Drive Uber or Lyft Taxi on H1B visa in USA?

Drive Uber on H1B or F1 student visa is violation of your status. Tech job in Uber or Lyft with approved H1B allowed. OPT/CPT cannot drive Uber. H4 EAD can.

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Can H1B drive Uber or Lyft?

You cannot drive a taxi like Uber or Lyft while working on an H1B visa in USA.

Your H1B visa is tied to your employer and you can only work for them. Doing any other work outside of your H1b job is not allowed, unless you receive a concurrent H1b for that work.

Driving for Uber is not a specialty occupation, that H1B visa demands, and you can’t really prove shortage of labor either, in car driving field.

You can study full time while working on H1B though.

You can work for technology company like Uber, Lyft or Junos in US if your occupation is not driving. You can also get an H1B or L visa approval for your skilled work in Uber’s self driving car technology division.

I also strongly advise against using Day 1 CPT and then driving a taxi to support yourself. ICE is always working behind the scenes to catch people who exploit these Day 1 CPTs as was seen in recent Farmington University arrests.

Driving Uber, Lyft on F1 visa or OPT, CPT

You cannot drive Uber on OPT. Lyft is also a ride service and is driving is not an eligible CPT training work.

As an F1 student, you can only work if you are working in a job that has been authorized by CPT or OPT. Jobs for CPT and OPT have to be related to your major course of study. Driving for Uber is not going to qualify.

Recently, a user reported that he was deported from US port of entry while using his F1 visa to enter US. His denial of entry was based on his social media account check by visa officer. They checked his Facebook account which showed multiple pictures of him working in a gas station outside the University area.

Social media is becoming a new tool for US immigration to find the visa offenders. Recently, Department of state added the requirement to furnish your Facebook, twitter and YouTube accounts on DS160 form.

Can I drive Uber on H4-EAD?

H4 EAD can drive Uber or Lyft in USA. The same applies to L2 EAD.

Employment authorization Document allows one to work in any industry and in any job including working in Walmart as a sales agent or cashier to driving Uber or working in McDonalds.

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