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GPS in Smartphone

Does GPS In SmartPhone Use Internet Data Plan?

 6 Feb, 18 

GPS in smartphone does use internet if you don’t have maps downloaded. Google maps has offline maps saving feature and may not use mobile data.

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Migrate Bitnami Discourse to official Discourse Docker image

Move Bitnami Discourse Install to Discourse Docker Install

 16 Jan, 18 

Move bitnami discourse install to official docker install by discourse team. Easy to upgrade and install plugins directly from admin page. Always run the most recent and updated copy of discourse. Better than Bitnami image.

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Redirect http to https using google domains DNS

Redirect naked domain to www along with http to https – Google Domains DNS

 13 Jan, 18 

Redirect naked domain to www along with http to https using Google Domains DNS synthetic records. Speeds up website. Good for Google SEO. DNS settings cached with 301 redirect. Easy fix.

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Google cloud CDN

Google cloud CDN set up for WordPress | Discourse

 13 Jan, 18 

Google cloud CDN set up for wordpress or Discouse. Step by step guide for Google Load balancer, back end service with HTTPS certificate set up. Wordpress runs super fast with caching rules set up by caching plugin.

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Speed Up WordPress on IIS Windows WP Super Cache

 10 Jan, 18 

Speed up Wordpress on Windows IIS by using URL rewrite rules. Reverse proxy behavior like Squid and Varnish. Fetch WP Super Cache files directly.

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Migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to Google compute engine VM

Migrate WordPress – Amazon AWS EC2 to Google Compute Engine

 30 Dec, 17 

Steps to migrate Wordpress from Amazon EC2 to google compute engine using Bitnami image. Linux server VM with 3.75 GB memory. WP Super Cache settings.

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