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H4 processing time - Updated Daily

Current H4 Processing Time 2018 – California, Vermont

 16 Nov, 18 

California Change of Status to H4/L2 135 days, H4/L2 Extension 151 days, Vermont Change of Status to H4/L2 442 days, H4/L2 Extension 442 days

HR 392 Employment based country limit

HR 392 – Removing the country limit for US green cards

 16 Nov, 18 

HR 392 aims to remove country based limits on employment based US green cards. Will help Indian and Chinese H1B workers avoid kid ageing out and get GC faster.

Travel while H1B is pending

Travel while H1B is pending with USCIS – Extension, Transfer, COS, Amendment

 16 Nov, 18 

You can travel while H1B is pending with USCIS. H1B COS (Change of Status) is abandoned if you go out of USA. For re-entry, you need valid H1B or other visa.

11 USA
H4 EAD News - DHS planning to revoke work permits

H4 EAD News 2018 DHS – USCIS Plan Removal by Nov

 16 Nov, 18 

H4 EAD news update today DHS publishes mid-term agenda in federal register with H4 EAD at proposed stage. USCIS reviewing rule. No draft out in Nov 2018 yet.

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US visa dropbox eligibility check

US Visa Dropbox eligibility checker India 2018

 16 Nov, 18 

US visa dropbox eligibility checker 2018. H1B to H4 COS stamping eligible for dropbox due to same class H. Visa fees required. Admin processing not eligible.

Buy house on H1b visa

Does buying house on H1B Visa in USA make sense?

 16 Nov, 18 

Buying house on H1B Visa is risky but may be profitable if you stay in it for at-least 5 years. Home price drop in US pretty fast based on city and capacity to expand.