return anytime within those 5 years.


Get Australia PR from India?

You can get Australia PR from India, Singapore or even USA.
Lot of Indian skilled workers on USA H1B visa, waiting in long USA green card queues are in-fact filing Australia PR while its still open and available.
If your chances of going to USA are low, we highly recommend filing for Australia PR from India as they give direct Green card equivalent just on the basis of your education and work experience. No job offer is needed! Isn’t that amazing?

Do I need Australia PR Agent / Consultant / MARA?

The Australia PR process can be done without a PR or MARA agent.

You can use an agent or consultant to help you with the complex Australia PR process. It depends on your personal choice.


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta  
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