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US study visa F1 can be used for academics.

US Visa 214b denial sample

214b Refusal – B1/B2, F1 Rejection & How to Re-Apply

 5 Apr, 19 

214B visa refusal means that US visa officer was not convinced in interview about your return to home country. Re-apply B1/B2, F1 anytime again with new proof.

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Can F1 OPT stay in US after filing H1B on April 1?

 24 Feb, 19 

Hi, My F1 OPT grace period ends April 19, 2019. Will I be able to stay lawfully (in-status or period of authorized stay) if my employer files an I-129 H1B petition April 1, 2019? Or would I have to leave April 19 to prevent any chance of unlawful presence/out-of-status? Grateful for an answer.

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Wife on H4 file COS to F1 or go to India for F1 stamping?

 24 Feb, 19 

Hi Anil, My wife is in H4 and planning to change to F1. I have two options filing COS or going to India for stamping, because of funding she needs to be in F1 before joining the university. What should I do in this situation? Is there any chance for COS premium to kick start  … Read more

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H1b holder can study in USA while working

Can H1B or L1 Study in USA While Working Full Time?

 8 Feb, 19 

H1B can study in USA while working full time without F1 visa including H4, L1. Eligible for in-state tuition. Full time MBA allowed. Employer can pay tutition fees.

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