Driving License Expiration Extended During Coronavirus

Automatic driving license extension from 30 to 90 days announced by many US states. H1B, H4, L, F1 visa holders part of extension. Online services available.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  23 Mar, 20

I have been asked by many people about driving license renewal for visa holders if their current one is expiring due to i94 expiry.

Most states in USA have suspended the expiration date temporarily. This means that your current driving license would be considered valid for driving even if the printed validity has expired.

There has been no separate announcement separately for visa holders. We are assuming that driving license expiration extension is being given to all irrespective of their visa status.

You can drive in USA with your international of home country license for limited time.

I am listing the states and their driving license renewal notification during Coronavirus here. Do share with on forum if you have more information about your state. This list is under construction right now as I am trying to find information for some states.

StateAutomatic Driving License Extension?Start Date
Vermont (VT)90 daysNo start date provided. Announced on Mar 17. So, assume Mar 17 as start date.
Florida (FL)30 daysMar 16
Georgia (GA)120 Days for age 60 & older. No extension for others at this time.No date provided
Nebraska (NE)Automatic extension until stop date announced. Mar 1
Ohio (OH)Coming Soon 
West Virginia (WV)Coming Soon 
Delaware (DE)Coming Soon 
Indiana (IN)Coming Soon 
Maryland (MD)No fixed days – extended Up-to 30 days after the emergency has been lifted.Now
Minnesota (MN)Coming Soon 
Mississippi (MS)Coming Soon 
Missouri (MO)Coming Soon 
Montana (MT)Coming Soon 
New Hampshire (NH)Coming Soon 
New Jersey (NJ)Coming Soon 
New Mexico (NM)Coming Soon 
North Carolina (NC)Coming Soon 
Oklahoma (OK)Coming Soon 
Rhode Island (RI)Coming Soon 
South Carolina (SC)Coming Soon 
Wyoming (WY)Coming Soon 
Alaska (AK)Coming Soon 
Colorado (CO)Coming Soon 
Illinois (IL)30 daysNo start date provided. Assume Mar 17 as governor announced it.
Louisiana (LA)Coming Soon 
Maine (ME)Coming Soon 
North Dakota (ND)Coming Soon 
South Dakota (SD)Coming Soon 
Massachusetts (MA)60 daysMar 1 to Apr 15. Add 60 days to your expiry date. People with i94 expiry are not eligible.
Utah (UT)Coming Soon 
Tennessee (TN)Coming Soon 
Virginia (VA)60 days Now to May 15
Arkansas (AR)Coming Soon 
Texas (TX)Automatic 60 day extensionMar 13
Washington State (WA)Coming Soon 
Pennsylvania (PA)Coming Soon 
Connecticut (CT)Coming Soon 
Hawaii (HI)Coming Soon 
Idaho (ID)Coming Soon 
Kansas (KS)Coming Soon 
Kentucky (KY)Coming Soon 
Wisconsin (WI)Coming Soon 
California (CA)60 days (No official info on Gov DMV site)No start date announced
New York State (NY)Automatic extension until stop date announced. Mar 1
Arizona (AZ)Coming Soon 
Oregon (OR)Coming Soon 
Alabama (AL)Coming Soon 
Iowa (IA)Coming Soon 
Michigan (MI)Coming Soon 
Nevada (NV)Coming Soon 

For states who offer online driving license renewal, you should apply from home. Some state governors have categorically allowed all extensions even if you do not renew license online.

Can Suspended, Revoked Driving Licenses Be Used?

You cannot use a suspended or revoked driving license for driving in a Coronavirus emergency.

A person who is not eligible to drive due to an active enforcement action (suspension, revocation or denial) can use the card for identity purposesĀ only.

Are driving tests being conducted?

No driving tests are conducted during the Coronavirus national emergency.
Almost all driving license offices are closed.

Are H1B visa holders eligible for online Driving License Renewal?

Almost 99.9% of visa workers like H1B, L1, their dependents like H4, L2 and students would not be eligible for online driving license renewal as it depends on their legal status validity in the USA.

You need your USCIS approved i797 and i94 to get a driving license.

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