Will H1B visa family move to Canada if H4 EAD is stopped?

H4 EAD revoke survey results - 30% of skilled worker family applying for canada PR. Australia permanent residency is easy and pays high salary for IT workers.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  2 Mar, 20

Is H1B family planning to immigrate to Canada / Australia

The question, If H4-EAD is withdrawn, Are you thinking of moving to any of these countries for Permanent residency and working? has been answered:

H4 EAD Withdrawal Survey Results

We publish H4 EAD withdrawal survey results to find the mood of H1B skilled worker families with or without a spouse using H4-EAD work permits.

14 thousand people have already shared their opinion and 64% spouses are working either in a job (92%) or opened a business using H4 EAD work authorization.


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Canada is favorite to immigrate if US stops H4-EAD work authorization

Canada is most preferred country after USA by the skilled worker community which primarily comes from Indian and China.
Canada has merit based Green Card (Called Permanent Residency) system which unlike US, gives you immediate GC, even before landing.

39% of people are actively thinking about moving to Canada.

The interesting thing to note is that second place (27%) is taken by people who are not thinking of moving from US, until USCIS pushes them out with their updated forceful deportation policy after H1B extension denial!

The next 26% people are satisfied with their immigration status in US and would return back to their home country with smiling faces if EAD is withdrawn and their spouse does not want to lose his/her professional life.

Australia lags behind with just 4% looking at east side of horizon. As a matter of fact, Australia’s job market is thriving and lot of highly skilled people are applying for Australia’s SkillSelect points based Green card system. It also favors your education and professional qualifications instead of your country of Birth.

As per our information, the comparative salaries in Australia are higher than Canada in same job profile.

UK (United Kingdom) is least favored due to their highly restrictive visa system too.

There are people who have also decided to look for ‘self sponsorship‘ by either setting up their own company or using the EB-5 entrepreneur visa.

H1B family Kids going to High School – Bought House

People with high school going kids feel that they are stuck in USA with investments in House, Cars, Social Security and hence can’t move even when H4 EAD work permits are taken away.
They feel stuck with extremely long Green Card queues that leave little hope for seeing GC in their lifetime.

I will be very happy, H4 EAD is stealing American Jobs

Many people have also responded to the survey with comments ‘I will be very happy, H4 EAD is stealing American Jobs‘. I would assume that it is probably because of political narration that they may have heard.

Every one is free to form their own opinion.
I would say that it is not entirely true. H4 EAD, if working, has the skills to work for that job.

Some others have tried to skew the survey results by commenting that ‘H4 EAD is Illegal‘, presumably have little knowledge about how US immigration works and lack skills themselves to secure a job.

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H1B spouse Females – Most affected by H4 EAD

Majority of H1B spouse are females and they feel that ‘it depends on their husband’s job career‘ and if they both (husband and wife) collectively can make same amount of money outside US.

These spouses feel sad because they won’t be able to use their education and skills to contribute to US economy at large and support their individual family, if work permits are terminated.
Off-course, every person who works, gets the job with their skills and pays taxes.

If H4-EAD is withdrawn, will you switch to H1B Visa?

Apparently, 25% H4-EAD spouses are eligible for H1B visa as well. So, they will move to more restrictive H1B if they have to in future with no open H4 work permits.

A high number of dependents i.e. 27% are not eligible for lottery based H-1B visa, which can now be even rejected by USCIS with no RFE!, attacking H1B families from all sides.

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H4 EAD Withdrawal Survey – What Skilled worker families think?

You can also contribute to this survey or see the result here:

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