Facebook to DHS – Fake Accounts will Be Deleted

Facebook says they will delete fake DHS accounts as they are against their policy. CBP wants to create phony accounts to monitor visa, green card applicants.

Written by Am22tech
  By Am22tech      Updated  3 Sep, 19


Facebook has asked DHS to not create fake accounts to monitor activities of people who are applying for US visa or Green Card.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has strict policy against false user accounts and they warned that any accounts that are found to violate the policy will be automatically deleted.

It will be interesting to know how Twitter and other social platforms would react to the DHS’s new policy. CBP wants to follow people and store their name, phone other material that they post publicly in their own database.

As per CBS news report, Twitter is still looking into the policy details and would respond later.

Last week, the DHS social media policy was changed to allow CBP, USCIS and other agencies to create fake accounts. The new policy will affect immigrant as well as non-immigrant applicants for US visa.

Does Facebook and Twitter stand a chance to delete the accounts created by government to track suspicious activities? Will they be able to go against government? What do you think?


USA News

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