USCIS Denying EAD Expedite Request – Did Not Provide Evidence of Extreme Urgent Need

USCIS is denying EAD expedite requests without giving a chance to prove emergency situation. Earlier, you could send the documents to USCIS officer for consideration.

Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team    Updated 2 Mar, 20

USCIS has suddenly started rejecting the EAD expedite requests without even asking for the documents to prove your extreme urgent need.

USCIS Denial Reason – Did Not Provide Evidence of Extreme Urgent Need

It seems USCIS has decided to reject any or all EAD expedite requests without even giving it a thought or the chance to prove the emergency situation as almost everyone is raising the request these days.

Case #1 – Financial Loss, Job Loss

For this H4 EAD case, user raised expedite request with reasons as financial loss, Insurance loss, driving license renewal and financial hardship due to losing EAD job on 5 Aug.

On 7 Aug evening, they got an email saying request is denied due to insufficient documentation when no proof was ever requested by USCIS.

The simple rejection reason:

Did Not Provide Evidence of Extreme Urgent Need

Earlier, when you raised an expedite request by calling USCIS, your request would be assigned to a case officer and then you would get an email asking to prove your urgent situation. At this time, you could either email or fax your employer letter, medical documents as a proof of emergency urgency to get EAD approval faster.

Case #2 – Medical Surgery, Health Insurance Loss, Financial Emergency

In other case reported on our WhatsApp group, user called USCIS to approve their H4 EAD faster as they have both medical and financial loss reason. Their new born son needs surgery in September but USCIS replied that losing the insurance is not a reason.

The tax paying legal resident’s EAD work permits are also not expedited even when their salary is more than 100k per year and they are on verge of losing job if EAD is not approved before current card’s expiry.

This person filed H4 EAD renewal well in advance on 19 April. The current card expires on Sep 9. We are in August and USCIS still denied the expedite request.

The congressman also failed to melt USCIS’s heart in this case even though her baby was born with a rare disease, has been on ECMO for 4 days and hospitalized for 75 days in ICU.

If not this, then what is the real emergency that USCIS is looking for?

Is Court The Only Way Left to Get EAD Faster?

RN law group have filed multiple lawsuits to challenge USCIS delays in approving H4 EAD to help people who are on the verge of losing their H4 EAD jobs. USCIS is playing smart and quickly approving cases which are part of litigation to avoid fighting it out in court.

Does USCIS want to make it a new norm to knock the court doors if you want to get a speedy approvals?

The H4 and L2 dependent applicants can no longer get the approval for their EADs within 15 days along with primary H1B and L1 even if they pay the high premium processing fees. This is certainly affecting thousands of workers and their lives and now USCIS has started rejecting the EAD expedite requests as well.

USCIS should have anticipated this high influx of requests when they had made the decision to add a new fingerprinting requirement. Nobody knows if they have actually added more USCIS case officers to at-least keep the processing time same, let alone the possibility of reducing it.

Will Congressman Help?

The congressman letter has helped many in the past to get EAD faster but it is getting meaningless with each new day now.

Recently, one of our guest reported that their congressman in Massachusetts straightaway denied to even contact USCIS with the reason that they are NOT allowed to send H4 EAD expedite requests.

Multiple people have reported on our whatsApp groups and forums that Nebraska has denied their EAD expedite request without asking for documentary proof.

USCIS itself is responsible for this situation as the H4 EAD and L2 EAD processing time have increased exponentially after the introduction of i539 form Biometrics in March 2019.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team