USCIS H4 EAD Case Status Shows Both Approval & Denial

USCIS case status website is showing mixed up status updates with both approval and denial at same time. H1B premium case shows RFE after approval.

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  By Am22tech      Updated  2 Mar, 20


USCIS case status update website is slowly losing its credibility due to the mis-leading status for many cases.

We share multiple cases reported on our forums and groups where the status really did not mean what it said.

USCIS Status H4 EAD – Both Approval & Denial

The most surprising status update that we came across is this H4 EAD approval which also shows that USCIS sent denial too!

As per our opinion, there is no need to worry if you also see the same status for your application. It is most probably a wrong text shown on USCIS website to say ‘denial’.

We understand that it may cause frustration but that’s how it is.

The case is actually approved.

Fingerprint Review Status After Case Approval

Many people have shared that their H4 “fingerprint review was completed
status shows up after the ‘Card was mailed‘ status.

This is certainly confusing and is happening possibly due to the mixed up USCIS status updates out of sequence.

There is no need to worry again. Your case is still approved.

i539 Fingerprints Was Complete Status

There is no need to worry if your H4, H4 EAD, L2 application status does not get updated to ‘Fingerprint review was completed‘ or Fingerprints were received even after you are done with your Biometrics appointment.

The status update is added for many people but for others, the status remains as “Case was received” till its approved.

There is no need to worry. Your fingerprints do reach USCIS if your photo and fingers were scanned at ASC center.

H1B Premium Case Update Shows Sent RFE after Approval

H1B applications on form I-129 are also affected by out-of-order status updates and sometimes with completely contradicting information.

Check out this “Premium Processing Clock was Stopped” case status update that happened on same day as H1B premium approval. This status is commonly seen if USCIS sends an RFE.

Taking a closer look at the detailed message does sound like an RFE was issued but in reality, nothing was sent as case was already approved.

If you also see similar status for your case, the chances are higher that your H1B has been approved and this is just a status glitch.

But, do note that in reality, it is possible that USCIS moves your case back to RFE even after approval as has happened in this H1B transfer case filed after i94 expiry.


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