Fact Check: Bloomberg H1B 200k workers to Lose Status

Bloomberg article talks about H1B 60 day grace period. No need to panic. No executive order by Trump or USCIS. 200k number based on estimated H1B job losses.

Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta    Updated  28 Apr, 20

Many people are sharing and getting scared by the headline of the BloombergQuint article today with the headline “Over 200,000 H-1B Workers Could Lose Legal Status by June“.

First things first, there is no need to panic if you still have your H1B job intact and are currently working.

The article’s claims are based on the fact the H1B workers get 60 days of time to find another H1B sponsor. They have estimated that about 200k H1B workers might lose their jobs due to Coronavirus recession and may not be able to find another sponsor by June end.

Has Trump Announced any H1B Ban?

At this time, nothing has been announced by Trump’s Government to stop an H1B visa or block their entry to the US.

Bloomberg’s article talks about an estimated number of H1B workers and has nothing to do with Trump’s immigration Ban.

Has USCIS stopped H1B Applications?

USCIS is accepting new H1B extension, amendment, and transfer applications at this time.

To our surprise, many H1B applications are being approved in record 2 to 6 weeks even when filed in regular processing.

H1B 60 day grace period
H1B 60 day grace period

H1B Furlough or Unpaid Leave

Furlough means unpaid leave, which incidentally is not allowed on H1B. Your employer is required to pay you even if you are a so-called ‘bench’.

Bloomberg’s story uses Indian origin dentist doctor’s stories to share the plight of workers who are currently living on the edge due to an unprecedented situation created by COVID-19. It is certainly difficult to find a new H1B sponsor if you lose your job.

That’s why they say that “Manasi Vasavada has less than three weeks left before she loses her legal right to be in the country”.

Calculate Your H1B 60 days Time

Bloomberg’s article is categorically talking about people who have been laid off by their H1B employer. In this situation, calculate how many days you have to find a new employer to keep staying in the US.

Check my 60 day grace timeline, status and Options using App >

Indian News Sites Spreading H1B Fear

You will also see the same being copy-pasted in Indian news sites and channels in a few hours from now, spreading panic without telling you the real thing that Bloomberg’s article is trying to convey.

Incidentally, the same article has been republished by another news website called ‘MercuryNews‘.

Share this message within your group to keep their blood pressure low. Stay calm and do not fright over Indian news.


Written by Anil Gupta
  Anil Gupta           

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  1. anonymous

    Hi Anil, your are right about the exponential number of 200k. But the basic issue here is 60 day period to find another employer, which is close to impossible, given the job market. Many employers are shutting their doors due to loss of business. Tough for the H1Bs. Preference is OPT/CPT. Now that there is no travel for leaving the country. Air travel to India is closed. 45 days of the 60 day bracket is completed in job search, since they first implemented lock down. The alternatives lie in COS to B2 or other or applying for extension of stay. There is no blanket extension of the 60 day period if I am right. Panic is for maintaining the status of stay.
    I agree that the Indian news channels are throwing all sorts of garbage for creating sensitive news on H1B. The article also fail to project solutions, but focused on threat.

  2. Kaushik_Punyamurtula

    Indian News channels, specially those gossip loving websites are indulging in this fear mongering.

    If you are due for a renewal of H1B, and currently employed residing in US, USCIS is extending the I-94 date for 240 days when filed in time. That mean you will get 8 month extension. No need to panic

  3. H1BBuster

    USCIS can go and take a hike. President Trump is determined to put American workers first. Most H1-Bs used system loopholes to be in US, and 98% are useless walking around with fake “talent that can not be found” attitude. Dream on for 240 days extension as it was all hype some dude made on Internet. There is no 240 days extension ever discussed on political table. Those Indian news are right, and they are warning H1-Bs to start packing their bags. They all are going home soon.

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