ICE Cancels 1100 OPT, 15 Arrested – 11 Indians (DSO also in Trouble)

ICE arrested 15 OPT students including 11 Indians who's company does not exist from Boston, Washington, Houston etc. Ongoing investigation against schools too.

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DHS has announced that its investigation has revealed 1100 OPT students which have used fraudulent ways to get study permits in the USA.

ICS has named the investigation Operation OPTical Illusion and conducted a press conference in Pittsburgh on 21 Oct 2020 to highlight its achievements.

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This operation was started in January and this phase 1 has resulted in:

  • 700 OPT Revoked: USCIS has already sent an OPT revocation letter to 700 students this week.
  • 400 OPT Renewal Won’t be Approved: For the rest of the 400, their OPT work is due for renewal in a month or two and hence have not been sent revocation notice. Their permits will not be renewed.
  • Any student who violates the terms of their F1 student visa or an OPT will be arrested and deported from the USA.
  • This is being done under the Trump government’s crackdown on visa fraud.
  • DHS aims to open up these jobs for the American people.

OPT Fraud Arrests – 15 Arrested

ICE has also arrested 15 students whose OPT claimed to be work with companies that do not even exist.

The 15 arrests include 11 Indians, two Libyan, one Senegalese, and one Bangladeshi national in these areas:

  • Boston, MA
  • the Washington, DC area;
  • Houston, TX;
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL;
  • Newark, NJ;
  • Nashville, TN;
  • Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA

The exact nature of the fraud investigation has not been made public but it definitely involves working in a position that doesn’t relate to a student’s field of study.

International students use OPT to work in positions related to their field of study for up to one year, with an additional 24 months if the student participates in STEM optional practical training.

Earlier, in the year, ICE has canceled OPT for people who had used Integra technologies and AZTech OPT employment letters.

DSO in Trouble

ICE said that schools and universities who allowed these students to use fraudulent OPTs and their employees who verified their documents may also be investigated.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Ken Cuccinelli said “there’ll be consequences within some of these universities as well, that will be coming down the road, but not very far down the road.”

You can watch him say this here:

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  • Schools that sign off on their student’s fraudulent records will be investigated for willful negligence.
  • DHS expects a fair number of university employees to be sacked as part of this operation. They might lose their jobs.

What Can I do Now?

If you have received a revocation letter from USCIS or ICE, you are at risk.

  • Your current H1B, L, or any other visa may be revoked.
  • You may be arrested and may be deported.
  • You should contact an attorney to plan the next action.

Your Basic Rights In Case of ICE at your Door:

  • You can refuse ICE entry in your home if they do not have an explicit police warrant to enter. ICE might have a warrant for removal (form I-205) but it does not allow them to enter your home. If you want examples of how ICE knocks on your door, watch the Netflix show immigration nation.
  • ICE needs your consent to enter your home. They might ask in a manner that seems like offering you ‘help’ and if you say ‘yes’, they can enter your home. You can refuse entry by saying ‘No’.
  • You can remain silent.
  • You have the right to hire an attorney to represent your case. It is better to hire an attorney if you have used Integra and AZTech LLC CPT/OPT letters in past.
  • Do not run away or lie about your status. What you say can be used against you in immigration court.

Source: CBS news


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team