USCIS Increase Premium Processing Fees to $1410

USCIS increase premium processing fees from current $1225 to $1410 starting Sep 30, 2018 for all fast track applications including H1B due to inflation.

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USCIS Increase Premium Processing Fees from $1,225 to $1,410

DHS has proposed to increase USCIS's premium processing (form i907) service fees from current $1225 to $1410.

The new fees will be applicable from Sep 30, 2018.

The 14.92% increase in contributed to inflation since the fee was last adjusted in 2010 according to the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U).

An extra $185 needs to be shelled out by visa applicants who want their application to be processed in 15 calendar days.

The premium service is mostly used by highly backlogged H1B visa applicants to fast track their petition result and avoid any unlawful presence issues (NTA order).

Earlier on Aug 29, 2018 the H1B Premium processing has been suspended by USCIS for a limited time.

How many premium processing applications does USCIS get?

Ever wondered how many people file premium processing requests to get ahead in line bypassing the regualr applications? Here are the official USCIS numbers:

Fiscal YearPremium processing ApplicationsRevenue ($1225 per application)
2013189,588232 Million
2014218,400267 Million
2015234,576287 Million
2016319,517391 Million
2017231,839284 Million

Average premium processing applications (i907 form) = 238,784 results in yearly revenue of 292 Million.

USCIS will use increased fees to hire more consultants

USCIS claims that the additional staff hired through the premium funds to the tune of $44 million will help them provide premium processing service with less disruption and improve the adjudications and customer service process.

USCIS also plans to make adequate investment in information technology systems that will improve the adjudications process and the services provided to applicants.

USCIS increase premium processing fees to $1441

Source: DHS federal register