What is H1B Lottery System, Chances of Selection in Apr 2021?

Electronic registration will open on Mar 1 for H1B lottery Apr 2021. US master's degree has better chance of selection over Indian, Chinese degree. 60 day to submit.

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H1B season is coming up in April 2021 for new jobs that can start on Oct 1, 2021 at the earliest.

USCIS, the US government agency which approves H-1B applications calls it the H1B 2022 season as their fiscal year 2022 will start from Oct 1, 2021.

The application selected in the lottery will be marked ‘Selected’ and will be required to submit paperwork for further analysis.

H1B Lottery Timeline

H1B Lottery DatesUSCIS Action
Mar 1Registration opens at 12 PM ET
Mar 20Registration closes at 12 PM ET
Mar 31USCIS notifies lottery selected candidates
Apr 1H1B documents can be filed

We have listed 7 Steps to H1B and its Chances of H1B Rejection, Approval.

Can we Submit Multiple Registration for the Same H1B worker?

You can submit multiple registrations for the same H1B worker as long as the end job is different.

Do you need LCA to register H1B Application?

LCA is not required for H1B registration in the lottery process.

When will USCIS declare lottery results?

USCIS will complete the first round of the lottery process by Mar 31, 2020.

Can the Coronavirus recession affect the H1B lottery?

There are chances of major job losses due to the Coronavirus recession.

If your company or client closes the project before your H1B approval, you may lose your h1B chance.

Is the client letter required for H1B registration?

Client letter is not required for H1B registration.

Can we File an H1B transfer after H1b Lottery approval without joining the first employer?

You should be able to file an H1B transfer without even joining the first employer.

We strongly recommend joining the first employer in order to get your H1B counted against the cap.

Legally, you can file a transfer but chances of approval are 50-50.

What is the earliest date to start the H1B job after approval?

The earliest date for the H1B job is Oct 1 after approval.

Will USCIS delay processing H1B applications due to Coronavirus?

It is expected that there will be delays in H1B approvals due to coronavirus closures everywhere in the USA.

H1B Lottery Favors US Master Degree

The new way of running a lottery would result in an estimated increase of up to 16 percent (or 5,340 workers) in the number of selected H-1B with a master’s degree or higher from a U.S. institution of higher education.

USCIS has reversed the order of lottery draw:

  1. First, run the lottery for 65K from the entire pool of H1B applications and then run it for 20k US degree holders.
  2. Then, those applicants with advanced degrees that did not get selected in the first round would move into a second round, where 20k additional visas would be awarded.

Indian Masters Degree H1B Lottery

H1B applicants, who are primarily from India and China should be aware of this change in the H-1B cap rule system which would potentially reduce chances of selection for people with non-“U.S.” Master or Higher Degrees in FY 2020 cap season.

As per QZ analysis, the new proposed H1B Lottery does favor US master’s degree holders. The effect has been tested on the last couple of years H1B lottery too.
This proposed system will further reduce the chances of Bachelor’s degree holders for a selection in the lottery.

Year / Chances of Selection in H1B LotteryUS Masters degree holdersOthers (Like India / China Degree holders)
201851% (current system) → 55% (proposed system)38% → 34%
201741% → 43%30% → 28%
201642% → 45%31% → 28%
201556% → 61%43% → 38%
201474% → 84%63% → 52%


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team