H1B Denial, RFE Rates High for IT Consulting Than Direct Client

H1B denial increase. Capgemini has lowest H1B extension approval rate. RFE for speciality occupation increase. Product based companies for h1B transfer.

Written by Am22tech
  By Am22tech      Updated  17 Nov, 19


IT Consulting Employer – Higher H1B RFE and Denial rate

Consulting companies like Cognizant and Capgemini have high rate of H1B denial rates than the product based employers that offer direct hire full time H1B jobs.

Capgemini has the lowest H1B approval rate at 60% which means that their 40% H1B applications are denied on average.
The second most H1B rejections are faced by Cognizant whose almost 32% H1B applications are denied. CTS also files the most number of H1B applications every year.

EmployerH1B Lottery / Transfer Approval RateH1B Extension Approval Rate

We strongly recommend to wait for H1B transfer approval and NOT join consulting company on receipt to avoid status issues later after denial or RFE.

Product based Company Higher H1B approval Rate

Employers like Google, Apple and Microsoft offering H1B jobs to foreign workers have extremely good chances of H1B approval at 99%.

EmployerH1B Lottery / Transfer Approval rateH1B Extension Approval rate
AMAZON COM Services99%97%

H1B RFE & Rejection Rates Increase

USCIS is issuing more H1B RFEs than ever asking for proof of “Specialty Occupation” as per the latest data shared on Feb 22, 2019.

The chances of H1B extension approval after RFE reduces to 60%. That’s a real low rate of approval.

Is it Safe to Join on H1B Transfer Receipt?

Looking at the official USCIS data about H1B approvals and rejections after RFE, my suggestion to join new employer on H1B transfer receipt in the absence of Premium processing are

  1. Join Product based Full time end client stable company on H1B transfer receipt notice. Do NOT join US based start up company on receipt.
  2. Wait for H1B transfer approval in case of IT consulting companies like Cognizant, TCS, Infosys etc.

Source: USCIS


   14 Useful Questions & Answers from comments

  1. Arun
    Arun 17 Nov, 19 at 12:06 am

    Transfer approval rate for Capgemini is way more than 20% . 20% approval rate is only for initial H1B submission after lottery. Column 2 (H1B Lottery / Transfer Approval) is incorrect.

  2. Sun 197895
    Sun 197895 22 Jul, 19 at 5:11 pm

    Hi, Those viewing this article, please consider a correction to the way USCIS data has been wrongly interpreted. The second table of the article combines H1B lottery and H1B Transfer under same category, which is incorrect. H1B Lottery as per USCIS and your i-129 will be ‘New Employment’ where as H1B tranfer as per USCIS and your I-129 would fall under ‘Change of owner’. So approval rates mentioned in the second column of second table of this article are for H1B lottery only and do not include H1b Transfer. Approval rates for H1B transfer, amendment, extension, rest all (other than H1B lottery) fall under third column. Please note this data is for 2018 where as USCIS has released 2019 Quarter 1 data as well.

  3. Sun 197895
    Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 6:06 pm

    Hi Anil,

    The site from USCIS has complete different numbers than what you have put here. For example, IBM has approval rate of 73% for 2019 year, TCS has 67% and CTS has 60%. And also, may I know from where did you get this information ?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 17 Jul, 19 at 7:05 pm

      The USCIS source is mentioned at the end of above article.

      • Sun 197895
        Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 7:34 pm

        But the USCIS source site only has combined details/results (amendment with in company, transfers, extensions, etc). It no where provides separate data for each category. But in your article you have put listed numbers for transfers/amendment vs extension. Please let me know if I am missing anything here.

        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 17 Jul, 19 at 7:43 pm

          H1B amendment and transfer are automatically extensions too.

          • Sun 197895
            Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 7:43 pm

            I am referring to the table you have put. If I have to pick one out of the table… for Capgemeni, you have put 20% as approval rate for H1B amendment/transfer and 74% approval rate for H1B extension. Any source you can provide for this please ?

            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 17 Jul, 19 at 7:55 pm

              As i mentioned earlier, the source link is given at the end of above article. Please read.

              • Sun 197895
                Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 8:06 pm

                Sir, this is the link you have shared at the end of your article and no where in this PDF it shows approval rate data separately for Transfer/amendment vs extension.

                • Anil Gupta
                  Anil Gupta 17 Jul, 19 at 8:06 pm

                  I have added the numbers and then calculated the average percentage.

                  • Sun 197895
                    Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 8:06 pm

                    Got it…So that’s a wild guess and not the source from USCIS ( I mean on segregating approval rates between transfers vs extensions which you did). I was only asking so many questions as I know USCIS never provides (atleast till now) data separately for transfer/amendment vs extensions. It only provides combined data and from that data there is no way any one can interpret how many are transfers approved vs how many extensions are approved…unless some one does a wild guess like in this case. Thanks.

                    • Anil Gupta
                      Anil Gupta 17 Jul, 19 at 8:15 pm

                      Its NOT a wild guess. The data source is given in the article.

                      Please understand the data and then make assumptions.

                    • Sun 197895
                      Sun 197895 17 Jul, 19 at 8:44 pm

                      Sir, that is what I tried to do. The USCIS source which you have put has only three tables with below three headers:

                      1) H-1B: Percent of completions with an RFE

                      2) H-1B: Percent of completions with an RFE that were approved

                      3) H-1B approvals for the top 30 employers with the most initial and continuing approvals, fiscal year 2018

                      For this data, I was trying to understand how you broke it down to transfer vs extension approval rates for each company. I thought you will provide us the logic on this forum but you are only responding with one liner providing zero insight. Please note that this site is on web and many people would be referencing it to take a decision so again I request you to provide the logic so I dont or anyone doesnt assume.

                    • Sun 197895
                      Sun 197895 19 Jul, 19 at 11:04 pm

                      Ok. One thing which may need correction is your second table..where you have put both lottery and transfer under same category.

                      If you reach the USCIS data… IA (Initial approval) and ID (Initial Denial) are for New Employment or Concurrent Employment
                      CA (Continuing Approval) and CD (Continuing Denial) are for extension, amendment, change of employer (which is same as transfer).

                      This information you will not get in the PDF link you have put but in the below link (USCIS web site)…this link is a search on Capgemini.

                      Request you to check this, if required correct your article and re-publish this article, so that correct information is spread to people.