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Supplementary credit cards

Do Supplementary Credit Cards Affect Your Credit History?

 20 Nov, 17 

Supplementary credit cards The simplest and to-the-point answer is Yes. Supplemental credit card details are mentioned on your own credit history (CIBIL) report and are available for any bank or lender to view the details. Read on the basics if you are not well versed with the supplementary credit card concept. What is a Supplementary  … Read more

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Should You Opt For Credit Cards That Have An Annual Fee?

 20 Nov, 17 

credit card We all use credit cards these days and most of them usually do NOT carry any annual fees. This off course is taking a hit on the bank’s earning potential with each issued credit card. Since, India has seen a vast economical growth in past decade, most banks capitalized on this growth and  … Read more

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Is it worth buying under construction property in India?

Is it Worth Buying Under-Construction Property in India?

 20 Nov, 17 

My own experience says that all under-construction plan based projects get delayed by years and the quality is not at par with what you are promised. Be careful.

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Gold loan is cheaper than personal loan

Gold Loan Is Cheaper Than Personal Loan

 20 Nov, 17 

Gold loan Is cheaper than personal Loan because financial institution is taking Gold as collateral. Personal loan is un-secured and hence carries higher interest.

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