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Document required for B1/B2 visitor visa. Sample Employment, Consulate and sponsorship letters. Multiple entry tourist visa for parents. Stay in USA for up-to 6 months in one stretch.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  21 Jul, 19


B1 Visitor Visa Sponsor Documents

If you are working on H1B or L1 visa in USA and want to invite your parents to USA for a temporary visit, you need these documents for their B1/B2 business/ visitor visa sponsorship:

#1 Passport copy

First page with your photo and last page with your address.

#2 I-797A approval copy

Example: if you are working in USA on H1B visa, you can send a copy of your most recent h1B approval i797A.

#3 Your i-94 copy

The most recent i94 is attached to your i797A approval form if extension applied recently. You can also download i94 from CBP website.

#4 W2 form

I recommend to send last 3 years W2 form copy. If you do not have any, just because you have recently come to USA, you do not need to send them.

#5 Stamped Visa copy

You should have a valid legal status in USA. Your most recent valid visa that you used to enter USA.

#6 Most recent 3 pay stubs


#7 US bank account verification letter

You can request your bank to provide this letter. They normally charge $10 for this service. This letter should have this information:

  1. Date account opened;
  2. Total amount deposited for the past year; and
  3. Current balance.

If you cannot obtain bank letter letter for any reason, then you can use last 12 months bank statement (your salary account). You can print it yourself by downloading it from your Bank account’s online system.

#7 Employment verification letter
If self-employed: then, use these documents:
  1. Copy of last income tax return filed; OR
  2. Report of commercial rating concern.
#8 Consulate Letter

Sample Consulate Letter available here.


#9 Invitation Letter

Sample Invitation letter available here.


#10 Sponsorship letter (Optional, but recommended)

Form I-134 – Affidavit for Support – Download this form and fill it up.

Step by step instructions along with Pre-filled USCIS I-134 is available here.


B1/ B2 visa DS-160 form – application for US embassy visa interview

Whether you have someone in USA to sponsor you or not, you need to fill this form.

Fill up DS-160 form for your parents/relatives or friends for applying B1/B2 Visitor visa. You can either fill it up online and ask your parent to print themselves or fill + print yourself and send it to them along with other documents that you are sending.

B1/B2 Documents for Visa Interview

All these documents are parent’s/ relative/ friend’s own documents

  1. Passport photocopy – Front, last page
  2. Address Proof – Any utility bill (landline Telephone Bill, water or electricity)
  3. Home ownership Papers (Optional, good to carry) – If they own any property, it is good to carry them with you to US consulate interview.
  4. PAN card (Optional, good to carry) 
  5. Photographs (Optional, good to have) – Good to carry pictures with the person currently in USA as a proof of some relationship.
  6. Income Tax returns (Optional, good to carry)  – If applicant files income tax in India, you should carry originals at the time of interview.
  7. Original Birth Certificate (Optional, good to carry) 
  8. DS-160 form – Applicant can print it or you can send them by mail after printing it with all other sponsorship documents.

Collect all sponsorship documents and own B1 or B2 visa applicant papers and carry them to Visa interview.

The documents required at OFC location (for fingerprinting and Visa photo are mentioned here).

B1/B2 Visa Application Suggestions

There is no official supporting document list for applying B1/B2 visitor visa.

The above document list is extensive and is based on experiences of other users. Sponsorship documents help to prove the legitimacy of sponsor’s valid legal status in USA and ability to pay for visitor’s stay.

It is recommended to carry sponsor’s documents, if any, to US embassy visa interview as it MAY or MAY NOT be asked by Visa officer.

B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas are non-immigrant visas. It is a single visa for both business and Visitor /tourist purpose. B1 visa is for travel to US for a strictly business related project.

B2 is a tourist visa for travel to and within the US for a pretty broad range of tourist activities.

USA Visitor Visa - B1/B2

   79 Useful Questions & Answers from comments

  1. Ammar Osman
    Ammar Osman 12 Mar, 19 at 11:28 pm


    I am filling the DS160 for my sister to come visit me. The purpose for her visit is to attend our younger sister’s university graduation. I will be financing her trip as my student sister is not employed I will provide my bank statements. I wanted to include my sister’s transcripts and proof of graduation but would it be better to keep it to only one person and just fill all the paper work with my name on the invitation letter and the bank statements and leave my sister’s school papers out?



    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 13 Mar, 19 at 9:32 am

      It is better to write the reason for applying in the “invitation letter” to clearly explain your sister’s graduation ceremony.
      Your documents can be used for sponsorship.

      There should be a clear reason to visit USA. Remember that visa officer will always have suspicion due to your sister’s age. The onus is on you to prove that your sister will return to home country one the ‘purpose’ of visit is achieved.


  2. Test
    Test 11 Mar, 19 at 12:24 am

    I am filling the DS160 for my parents Visitor Visa. So I selected Yes for the “Did anyone assist you in filling out this application?”.

    Please clarify the below
    1) So In E-Signature section, Should I enter my Passport number or my Parents Passport number
    2) Can I Sign and Submit the application on belief of them



    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 11 Mar, 19 at 7:54 am

      E-Signature section is for which person? The applicant or the person who filled the application?


      • Test
        Test 11 Mar, 19 at 2:36 pm

        I have the same question too. Since the E-Sign section is right below the “Did anyone Assist you in filling out this application?” section, should I provide applicant Passport details (or) the Preparer passport details, which is my PP number

        FYI : I selected Yes for the “Did anyone Assist you in filling out this application?” and filled my details and address. So the questions is only on whose PP number to enter in E-Sign section

        Pls let me know


        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 11 Mar, 19 at 2:59 pm

          Please share the screen shot. I am not able to see the DS 160 form at this time.


          • Test
            Test 11 Mar, 19 at 3:26 pm

            PFA screenshots for Sign and Submit screen in DS160


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 11 Mar, 19 at 4:45 pm

              Ya,.then it needs to be ‘preparer’ signature which is you in your case.


            • Test
              Test 11 Mar, 19 at 5:11 pm

              Ok. Thanks

              Since I will enter my PP number, Can I Sign and Submit the application on belief of them


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 11 Mar, 19 at 6:44 pm

              Yes, that’s what it looks like that you can do.


  3. Test
    Test 4 Mar, 19 at 6:06 pm

    Hi Anil
    My Father is into business. Can you let me know the required documents to carry for visitor Visa Processing


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 4 Mar, 19 at 6:35 pm

      All the documents for visitor visa are mentioned above. Please go through them.


      • Test
        Test 4 Mar, 19 at 6:42 pm

        I see Income Tax returns document. Should they need to carry any other documents like. Form16, Business License copy, Bank Statement etc..?


        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 4 Mar, 19 at 6:52 pm

          It is recommended to carry as many documents as possible to prove their financial stability if you are not sponsoring them.


  4. Kumar
    Kumar 26 Feb, 19 at 7:59 pm

    Hello Anil

    I am planning to apply B2 Visa for my parents. My Dad first name in his passport is not same as in my Passport (Dad Name field)
    Some portion of his first name is mismatch. It’s not a single character mismatch but few letters are extra with diff pronunciation

    But in his all the other documents, his first name is matching with my passport (Dad Name field)

    Pls let me know, how to handle this


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 26 Feb, 19 at 10:48 pm

      You can get your father’s name corrected in your passport by applying with CKGS and Indian embassy. They will issue a new passport with correct names.


      • Kumar
        Kumar 27 Feb, 19 at 1:25 am

        I think I can’t do his name change in my passport due to below

        1) His First name in my passport is matching with all of his other documents (identity like Adhar, and Bank A/C, Property, Shop license etc..)
        Only in his passport, his first name is differ from all the other documents
        2) Last name is also does not match with few characters in both of our passports, but I think that’s Ok

        Pls let me know, if any other ways to handle this without changing his first name in my passport


        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 27 Feb, 19 at 9:32 am

          I am not aware of any other way.

          If you want, you can apply for B1/B2 visa as it is and US embassy may just clear it without any issues.


          • Kumar
            Kumar 27 Feb, 19 at 11:49 am

            Sure. In DS160 form, there is a field called “Other Names used”. Should I say Yes and enter the other name as per my passport. ? Is that a good idea and what does “Other Names used” mean?


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 27 Feb, 19 at 12:08 pm

              Has your father really used the “other name” as mentioned in your passport or is it just a spelling mistake?

              “other names” used means the names like someone had a different name before marriage and changed the surname after marriage.
              Also, some people intentionally change their name.

              Those are the cases which should be mentioned in “other names” and not the spelling mistakes.


            • Kumar
              Kumar 27 Feb, 19 at 7:32 pm

              His first name in his passport is XXXXX
              His first name in my passport and all of his other documents, is XXX

              Some people call him as Name1 and others call him as Name2 mentioned above.


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 27 Feb, 19 at 9:18 pm

              You can write the other name as mentioned in your passport then. Use your best judgement.


            • Kumar
              Kumar 28 Feb, 19 at 11:15 am

              Yes. I was thinking the same, Anil. Thanks for your suggestion.
              Would there by any issues if I mention other names used and providing the name as per my passport?


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 28 Feb, 19 at 11:36 am

              It is better to provide the name as per your father’s passport. Do not create an un-necessary conflict.


  5. lakshmi
    lakshmi 17 Feb, 19 at 12:50 am

    Hello Anil,

    First of all,thank you for your this website and your prompt responses.
    I am planning to invite my parents to US.
    My MOM got her VISA 10 yrs back.I have to renew it now.
    My Dad’s Visa got rejected twice.I have to apply for him.I am hoping at least this time it should work.

    Regarding this I have questions:

    Can I schedule same appointment time for their corresponding issue?

    Should I schedule it separately for each of them.

    Please guide me with the process.



    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 17 Feb, 19 at 11:23 am

      You can schedule same appointment for both of them. I do not see any issue.

      Do you know the reason for B1/B2 denial reason for your father? Have you fixed the denial reason? If not, then the chances are very high that his visitor might get rejected again.


  6. SJ
    SJ 12 Feb, 19 at 3:49 pm

    My parents have got their visitor visa in 2009 and is expiring in March 2019.

    1. Can they apply for visa renewal before March 2019?
    2. If answer for question 1 is NO, then do they have to renew visa only after its expiry?
    3. Whatever is answer for question 1 and 2, are they eligible for dropbox facility? Or they must appear for visa interview?

    I am not sure if they had done 10 finger printing in 2009. Not sure if it was 10 finger printing happening 10 years back.


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 12 Feb, 19 at 4:05 pm

      Your parents can apply for B1 visa renewal before March 2019. This is allowed. The start date would off-course be the new term i.e. after the current one expires.

      You can check if they are eligible for dropbox using this small app.

      They must have been ten printed as they visa in 2009.


      • SJ
        SJ 12 Feb, 19 at 6:29 pm

        I checked using the dropbox app. But it doesn’t have any option for B1 visa category.


        • Anil Gupta
          Anil Gupta 12 Feb, 19 at 6:42 pm

          Did you go through all the questions?


          • SJ
            SJ 12 Feb, 19 at 7:47 pm



            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 13 Feb, 19 at 6:54 am

              What did it say at the end? Eligible or not eligible?


            • SJ
              SJ 13 Feb, 19 at 9:08 am

              Its just that I didn’t see specific option for VIsitor visa so thought of asking.

              One more question:
              As current visa is expiring in On March 25, 2019 –
              If they apply for renewal of visa and get it approved having validity date from March 26, 2019 for lets say next 10 years, then can they travel in first week of march 2019 and stay for 4-5 months and leave by august 2019?
              Meaning they will enter in USA based on their current visa and will depart from here based on their new visa.
              Can they do it?


            • Anil Gupta
              Anil Gupta 13 Feb, 19 at 11:04 am

              Yes, they can do it.


  7. Anuja Bagde
    Anuja Bagde 9 Feb, 19 at 10:27 am

    Hi Anil,

    I have a valid F1 visa (valid till 2020) and I am traveling to India this month end via British Airways. However, I changed my status to H4, will I require a transit visa for my 3.5 hours layover in London? Some say yes , other say no since I have a valid visa. Even if i apply for a transit visa I m not sure how much processing time will it take as my travel date is approaching soon (Feb 21).
    Do you have any idea about this? Please help.


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 9 Feb, 19 at 2:09 pm

      Usually, if you have valid US visa while returning to US, they do allow you to travel through London Heathrow.
      It is better you check with Heathrow airport website to see if their is any special requirement.


  8. syed
    syed 12 Sep, 18 at 7:27 pm

    Hi Anil,

    Im planning to Invite to my parents & Brother on my school Graduation day & im on F1 status (student) so will you plz help me what documents should required for visa processing & On which visa type they need to apply.& if possible can you please send the checklist.



    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 12 Sep, 18 at 8:40 pm

      They need to apply B2 visitor visa.

      If you are not sponsoring them, then, they can show their own bank balance and income tax return proofs to prove their capability to support themselves while they are in USA.

      The document checklist is give above in the article. Please go though it.


  9. omkar saran
    omkar saran 6 Aug, 18 at 10:45 pm

    hello sir, i am trying to apply visiter visa for my parents . my question is what if i send my last 1 year pay stub intead of lettter from employer. i work for fedex express as a courier and hr takes forever to mail out letter


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 7 Aug, 18 at 7:57 am

      Hi Omkar, the list of documents mentioned above is not an official list. In-fact, there is no official list provided by US government.
      All of these documents have been mentioned based on past user’s experience on what can be asked by Visa officer in US embassy visa interview.

      So, we recommend to carry as many documents as possible to prove your case for B1/B2 visa. Visa officer may not even ask for a single document.
      So, don’t worry if you do not have one or two documents.
      In most cases, visa officer does not even ask for any documents.


  10. Suneel
    Suneel 6 Aug, 18 at 9:07 am

    Hello Anil, I’m planning to invite my brother and his family (total 4 members including 2 children under 7 years) to US for couple of months. Can you please clarify my queries below

    1. My brother is currently working in India. If I have to sponsor the whole family is there any recommended bank balance I should maintain in US?

    2. What if my brother sponsor himself and his family? Does he have to show any bank balance and assets? What is the procedure to apply? Which one out of the above two options is better?

    3. His company may sponsor B1 only for him. Will that effect the B2 (visitor) visa in anyway? Can he enter US with any visa and the other visa still be valid?

    4. Can he apply for driving license in US either using his B1 or B2 visa. If not, can he drive in US using international permit on his Indian license?

    Sorry for the long questionnaire. Appreciate your response on this. Thank you!


    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 6 Aug, 18 at 10:14 am

      Hi Suneel,
      I have answered your questions here and created a thread here too
      since your questions are more than what B1,B2 visa is. If you want, you can either ask follow up questions here or on the above link. I reply at both places with same information 🙂

      1. Normally, there is no official guideline on exact amount of dollars. But, generally, it is good idea to consider 500 USD for each person you sponsor per month.
      In your case, this should be about 2000 USD per month.

      2. Your brother can sponsor himself. In-fact, anyone who wants to travel to US can sponsor themselves. The procedure to apply is same as mentioned above except that sponsor’s documents are NOT required.

      There is no method that can be pointed as better. It all depends on the person’s credibility, judged by Visa officer in US embassy interview.

      3. B1 and B2 is same visa. I mean the same visa will show that you can either enter on B1 or B2. If his company applies for his B1 visa, he is automatically eligible to enter US on B2 visa too. There is no separate visa issued for B2.
      When he enters US, the visa officer will stamp his status as either B1 or B2 based on what he says as his ‘purpose to enter US’.
      B1 = Official Business travel
      B2 = Leisure travel

      All US visas issued remain valid simultaneously. The status in US depends on what visa you use while entering at port of entry and what you say to Visa officer.
      As an example, You can have both H1B and B1/B2 visa stamped in your passport and can use anyone to enter US based on what you want to do while in US.

      4. B1/B2 is strictly a visitor visa. Driving license rules are governed by each state and each one has their own law.
      In 99% of the cases, you are not allowed to get driving license on visitor visa as the maximum stay on B1 is normally just 6 weeks to 12 weeks.
      On B2, they generally just give i94 for 180 days.

      And to get Driving License, you need US address proofs which a visitor will probably not have.

      An international driving license is recommended but it again depends on state specific law. Many states allow driving on international license (not strictly international though) for up-to 90 days to 180 days.
      But, it varies a lot. So, it is better to check with the state he is going to drive in to check specific rules.
      I have seen people driving on Delhi, India’s license too as rental car companies do not verify the license (if it is local Indian state or international license).

      REMEMBER: Your brother should be INSURED if he wants to drive your car.
      In case of rental company, he can buy insurance easily with any license 🙂


      • Suneel
        Suneel 6 Aug, 18 at 10:51 am

        Thank you so much Anil. This is awesome!


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