Coronavirus – USCIS H1B RFE to Prove Physician as Specialty Occupation

USCIS is open and sends H1B RFE for Doctor in Coronavirus emergency. H1B healthcare workers in rural American cannot work at other clinic.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  24 Mar, 20

Ashwin Sharma, practicing US immigration law, reported that they have received an H1B RFE for Family and General Practitioners position.

Lawyer Ashwin claims that the person is a qualified doctor and has license to practice medicine. He is ready to treat COVID-19 patients but cannot work until his H1B is approved.

We could not independently verify the documents and the reason for RFE. It is possible that this person’s H1B application is missing the basic educational and other job related proofs.

In another report, bloomberg reported that doctors on H1B visas in rural America are not able to help other clinics due to the strict immigration law.

An H1B worker can only work at a specific clinic address that has been mentioned in H1B approval.

This shows that USCIS is open and officers are processing all types of H1B applications even though premium processing has been suspended.

The only relief has been provided by department of labor where they have allowed employers to file H1B LCA in 30 days for working from home. Unfortunately, doctors work onsite.

On the other hand, USCIS has not given any relaxation in its H1B and L visa strict rules even if you lose your job, are forced by your employer to go on unpaid leave or cannot leave the US due to H1B denial.

Many H1B workers are being furloughed but will not get any relief unless the government specifically adds automatic extensions in the new Coronavirus recession Stimulus bill.

The chances of a stimulus bill giving any benefit to legal visa workers are slim.

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Anil Gupta
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