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Remove YARPP CSS Files From Loading In WordPress

 9 Dec, 17 

Remove YARPP CSS files from loading in Wordpress. You can disable widget.css and related.css in functions.php to improve page load speed.

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html to pdf with iTextSharp

HTML to PDF using iTextSharp Library In Dot Net

 8 Dec, 17 

Sample code snippet for converting HTML to PDF format. It also considers image tags in the HTML and uses iTextSharp library.

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Google URL Shortener API – Shorten URL – Dot Net – OAuth

 26 Nov, 17 

Use Google URL shortener API in .net with oAuth to generate short URLs with server to server communication. This is a complete step by step guide.

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Can we place Google Ads in facebook applications

Can We Put Google Adsense On Facebook Application?

 20 Nov, 17 

Google Adsense On Facebook Application is not allowed as per google policies primarily because it is an iFrame and you can’t place ads in iFrame.

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Add Dataset

Develop RDLC reports – using ReportViewer and Datasets

 20 Nov, 17 

Design and develope RDLC reports in using this simple tutorial. It walks you through the steps with pictures in an easy way.

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Google search box in asp dot net master page

Add Google search box on master page with

 20 Nov, 17 

You keep visiting sites and see that cool Google search boxes that let you either search your entire site or search the entire Google database, all without leaving your site’s page! If you also want to have something like this, then I am sure you would have already got the Google Search Box for Adsense  … Read more

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