H4 EAD Revoke Time 2019 – Estimated Predictions

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H4 EAD Revoke Estimated Time 2019

An estimation chart based on how fast DHS and Trump government moves to terminate H4 EAD work permits.

These are just estimations. DHS may take much longer than anticipated based on prior experience.

H4 EAD revoke estimated timeline
H4 EAD revoke estimated timeline

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Draft H4 EAD removal after OMB Review30 Mar 1929 Apr 1929 May 19
OMB Comment Period End (30/60/90 days)29 Apr 1928 Jun 1927 Aug 19
OMB Comment Review End (30/90/120 days)29 May 1926 Sep 1926 Dec 19
Final H4 EAD withdraw rule publish

(Date when H4 EAD will be STOPPED)

8 Jun, 1926 Oct, 1913 Feb, 20

Lot of people who were working on H4-EAD and were eligible for H1B, have already changed their status to H1B.

If you can, you should too convert as early as possible to keep your job and income source unaffected.

Should I change status from H4-EAD to H1B?

If you are eligible for H1B specialty occupation visa, we strongly recommend to change your status to H1B to avoid discontinuity due to H4 EAD issues.

But, remember, you can start work on H1B only after your H1B change of status is approved.

Can a Lawsuit be filed against H4EAD withdrawal?

Depending on what rule DHS comes out with, the chances are high and a lawsuit stay can be obtained by H4-EAD groups in their favor, which may take years to reach a decision.