US Travel Ban From India, Europe (COVID)

US to India travel ban has no end date. Reviewed every 30 day. H1B, L workers can enter US if have US citizen kid less than 21 yrs age. Carry birth certificate.

Written by AM22Tech Team
  By AM22Tech Team    Updated  4 May, 21

President Biden has issued the travel ban from India due to COVID. The ban stops any non-US citizens from entering the US if they have been in India anytime in the last 14 days.

There is no end date for the ban at this time but it will be reviewed every 30 days. If deemed un-necessary based on India’s COVID situation, Biden may lift the ban.

Rules Snapshot

#1 Currently outside the USA (US visa)

You are banned and most probably the US embassy will not issue a visa to you until the entry ban is active. At this time, most of the US embassy in India is closed and only honoring emergency services.

#2 US citizen Kid parents (H1B, B1/B2, other visas)

US citizens can travel along with their parents who may be on the visa like H4, H1B etc.

The airline that you are boarding will check the travel ban conditions and hence it is important to show them that you are a parent of a US citizen child who is unmarried and below 21 years of age.

  • The US citizen child should be traveling with you.
  • Carry the US citizen kid’s US passport and birth certificate as proof.

#3 H-1B lottery

(OPT, F1 to H1B and other cases – 2021-22 season starting Oct 1, 2021)

  • Currently, Outside USA – You cannot enter the US until the ban is active. A visa stamp will not be issued even if the US embassy reopens. The application will be kept in form 221g admin processing.
  • Currently inside the USA – Not affected if you filed as a change of status. If you have applied in consular processing, you can file the H1B amendment with change-of-status after Oct 1.

#4 F1 students

  • Currently inside the USA – People currently inside the US are safe. USCIS will approve as usual.
  • Currently, outside the USA – the US embassy will issue an F1 visa if your classes are scheduled to start on or after Aug 1, 2021.
    • For classes starting before Aug 1, 2021, you will have to talk to your school/college and adjust the class schedule.
    • Hybrid (online + in-person) and in-person classes are eligible for F1 visas. Completely online classes courses are not eligible.

#5 i485 AOS, i485 EAD applicants

You cannot return to the US until the ban is active.

The travel ban affects the pending green card applications outside the USA.

  • Currently, inside the USA – Green cards will be approved.
  • Currently, outside the USA – Green cards may not be approved until the order stays Active. NVC may not schedule an interview appointment until the ban is active.

I-130, i140, PERM, EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 are not affected by travel ban.

#6 US Citizen/Green Card Holders

You can enter the US without any issue even if you were in Indian in last 14 days.

Stay for 15 days in Third Country

You can travel from India to any third country and stay there for 15 days to become eligible for travel to the US.

Note that choose this third country carefully as US has banned travel from many European countries on the same lines as India.

The 15-day quarantine requirement in a third country is important as the airline will not let you board the flight to the US unless you satisfy the 14 days outside India requirement.

These third country could be the one from middle east like Qatar, Dubai or Australia or similar.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  By AM22Tech Team     

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  1. Ramkumar_Kannan

    I have a question related to travel ban from India to US. My H1B visa is expired, but have a valid EAD/Advance Parole card from a pending I485 application. Would I be able to enter USA with Advance Parole when I travel with my US born kid? Thanks in advance !!

  2. anil_am22

    You cannot travel to US if you were in India in last 14 days.

  3. udayr

    Newly married, H1B primary in the USA, valid H4 stamped spouse stuck in India. No mentioned exemptions apply.

    Is third country quarantine the only way?

    Or is the H4 eligible for NIE based on family separation reason? I don’t understand when they mention fiance(e) in the exception list but not a legally married dependent.

  4. anil_am22

    H4 is not exempted unless you have a US citizen kid.

    Third country quarantine is probably the the only way at this time.

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