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Have you been ten printed?

Am I Ten Printed Meaning for DS-160 form US Visa

 25 Dec, 18 

Ten printed means both hand's 10 finger prints taken by US government. Form DS-160 - NO if first time US visa. Else, say 'YES'. Don't remember, answer 'NO'.

USCIS Receipt number status i797 notice

USCIS Receipt Number Format Explained

 25 Dec, 18 

USCIS receipt number WAC / CSC - California, LIN / NSC - Nebraska, EAC / VSC - Vermont on i797C notice received in 1-3 weeks by mail. Check case staus online.


Change in Appearance Form for Indian Passport Renewal USA

 11 Dec, 18 

Change in Appearance Form required if you have beard, moutache, wear glasses, turban, gained / lost weight and aged. CKGS may reject application if change found.

SFO Indian Embassy sample Apostile for document attestation

Is Apostile for Document attestation by Indian Embassy USA required?…

 7 Dec, 18 

Apostile for document attestation mandatory for US citizen. Indian passport holder Apostile based on Indian embassy location, postal or in-person application.


Forgot to upload photo on NRI online passport renewal form

 27 Nov, 18 

Don't worry if you forgot to upload photo on NRI online passport as it's optional. Send NRI form with glued paper photo.

Passport stolen with US visa

Passport with US Visa Stamp Stolen? How to get new Visa Stamp?

 21 Nov, 18 

Passport with US visa stolen - report local Police. Report US embassy by email with copy of passport and visa. New Visa required for re-entry. Old Visa Cancelled.