Fact Check: Green Card for Indian H1B without EB5 (in 30 months?)

Easy Green Card USA scheme targetting Indians. Promises GC within 30 months for $84000 fee. Fact Check investigation - Is there a Short Cut other than EB5?

Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team    Updated 20 Jun, 20

We have been asked to verify if the claim of fast green cards for Indians by paying a certain amount is true or not as many of them have seen it on Facebook pages.

Note: We have removed the images as the owners of the site that we reviewed earlier started sending threat messages instead of sharing their Green card scheme/plan.

These type of companies claim (Operate with multiple names and change it often):

  1. US green card for anybody or everybody including Indians on H1B, L1, F1, or B1/B2 visa. It does not matter if you are in EB2 or EB3 queue as per their claim.
  2. GC processing attorney fee: USD $84000 or more. Installment based payment plan.
  3. Time: Guaranteed GC within 30 months
  4. No EB5 or marriage based GC in this scheme. God knows what secret GC path they have found.
  5. Run by attorneys or ex-immigration officers but do not share anyone’s name or credentials.

At the outset, it has multiple red flags that show that it could be a big scam. Many Indians who have been tired of waiting in EB2 and EB3 queues may fall into the trap and easily lose their money.

This is one of the scheme that they share openly on social media and try to lure people.

Green card claims - scam alert
Green card claims – scam alert

They claim that their company is run by professional attorneys and ex-immigration officers and know the tricks that can get you a green card.

These companies are trying to attract people using their Facebook page with names that attract people like ‘Green Card USA’, ‘Easy USA’, ‘Path to USA’, ‘Fast Green Card for Indians’, and similar.

Is this Green Card Scheme Genuine?

It is up to you to make a decision based on the fact findings that we have shared below.

Although its difficult to extract money out of an Indian, we still suggest to not fall for this GC scheme unless you know what kind of path they are taking! Stay calm, ask am22tech if in doubt 🙂

Our fact check investigation reveals company claims licensed attorneys but share absolutely zero information about them.

Red flags

We reviewed one such page called ‘Green card USA’ as one of our guests asked us to verify it and know if this scheme is true or not.

You should do this basic test yourself as and when you want to know the legitimacy of any page or scheme.

#1 Page has changed its name multiple times in past 3 years

  • It was started as “properties in USA for Indian Citizens” in Sep 2018 and
  • then changed to “Properties in USA” and
  • then again to “Green Card USA” in Aug 2019 probably after sensing the desperation of Indians stuck in 100+ years of backlogs.
FB page - green-card-USA - page history
FB page – green-card-USA – page history

They may change the name soon or create a new page in the future. Usually, this kind of schemes or companies run their operations with different names to confuse you.

The chances are very high that once you have paid the first installment of about $35k, they will ask you to find more money as they will show you the EB2 green card pathway.

In that case, you will need to gather either 900k or 1.8 million to move ahead. If you do not, you will probably lose your first installment too as we could not find any refund information on their site.

#2 Page is managed by people based in India

Check if the page is managed by people in USA or outside USA.

If it is managed by people outside the USA and they have not declared it in their GC scheme, it is an indication that they are explicitly trying to hide things from you.

Green-card-USA page manager are based in India
Green-card-USA page manager are based in India

Find out if the page is managed by the same company that they claim to be. If not, this is a red flag immediately.

Take this with a pinch of salt that the business which claims to be a legal consultancy by a group of attorneys and ex-immigration officers does not care to even get their business page verified.

Green-card-USA business not verified
Green-card-USA business not verified

#3 Company Does Not Exist at Given USA address in Florida

A quick search on Google maps street view shows that the company does not even have a signboard.

Green-card-USA  Page address and information about who runs it
Green-card-USA Page address and information about who runs it

Would you pay 84K to a company who does not believe in putting up business signboards at their office?

See yourself in this Google Maps Street View picture taken in Sep 2019:

green-card-USA Florida address not found
green-card-USA Florida address not found

The official email is shared on the Facebook page address but they ask you to contact them on an email ending with gmail.com or yahoo.com or similar.

You should:

  • Check their primary business website and see what they have mentioned there about the Green card plan. 99.9% of the time, you will find that they have not shared any information there.
  • This is done because the company is legally registered in the USA and they want to show the registrar that they are not violating laws.
  • They might have other similar LLC names mentioned on their official website which may point to other addresses. This is done to confuse you more than show legitimate information.

#4 Ask you to fill form G-20

There is no official USCIS G-20 form that exists.

In one of the Facebook comments on their own page, a user asked about this form and they replied saying that it is their own internal form.

They claim that they are run by professional attorneys around the world but do not have any explanation of how they can get you a green card on their website.

Follow US Immigration law

We always suggest staying on the right side of the law. Do not fall for an unexplained offer that sounds too good to be true.

If you really have money, then it is better to file an EB5 investor green card yourself or through a reputed attorney consulting firm.

EB5 attorney will clearly lay out a plan for you rather than misguide with promises that sound too good to be true.

As an example, look at this recent case of STEM OPT fraud done by Integra technologies found by DHS. They have now revoked all F1 visas and people who used it face arrest, deportation, and permanent entry ban.

If you want us to verify any facts related to US immigration, let us know using the ‘contact us’ form given at the end of this page.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team     

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    Government does not leave such easy clues which immediately show that its fake.

    Government fake set ups are as good as real! You cannot catch them easily.

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