H1B Wait Increases after Premium Processing Suspension

Anil Gupta  27 Nov, 18      0  USA

H1B regular processing time has increased at California, vermont service centers after Premium processing suspension. Track daily delay after sep 11, 2018 ban.

We are keeping a track of Current H1B processing times officially published by USCIS daily after the Sep 11, 2018 H1B premium processing suspension.

The number of days taken to process H1B application in regular processing has certainly increased at all USCIS services centers.
These are LIVE graphs that get updated daily. Please give them a minute to load.

From Sep 11 to Sep 27, an H1B application was processed in 135 days at Vermont and 219 days at California. This time has now increased to 152 and 250 days respectively.

H1B Extension, Transfer, Amendment Processing Delays- Days

H1B Change of Status processing Delays – Days

These numbers certainly do not give a good feeling when an H1B worker only has 240 days of work authorization after his i94 expires.

Another big headache is the renewal of the driving license which is tagged to the H1B i797 approval validity. Most US states do not renew the driving license unless one has an approved H1B i797 in hand.

Not sure if USCIS ever thinks of the hardships that an H1B skilled worker may have to go through if petitions are not worked on timely.

H1B Consular Processing Delays – Days

H1B processing delays increased after premium processing suspension
H1B processing delays increased after premium processing suspension

How we collect USCIS processing time data?

The graphs are based on the data shared publicly by USCIS on their processing time check website.