Do Supplementary Credit Cards Affect Your Credit History?

Anil Gupta  20 Nov, 17      2  Finance

Supplementary credit cards

Supplementary credit cards

The simplest and to-the-point answer is Yes.
Supplemental credit card details are mentioned on your own credit history (CIBIL) report and are available for any bank or lender to view the details.

Read on the basics if you are not well versed with the supplementary credit card concept.

What is a Supplementary Credit Card?

It is a credit card which is issued to people who are authorised by primary card holder. For example, you can get a supplementary credit card for your spouse, child, parents etc if you want. This is an optional card and is issued only if you request.
The credit limits and all other features available on primary card are shared by supplementary card holders. Please note that credit card companies treat the credit account as single even if they issue multiple supplementary cards.

Credit Report For Supplemnetary Card Holders

As I already mentioned that supplementary cards do find a mention on your credit report, they can certainly affect your own credit ratings.

Here is a snapshot from a CIBIL report:

Sample CIBIL report

Sample CIBIL report

Although, The above screen shot does not show the type of account and ownership for credit card, it is good enough to showcase the concept. As a supplementary card holder, your credit history will show the following values:

Type: This field will show ‘Credit Card’.
Ownership: This field will show ‘Authorised User.

Primary card holder is primarily responsible for the usage and payments due on the supplementary cards. But the details are shown on credit report pertaining to the supplementary card holder too.

Who is an Authorised User?

An authorized user is a supplementary card holder. Since, a supplementary card is dependent on the primary card, an authorised user cannot request a credit limit increase, close the account or authorize over-the-limit purchases.


I recently wrote about the various credit card application rejection reasons and their possible work outs. If you have tried all of them and nothing has worked, then supplemental card may help you.

Ask your mom/dad/spouse/child to apply for a supplemental credit card for you. If you can get one, it will help you start a new chapter in your credit history. Maintain a good record to get access to more credit options in future.

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  1. Hi Anil,

    Assume add-on card holder never hold any CC before and do not have a valid credit score. How add-on card is going to help him/her build his/her own credit score/history? The bills/statment generated will be on original holders name and not on add-on card holder’s name.