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H1B denial can lead to deportation

USCIS NTA Policy Starts Oct 1, 2018 – i485, i539 – H4 Visa affected

 4 Mar, 19 

USCIS NTA policy change starting Oct 1, 2018 for i485 & i539 applications. H1B out of scope of NTA at this time. Adequate notice period before NTA is issued.

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Will H1b pay for border wall if get green card faster?

Trump Tweets Path to Citizenship for H1B Visa

 27 Feb, 19 

Trump has tweeted that his government is coming with a concrete plan to design path to citizenship (not even a green card) for H1B visa holders.

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USCIS is open during govt shutdown

Does USCIS Work During Government Shutdown? – Yes

 11 Feb, 19 

Does USCIS work during government shutdown - Yes, they work. H1B, H4 EAD, N400, Green card interviews are taken as scheduled. US embassy may not be open.

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Day 1 CPT arrests at University of Farmington

ICE Arrests University of Farmington Day 1 CPT Students

 4 Feb, 19 

ICE arrests Day 1 CPT Indian students from University of Farmington. Working without study is not allowed and is violation of US visa terms.

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H1B processing delays increased after premium processing suspension

H1B Wait Increases after Premium Processing Suspension

 30 Jan, 19 

H1B regular processing time has increased at California, vermont service centers after Premium processing suspension. Track daily delay after sep 11, 2018 ban.

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Trump plans to end citizenship to US born kids

Trump Planning for No US citizenship to New Born Kid: HR 140

 8 Jan, 19 

No US citizenship for US born kid - Trump plans an executive order to stop birthright citizenship to any non-green card holder including H1B, L, B1/B2 visa.

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