Can We Put Google Adsense On Facebook Application?

Can we place Google Ads in facebook applications

Hmm..developed an awesome Facebook application and looking to monetize it with Google Adsense? Your thinking is right but adsense may not be the right option with Facebook.

The primary method of creating a Facebook application is to create a page on your OWN website and then point your FB app. to load that page. When somebody or you add this application to your FB page, it automatically loads the web page that actually resides on your own web site.

Facebook App iFrame

Technically, you can write any code whatsoever on this web page including Google ADS. So, when this page gets displayed on Facebook, it will be able to show the ADS.

Internally Facebook shows your FB app. inside and iFrame. iFrame is nothing but a window which shows your web page (residing on your website).

What are the issues with displaying Google Adsense On Facebook Application?

  1. Putting Google ADS in iFrame is NOT allowed: As per Google Adsense program policies, you may not place ads in an iFrame. If you do, your account may be blocked. I don’t think it would be wise to play with what has been clearly written in policies.
    Google Adsense policies
  2. Google Adsense is NOT an approved AD partner with Facebook: Trivial but true. Facebook only allows ADS to be shown on the FB app. whom it has approved as an AD provider. They have a specific agreement that an AD provider has to sign before publishers (like you and me) can actually show ADS on our FB App. Unfortunately, Google Adsense has not signed it! The full list of approved AD network on facebook is available here.

So, keeping in mind the above two points, i think that placing Google ADS on your FB app. is NOT wise. If you do decide to place them, you would be violating both Google Adsense and Facebook’s terms and conditions.
As a result of non-compliance, Facebook can block your application and Google can disable your Adsense account. Decision is yours.

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