USCIS got 275k H1B Lottery Applications in Apr 2020, Indians Dominate with 67%

H1B April 2020 lottery registrations result. USCIS received 275k applications, 186k Indians, 36k Chinese. Apply starting Apr 1. Waitlist second chance difficult.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  1 Apr, 20

USCIS has announced that it received 275,000 unique H1B registrations in the initial registration period in Mar 2020.

USCIS noted that Indian H1B applicants shared the lion’s share of the total at 2,22,750 followed by China which stands at 36k.

H1B LotteryRegistrations
India186,175 (67.7%)
China36,300 (13.2%)
Others52,525 (19.1%)

How many H1B applications were selected in lottery? The data has not been shared by USCIS publicly. We estimate that they must have selected around 105k as they usually select about 25% more than 85k to leave space for denials.

There were more than 40,000 registration accounts created meaning that each employer filed an average of more than 6 H1B applications. 46% of these registrations were filed by US advanced degree holders. This is roughly equal to about 1,26,000 US degree holders.

It would be interesting to see if the current Coronavirus recession is the US will affect the H1B approvals or not. On March 30, US tech workers groups sent a letter to Trump and asked to stop H1B hiring for 1 year.

H1B April 2020 lottery online status shows submitted
H1B April 2020 lottery online status shows submitted

You will be kept in a wait-list until Sep 30, 2020, if your registration is showing “Submitted” at this time.

You can now file the actual H1B application using form I-129 if your status is shown as “selected”. Ask your employer to check the status online.

Does Wait-list Has any Chance of Selection after Apr 1?

The chances of selection from the wait-list are quite low given the high number of applications that have already been received by USCIS.

If you have not been selected yet, the only thing you can do is keep your hopes alive. I can understand the pain and frustration but you can’t really do anything when thousands of people are filing for limited 85k spots.

Can I file an H1B Registration Now?

The H1B registration can be filed only when it is officially open. USCIS closed the first round of H1B registration for season 2020-21 on Mar 20, 2020.

It may open again but the chances are low due to the high number of applications received already.

USCIS h1b lottery registration dates

Is Online Filing Available for Selected Candidates?

There is no H1B online filing available at this time for selected candidates.
Your H1B employer should send the paper application including your approved LCA.

How much time is available for filing H1B Application?

USCIS will allow 90 days to file your H1B application.

Do we need to attach the Lottery Selection Notice with H1b Application package?

You need to send the printed copy of i797C selection notice along with your H1B application package.

Your employer can download it from the H1B registration site.

H1B lottery selection i797c notice

Does selection in Lottery mean H1B Approval?

Selection in Lottery does not mean H1B approval.

USCIS will review your H1B application package and then evaluate it based on Specialty occupation and employer-employer relationship. If it passes all the eligibility tests, you can expect approval.

It is possible that USCIS sends an RFE (request for documents) to ask for a client letter.

You should make sure that your end client project stays active until the H1B is finally approved.

Your initial H1B application should try to include all paperwork to avoid these top 10 RFE reasons.

Track H1B Approvals

Fill this H1B Lottery tracker to see the user driven data for H1B Selections:

USCIS has claimed that the new electronic registration process was a huge success as it saved money for employers and time for USCIS. The new registration process only required a $10 USCIS fee for registration.


Anil Gupta
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  1. anonymous39

    i know people who was selected and fragomen told them.

    i think mine taking long, because it says “submitted” and they are not sure what to tell me.

  2. anonymous

    The wait list is for real? I just spoke to a friend…his petitionar’s attorney isn’t very hopeful about the waitlist…just saying what I heard

  3. anil_am22

    As I mentioned in the article, the wait list does not have any practical chance due to the high number of applications already received by USCIS.

  4. anonymous39

    People applied for H1 from two different companies, will they get Visa or has it been rejected

  5. anil_am22

    If the end H1B job was unique meaning that each h1B employer filed for a different position, then it would not be automatically rejected.

  6. Anonymous09

    Where there are huge lines for CAN/AUS/UK etc Indian companies (with 2L employees) can play H1 game multiple times for 10$ to retain employees and avoid them from shifting to other orgs

  7. anonymous

    I don’t understand what you are saying, read some more posts that were shared by Anil on the group, you will understand the process, if one company registers 2 applications for the same person, both will be denied

  8. Anonymous09

    I was mentioning the advantage of Indian companies with 2L+ employees

    Who will file for many employees as fees is less and retain them when compared to Non US visas.

    Which is an issue for OPT/CPT folks who have been waiting since years.

  9. anonymous

    They have advance degree quota, so they get 2 chances in the lottery and in the last couple of years. USCIS has approved around 36K to 39K AD quota ppl

  10. Anonymous09

    In India also they do mtech etc then it wil impact

  11. anil_am22

    Advance degree only in US, will not be considered from other countries.

  12. anonymous46

    This thing is unfair guys.

    Spent too much money for school and eventually dont win the lottery

  13. Venkatraman_M_S

    Yes too much. If there be any additional quote as someone stated in the thread? Will COVID make any effect? Anil can enlighten whether there is scope for “not selected” to get another chance. Will it be stated by USCIS at this point of time as to “not selected” or it will change only at the end of fiscal year. Please clarify

  14. anil_am22

    USCIS may run a second draw if the number of applications selected in first draw are not enough to fill 85k spots.

    But, with this high number of applications, my opinion is that they would have already selected about 105k applications.

    This means that the chances of second draw are almost NIL.

  15. anil_am22

    Hi @Venkatraman_M_S

    The chances and how the selection is done is given on this page:

    Your son can apply again next year from India.

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