Trump Tweets Path to Citizenship for H1B Visa

Anil Gupta  27 Feb, 19      0  USA News

In a Tweet this morning, Trump has tweeted that his government is coming with a concrete plan to design path to citizenship (not even a green card) for H1B visa holders.

Given the current un-certainty of H1B visa extension and extremely long waiting for Indian, Chinese EB2, EB3 Green card, this is a potential news.

There are no details available at this time on how Trump plans to give thousands of high skilled H1B visa holders a sure shot way of getting Green Cards and then US citizenship.

Is Trump planning Border Wall funding from Taxing Skilled Workers?

I somehow feel that Trump is planning something like taxing H1B skilled workers more to pay for wall funding since he is not getting money from congress.

Even if he does that, I think all skilled workers would be happy to pay for it. What do you think?

The same idea was once told to me by one of Indian Gujrati friend stuck in long GC wait. The plan was to make each Green card person waiting in queue to contribute USD 5k towards wall funding.

This will immediately fund the wall payment of 5 billion!

Indian, Chinese Waiting for GCPay per personTotal Collection
5,00,000 (Approx)10,000 USD5 Billion

I think that each H1B worker waiting for GC will happily pay for it if they can get expedited GC processed given that they would anyway spend this amount for USCIS visa, premium processing pay fees in those waiting years anyway.

Do not forget to count the lower salary you get each year just because your employer has to pay for Attorney fees to file your Visa every time you file H1B!

H1B pay for US border funding Survey

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Will H1b pay for border wall if get green card faster?
Will H1b pay for border wall if get green card faster?

H1B path to Citizenship – Need Change in Immigration Law

Off-course, any such path has to be approved by congress by changing US immigration law and cannot simply be achieved using executive orders.

The Trump seems to have changed his political tune by claiming “We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the US“.

Given the current scenario where Trump is pushing DHS to remove H4-EAD work authorization desperately to impress his vote bank, the tweet in favor of H1B visa sounds more like words than substance.