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Switch to H1B If H4-EAD is withdrawn

Will H1B visa family move to Canada if H4 EAD is stopped?

 19 Sep, 18 

H4 EAD survey - withdrawal to find mood of H1B skilled worker community primarily from India, China. Canada - favorite country to move if EAD terminates.

Old Check with printed address is valid to issue even if you change your address in USA

Order New Checks on Address Change in USA?

 17 Apr, 18 

You can use the checks with old printed address when you move to new one. Change your address in Bank records but the old checks will still work.

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Best Remit Rate to India USD to INR exchange rate

 4 Jan, 18 

Best remit rate to India is offered by Indus Ind bank over 3-5 days USD to INR money exchange service. Service tax is deducted from your remittance.

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