Current PERM Processing Time 2018 – Green Card LCA Labor Certification

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PERM Prevailing Wage Determination 139 days, PERM Analyst Review (Clean Cases) 108 days, PERM Audit Review 231 days, PERM Reconsideration Cases

PERM processing time 2018

PERM Prevailing Wage Determination receipt date01 Aug, 18 11 Sep, 18
4 month 19 days3 month 1 days
01 Aug, 18 - 11 Sep, 18
139 days / 4 month
PERM Analyst Review (Clean Cases) receipt date01 Sep, 18 16 Oct, 18
3 month 18 days2 month
01 Sep, 18 - 16 Oct, 18
108 days / 3 month
PERM Audit Review receipt date01 May, 18 14 Jun, 18
7 month 21 days6 month 2 days
01 May, 18 - 14 Jun, 18
231 days / 7 month
PERM Reconsideration Cases receipt date01 Oct, 18 13 Nov, 18
2 month 18 days30 days
01 Oct, 18 - 13 Nov, 18
78 days / 2 month
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PERM (first step in US green card process) approval processing timeline are for H1B (EB2, EB3) and L work visas applicants based on their ETA Form 9089 filing with DOL.

USCIS does not process PERM.

PERM labor certification (or LCA) processing time is updated daily using official data from department of labor and average PERM best case processing time is shown using various other user driven tracker (like trackkit) forums online.

File H1B 7th year extension, PERM pending > 365 days

How long does PERM approval process can take in not in your hand but you can file H1B 7th year extension (after completing 6 year quota) with PERM pending > 365 days including Audit time.

Experience letter for PERM – Skill Letter

Use PERM experience letter sample to get skills listed on old employer’s letter head as an employment verification. This may be needed to prove your skills for the job description that is relevant for your PERM application, if your case is selected for PERM Auditing.

Normally, 30% of PERM applications are selected randomly for Audit.

The letter also explains how to write job description for PERM.

PERM applied in H1B 6th year. Can H1B be extended?

You cannot apply for H1B 7th year extension unless your PERM gets approved before your 6th year ends if you apply PERM during 6th year. PERM has to be either approved or pending (waiting) for more than 365 days on the last day of H1B 6th year.

As a solution to this problem, attorney’s suggest to re-capture vacation time spent outside USA and extend your 6th year end date.

PERM Approval Premium Processing

There is no premium processing available for PERM application. i140 application has premium option though. Check current i140 processing time.

More PERM questions and reliable answers on

PERM processing time - Updated Daily
PERM processing time – Updated Daily


PERM Delays – Contact for Status if Waiting more than 90 days

If your application was filed more than 3 months prior to the date posted (raise SR) above, you may contact DOL Helpdesk for a status on the application at