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Can a company reject job application based on bad credit history

Can An Employer Reject Your Job Application Due To Bad Credit History?

 20 Nov, 17 

Can a company reject job application based on bad credit history Credit history checks for a job in brokerage institutions and financial institutions is a normal trend in USA. Do not expect a favorable response if you have been struggling with bad credit ratings lately. It has been argued that this trend makes life difficult  … Read more

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secured credit card

Take A Secured Credit Card If You Can’t Get A Normal One

 20 Nov, 17 

Go for a secured credit card if you have no or bad credit history. Secured credit card helps you build credit history within 6 months against your deposit.

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Is it worth buying under construction property in India?

Is it Worth Buying Under-Construction Property in India?

 20 Nov, 17 

My own experience says that all under-construction plan based projects get delayed by years and the quality is not at par with what you are promised. Be careful.

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Gold loan is cheaper than personal loan

Gold Loan Is Cheaper Than Personal Loan

 20 Nov, 17 

Gold loan Is cheaper than personal Loan because financial institution is taking Gold as collateral. Personal loan is un-secured and hence carries higher interest.

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