Air India Vande Bharat Flight to USA [COVID-19]

Air India emergency flights available to travel from India to USA. Flight cost starts at 1.3 lakh per person. Valid 1 year US visa required to board.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  8 Jun, 20

The Indian government is running flights between Indian and other countries to bring back Indian passport holders.

This includes people stuck in the USA. The flights are being planned in a way that people who have a valid US visa can board the flight and the same airplane will bring the Indians back to India.

Air India Flight

If you have a valid visa to the destination country, you can book your flight on the Air India website.

At the time of writing this article, the ticket price of Delhi to San Francisco flight was showing as 1.4 lakhs per person for economy class and 1.63 lakh for the business class seats.

The Delhi to New York flight is available for 1.31 lakhs as shown above. It is possible that prices are increased based on demand.

The Indian ministry of current affairs has planned flights from Delhi to Chicago, Washington, New York, and San Francisco.

We suggest to book US domestic flight once you have reached US to avoid any issues.

Can I board a flight to US if i have COVID-19?

You will not be allowed to board the flight to US if you have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Can I take flight to US with valid H1B i797 but expired Visa?

You cannot board a flight to US if you do not have a valid US H1B visa stamped in your passport.

H1B i797 is just a petition approval. You need a valid visa in passport to legally enter USA.

You should wait for US embassy to open and get a visa stamp using your approved H1B i797.

Can I travel to US on B1/B2 visa?

All legal US visa holders are allowed to travel from India to the US using these emergency flights including B1/B2, H4, H1, L1, F1, etc.

The only condition is that the visa should be valid for at least 3 month from the date of the flight.

The exceptions are:
H1B, L1 work visa, F1 study visa should be valid for at least one month to board the flight.

Can citizens or Green card holder travel to US?

Yes, Indian government is allowing US citizens and green card holders to travel.

Who will pay the cost of Flight?

The full cost of travel from India to US or other country will have to be paid by passenger.

Indian government will not subsidize any cost.

What if US does not allow me to Enter?

If the destination country like the US does not allow you entry due to any reason whatsoever after landing, you will have to bear the cost of a return flight to India.

The deportation penalty, return fare, and cost of 14-day Quarantine will have to be paid by you.

You will need to print, sign, and submit 3 undertakings before you board the flight.
#1 Risk of Travel & Quarantine Cost Undertaking
#2 Deportation Charges
#3 COVID-19 Self-health declaration


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