Hate Letter Against Indian, Chinese IT workers in Texas (Police Complaint Filed)

Hate letter asking Indian, Chinese H1B IT visa workers to leave US received in Texas. Police complaint filed in Irving for hate crime.

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A hate letter was allegedly received by an H1B visa worker residing in Irving, Texas.

The letter specifically targets Indian and Chinese IT workers and asks them to leave the US.

The letter also claims that they will start shooting people who do not leave the USA in open areas.

Texas resident IT worker receives letter asking to leave the US
Texas resident IT worker receives letter asking to leave the US

Irving Police Complaint

The police department in Irving, Texas has received the complaint and has officially announced that an investigator has been assigned to this case.

If you also receive a similar letter, you should contact Irving police to inform them about your case.

The Irving Police Department has been made aware of a letter received by a member of the community. Right now this is an…

Posted by Irving Police Department on Monday, August 31, 2020

We are not sure if it is an isolated incident or there are more letters that have been sent to more people.

If you have any information on where this letter generated from and who is responsible for it, please contact: Investigator Cunningham ccunningham@cityofirving.org

Safety Tips

It is an election time and emotions run high. Everyone knows these things and knows how to stay safe.

We would like to reiterate some of them for your own safety.

  • It is best to avoid public areas that are known for indecent activities. Do not roam around alone at night.
  • Do not indulge in arguments over petty issues in bars or clubs. Use your best judgment but it is always best to leave the place immediately if you see a sensitive political debate developing even if you are not involved.
  • Always speak in the English language in public areas like restaurants, night clubs, or grocery stores. You might not feel but people around you do get irritated if you use your native language in public areas and they cannot understand it.
  • Mind your own business at the office – Most offices are closed due to COVID-19 and you are probably working from home using an H1B visa. We suggest staying away from openly criticizing any political party (read Democrats and Republicans) in the USA. You may not know who is getting offended in your online office meetings. Talk to-the-point and choose your words wisely.
What should I do if I receive the same letter?

You should immediately contact your local city’s police department and file a complaint.

Should I leave the USA to safeguard my family?

There is no need to be scared as the letter is meant to unnecessary scare you by threatening to kill.

If you file a police complaint, you should be fine.

You should also tell your H1B or L1 employer know about this letter. They cannot do anything about it and they will also ask you to call either 911 or call local police.

Your H1B or L1 visa has been legally approved by USCIS and you are not doing anything illegal by staying and working in the USA as long as you follow all the rules.


Written by AM22Tech Team
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