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Tracking USA immigration news including H1B, H4 EAD, Green Card priority dates.

H1B denial can lead to deportation

USCIS NTA Policy Starts Oct 1, 2018 – i485, i539 – H4 Visa affected

 4 Jan, 19 

USCIS NTA policy change starting Oct 1, 2018 for i485 & i539 applications. H1B out of scope of NTA at this time. Adequate notice period before NTA is issued.

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USCIS NTA policy - 18 to 33 day grace period before NTA is issued

USCIS NTA Policy News – 18 – 33 day grace period before NTA is issued

 4 Jan, 19 

USCIS NTA policy allows 18 - 33 days grace period to file appeal or leave USA before NTA is issued. H4 child can get NTA. I140, H1B extension 240 day not in NTA.

HR 392 Employment based country limit

HR 392 – Removing the country limit for US green cards

 4 Jan, 19 

HR 392 aims to remove country based limits on employment based US green cards. Will help Indian and Chinese H1B workers avoid kid ageing out and get GC faster.

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H1B lottery changes

New H1B Lottery System in April 2019 – H1B 2020 season

 4 Jan, 19 

H1B lottery system change in April 2019. Electronic filing, selection. US masters degree holder more chance of selection over Indian or Chinese degree. 60 day to submit.