IIF Meets Dick Durbin, He Listens, Angry Over Abuse by Other Advocacy Group

IIF spots Dick Durbin at Starbucks in Chicago and shares concerns over S386 hold. Indian kid explains her story. Durbin says he will try to find a common path with Lee.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  26 Nov, 19


IIF, an Illinois Immigration Forum is leaving no stone unturned to meet Dick Durbin. They are trying to catch his attention at every nook and corner of Chicago these days.

Today, on Nov 26, 2019, they tried to get his attention at Swissotel (Chicago Downtown) but were allegedly demotivated by other group who allegedly showered Durbin with abuses rather than red roses.

Dick Durbin Called Shameless & Racist by Non IIF group

As per IIF spokesperson, the other advocacy group (name hidden for privacy) reached few moments earlier. “When are you passing the bill?” was other group’s question right on Senator’s face followed by words “shameless” and “racist”.

“Durbin felt disrespected and left in a hurry” says the IIF founder.

IIF team believes that abusing a high authority senator or anyone, for that matter, is not going to help change his mind.

IIF request Durbin to remove s386 hold
IIF request Durbin to remove s386 hold

Recall how Sanjay Dutt brought the change of heart with his Gandhigiri in Lage Raho Munna Bhai, a Bollywood movie.

Will the same approach work in real life? Nobody can tell as the US bills are passed on the basis of lobby. Politicians are same every where and work for vote bank.

This is self explained by the fact that Dick has batted heavily for DACA dreamers but excluded H4 kids. Anyways, the best way forward is to develop a dialogue rather than abuse.

Meeting Durbin at Starbucks – He Listens

At 10 AM, IIF team spotted Durbin at Starbucks on Michigan ave. Their team of 9 people with women & kids requested a quick talk. He patiently listened to IIF’s concerns put forward by youngest member of the team.

The Mike Lee’s Senate S386 is currently blocked by Dick Durbin over his demand of increasing the total number of GCs rather than just removing country based limits.

He did gave assurance to work on a deal with Mike Lee after the Thanksgiving holidays. Don’t get too excited as he may be giving the same assurances to anti s386 groups too.

Senator has promised a lot but his actions have been saying a different story in Senate. We can only hope that he steps forward to find a workable compromise with Lee and pass S386 soon.

IIF meets Durbin’s Chief of Staff

IIF tells that they had elaborate discussion with Durbin’s Chicago team’s chief of staff, Clarisol Duque, about Senator’s concerns over other advocacy group’s behavior and negative tone.

IIF meet Durbin chief of staff
IIF meet Durbin chief of staff

“She was happy to hear that IIF is a different group and asked us to send a detailed email about backlog issue”, said Venkat.

Immigration Voice (IV) Using Strong Words

At this time, we know of two popular advocacy groups that are working towards green card reforms. One is Immigration Voice (IV) and other is IIF.

It seems that it is Immigration Voice who has taken the more aggressive approach by instigating Durbin with use of strong language.

We do not know the immigration voice side of story at this time. We will update this page as soon as we have word from their team.

The everyday immigration voice social media tweets and Facebook posts show the choice of words may not be the best:

‪🚨🚨‬‪Call Senator Durbin at 202.224.2152, tell him City Councilors in Bangor, Maine are seeing through his cynical…

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