Work in USA – H1B, L Visa

H1B premium processing suspended by USCIS

H1B Premium Processing Suspended by USCIS 2018-2019

 16 Jan, 19 

H1B premium processing suspended till Feb 19, 2019 for all (Transfer, Amendment, extension) applications at Vermont and California service centers.

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H1B amendment + extension, transfer can work after 240 days

240 Day Rule H1B Amendment + Extension and Transfer

 14 Jan, 19 

USCIS pending H1B Amendment + Extension, Transfer can work after 240 days of i94 expiry. H1B extension can stay but not work. Status is Period of Authorized stay.

Fingerprinting after dropbox with form 221(g) green slip

Fingerprinting after Dropbox – No Visa Passport Pick Up with Green Slip

 13 Jan, 19 

Visit US embassy for fingerprinting after dropbox between 10:30 to 11 AM any day, no appointment with original passport, i797. Processing time 3-10 working days.

Automatic ReValidation H1b visa Canada Mexico

Automatic ReValidation H1B Canada Mexico

 11 Jan, 19 

Automatic revalidation H1B Canada or Mexico cruise or land or air allowed with un-expired i94 for short travel of 30 days or less. H1B to H4 COS allowed.

US visa stamping in Mexico Canada

US Visa Stamping in Mexico or Canada

 11 Jan, 19 

US visa stamping in Mexico is allowed for third party nationals like Indian or chinese if they are applying for same class of visa. H1B to H4 COS is allowed. F to H4 is NOT allowed in Mexico.

Travel while H1B is pending

Travel while H1B is pending with USCIS – Extension, Transfer, COS, Amendment

 11 Jan, 19 

You can travel while H1B is pending with USCIS. H1B COS (Change of Status) is abandoned if you go out of USA. For re-entry, you need valid H1B or other visa.

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