Indian H1B Healthcare worker Ask Attorney to get GC for family If he Dies by COVID-19 in USA

H1B Indian doctors are worried about family if something happens to them while treating Coronavirus patients in the USA. They want green card for their family.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  11 Mar, 21

My heart goes out to all doctors and medical workers who are working relentlessly to save Americans affected by COVID-19.

I want to give my special thanks to all Indian doctors who are on a restricted H1B visa and still doing their best to treat patients.

Their selflessness is proved by the fact that USCIS has not given any special treatment whatsoever to automatically extend any H1B visa or any relaxation to even work at a different clinic than approved in their visa petition.

These high skilled Doctors will have to wait decades to see their green card and if they die during this Cornavirus pandemic, their H4 dependent family will have to self-deport themselves back to India.

Praveen Kumar is a speech pathologist by profession working in nursing homes in Los Angeles. He has been providing his services since 2009 using an H1B visa and worries about his family’s future every day he steps out for work.

Even though he is not directly treating any Covid 19 patient directly, he is worried as all nursing homes are on high alert in Los Angles.

Looking at the tweet, many Indian doctors tweeted Praveen to share their common pain.

One doctor reached out to him as he was concerned about his life too. He shared anonymously that he is covering nursing home apart from working in a hospital. He too wants to be added to the list in case something happens to him and if a lawsuit can take care of his family.

They know it clearly in their heart that they might get Coronavirus due to the exposure they get every day. They are contacting Leon Fresco as he is known for his tweets in favor of immigrant’s equality and fairness in America.

Immivoice List

Many of you would be wondering if immigration-Voice has created any such list as told by Leon Fresco in his tweet or not.

We could not independently verify any such list exists or not. Hence, we have created this form to share your information. If Immigration Voice or any attorney files a lawsuit later, this list will be shared with them.

It is possible that the independent immigration rights advocacy group is keeping a list of families who face critical life situations. They usually tweet about such a family’s suffering to highlight the fact that Indians need fair treatment and the S386 bill should be passed.

Indian H1B Worker’s Pain

All these Indian medical professionals are in the queue to get their US green card. They are qualified and have already been vetted by USCIS. They are waiting in line just because US immigration law places a 7% limit on each country. The one who gets it is decided by their country of birth.

Unfortunately, none of us can control where we get birth. What we can control are our education and skills. The USA is in dire need of high skilled medical professionals to defeat this pandemic.

Visa Holders Worried About Ventilator Preference Over US citizens if Doctors have to Choose.

All they are asking for is an assurance to take care of their family if something bad happens to them. They have made their life in the USA and some of them have US citizen kids.

If something happens to any of them, their dependent family will be immediately ‘out of status’ automatically. There is no grace period and life will come to a standstill. They go to work with a heavy heart and feel there is no meaning to life and working hard in US without a word of assurance from government.

Trump government has announced a package for Americans to cushion the financial losses, but many of these Indian doctors will not even be eligible to get a single penny as per the exclusion rules. The CARES act bill excludes any visa holder who does not have a social security number.


Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta           

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  1. anonymous43

    I feel this pain. I am a scientist researching and manufacturing much needed live saving medicines in the state, showing up to supporting high risk environment while the rest of the world is fighting corona.

  2. anonymous39

    It is very much legitimate and they’re striving hard to save the lives of not just Indians, but everyone going thru that pain…

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