Renew Indian Child Passport in USA – Documents, Process

Renew Indian Minor passport in USA after 5 years with CKGS. Processing time 1-4 week. Total 2 photos. Self Attest - parent & child (thumb print). Step by step process.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  26 May, 19


How to renew Indian Minor Passport in USA

Reissue or Renewal of Indian Minor (Child) Passport in USA is pretty similar to the one for adults.

Step by step guidance for re-issue of child passport with Cox and Kings (CKGS) in the jurisdiction of Indian embassy New York, Houston (Texas), Washington DC, Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois) and SFO (San Francisco, California) Indian consulate.

The child is issued his/her own passport for 5 years and needs to be re-issued before its expiry.

Processing time: 4-6 weeks. 10 days if last passport was issued by Indian Embassy in USA.
You can apply 1 year in advance of passport expiry.

Documents required for Renew Indian Minor Passport – USA

  1. Child’s Expiring Passport (Most recent ONLY). All other OLD passports, if any, are not required.
  2. Two (2) photographs 2×2 Inch. Photo should have white background as off-white is NOT allowed.
    New pictures clicked within last 30 days required. Bad and good photographs.
  3. Nationality Status form Dec 3, 2018 update – Not required now.
  4. Document checklist
  5. NRI passport renewal application form
  6. Affidavit for change in Appearance
  7. Annexure ‘D’- Affidavit of applicant parents for passport for Minor Child
  8. Annexure ‘E’- Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper
  9. U.S.A. Address proof – Any one parent’s name – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or home mortgage bill.
  10. Indian Address Proof – Any one parent’s name – Aadhar Card OR Recent Bank Statement from Government bank like SBI, PNB (Should have affixed photograph) OR Drivers license OR Utility bill not older than 3 months.
  11. Child Birth Certificate – Should be in English.
  12. CHILD Passport copy – Photocopy of First 5 pages of YOUR passport + last 2 pages.
    First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.Page number 34, 35, 36 and last page with address. Total of 10 pages.
  13. CHILD (US Legal Status Proof) – Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card or I- 797 approval notice.
  14. Mother – Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card or I- 797 approval notice.
  15. Mother – Passport first (Photo) page and last page (address page).
  16. Father – Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card or I- 797 approval notice.
  17. Father – Passport first (Photo) page and last page (address) page.

Please note that US Visa – B1/B2 is not considered a valid visa for passport reissue.

CKGS Passport Online application

Start new application on CKGS website. Sample information:

All forms except NRI application form are automatically filled up by CKGS online application.

Postal Envelopes, payment and shipping

Choose CKGS’s shipping option (UPS or Fedex) to avoid any issues later costing i.e. $15 each way. Total = $30.

Remember that CKGS does not allow USPS as the option.

Payment is accepted only by online mode at step 5 in CGKS.

Please note your application’s web reference here before clicking the ‘Pay Online’ button.

Indian Government’s NRI passport Application form

At step 6 in CKGS application, you need to fill Indian passport renewal USA application form. It belongs to Indian embassy.

CKGS creates a web reference ID to attach NRI form and gives you a link to go to Indian government’s website.

If you fill the government’s form before CKGS step 6, then CKGS has a separate process for you. You will find it on their home page. We are assuming you started with CKGS.

Indian NRI form Digital Picture upload – Optional

DIGITAL photo uploading is optional at this time. NO option to upload it later if you have moved past the upload photo step.

Made a Mistake in Online Passport Application Form?

DO NOT try to fill out another new “Online Passport Application Form” if you made a mistake since both CKGS and Online Passport Application Web Reference numbers are linked together. Instead, start all over again and follow the process (CKGS >>>Online Passport Application>>>CKGS) if you have not yet paid the fees.

If you have already paid the fees and made a mistake (which cannot be edited), then cancel your CKGS application with refund and RESTART the CKGS process.

NRI application form Links

Government form online link – New Form Direct link We recommend you use the link given in Step 6 of CKGS application.

Government form online link – Edit your form – Re-visiting to complete partially filled form. Temporary Application Id required (This is different than CKGS’s own application web reference ID).

Print application form, after ‘saved and exit’ application – Government site’s Web file number (shown to you on LAST page when you are done filling the form) required. This is different than ‘Temporary application ID’ and ‘CKGS web application reference’ ID.

Sample NRI online passport form

First fill questions/fields online on the form and then take a print for rest. Online form will guide you.

Printed form has 3 pages in total with about 29 questions/points. Q 7 to 29 need to be filled manually with hand using BLUE or BLACK ink pen only.

Passport File Number is longer than 12 digits?

If your existing passport’s FILE NUMBER is longer than 12 digits and the govt. online passport form ONLY allows 12 digits to be entered, then, enter the LAST 12 digits of your file number.
This is an official response from CKGS to answer this question:

Other CKGS Passport forms

Now, download and print these forms from CGKS online application (they are pre-filled for you):

  • National Verification Form
  • Affidavit for Change in Appearance
  • Annexure ‘D’ – Affidavit of applicant parents for passport for Minor Child
  • Annexure ‘E’ – Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper

These are all pre-filled forms based on the information that you have provided to CKGS in your online application.

Self Attestation and Notarize

SELF-ATTEST – just sign yourself along with your child.
If Child > 5 years, should write his/her name them-self.
If your child is less than 5 years, he/she should use his/her thumb print.
Both parent and child need to self-attest.
Each parent should self-attest their OWN document. Get your child to sign all documents too.
Mother should sign her OWN and Father his own. Mother CANNOT sign father’s document and vice versa.
For general document (like forms), any one parent can sign.

  1. CHILD’s – Passport copies of First five and last two pages
  2. CHILD’s – Birth Certificate
  3. US Address proof – Utility bill or driving license or rental lease agreement on any one of parent’s name.
  4. Indian Address proof – Utility bill or driving license or rental lease agreement on any one of parent’s name.
  5. Mother’s – Color copy of passport pages that you have photocopied.
  6. Father’s – Color copy of passport pages that you have photocopied.
  7. Mother’s – Color copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.
  8. Father’s – Color copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.
  9. ANNEXURE ‘D’ – Affidavit for Applying Minor passport by parents
  10. Annexure ‘E’ – Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper
  11. CHILD’s – Color copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.


  1. Affidavit for Change in Appearance.
  2. Page 3 of Passport Application Form – Specifically the Q 28’s answer needs to be notarized.

Free Notary?

Why not? Well, your town’s library or your Bank (most famous is Bank of America) and your own office (Almost all have notaries on their payroll) are the FREE options that I know and have utilized.

The paid ones (like USPS and others) should cost you around $5+ per page. So, to make it economical, use the free ones.

Mail application and Tracking

  1. Arrange documents in the order as mentioned in CKGS document checklist with checklist on top.
  2. Use a small letter style envelope to keep the passport to have an extra layer of protection.
  3. Original Passport.
  4. Use paper clip or paper pins to tie all the above documents together. Do NOT use stapler.
  5. Visit UPS/Fedex, pick upi free envelope (included with your shipping fees) and mail. No need to send ‘return envelope’. it will be take care off by CKGS.
  6. Tracking on CKGS website.

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How to log back into CKGS website with Web reference number?

CKGS website might confuse you on this point, if you have already started the passport application and saved it. The only way to go back and see your saved documents is to use their web reference number on the box provided at the BOTTOM of the their website.

Here is the sample screen shot:


You can get new ones from CVS, Walgreens or any other store that you prefer.

A bit economical option would be ePassportPhoto. At the time of writing this article, they had the option of free delivery with just $1.5 per picture.

Most people use either CostCo or Sam’s club membership to get the passport photo economically. They charge approximately $4.96 for 2 of them.


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  1. komtrivedi

    Will parents state ID work to renew Indian passport for minors
    We don’t have any other documents, no driving license , no mortgage or utility bill only we have state ID

  2. Anil.Gupta

    Hi @komtrivedi
    State ID is acceptable as ID proof for Indian passport renewal.

  3. komtrivedi

    my child is 17 year old. so he has to self attest all documents . even one parent also have to sign all documents of minor

  4. Anil.Gupta

    Hi @komtrivedi
    Please read the article. Child and parent sign requirements are clearly given.

  5. komtrivedi

    hello Anil,

    still i have one question. affidavit of page 3 of indian application and which is question 28, that needs affidavit
    can you please send me the sample image if you have

    Thank you so much

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  1. Maan
    Maan 26 May, 19 at 6:56 pm

    HI Anil.
    Thanks for these instructions.
    You have mentioned 3 photos for the child but CKGS website checklist asks for only 2 photos.
    Which one is correct?

    Do you know if I can apply for Tatkal. How much chances to get approval for Tatkal for a immediate travel need in June but without any travel tickets proof or without any real emergency.


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 26 May, 19 at 9:55 pm

      I have updated the article to say 2 photos as the requirement as been changed recently by CKGS.
      The chances of tatkal approval are low without any real emergency.


  2. Venkateswarlu Kotte
    Venkateswarlu Kotte 18 Apr, 19 at 6:16 pm

    IS Annexure D form required to be notarized?


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 18 Apr, 19 at 8:07 pm

      If it mentioned in CKGS checklist to be notarized, then yes.
      Check the checklist.


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