How to get Indian police clearance certificate (PCC) – Indian Embassy

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How to get a Indian police clearance certificate when you are staying in USA, UK, Canada or any other country outside India, is a typical question asked by people. You need this Police clearance for Visa or immigration to countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It is also required for USA green card interview.

Documents required for Indian Police clearance certificate

Applicable, if you are Indian Citizen AND LIVE outside India

  1. Most recent valid ORIGINAL PASSPORT.
  2. USA Residence Address proof – Self attested (Notary for SFO)- Check valid acceptable US address proof here.
  3. Photocopy of passport pages containing personal particulars (first three and last two pages) – Self attested
  4. Copy of valid Visa/Green Card – Self Attested (Notary for SFO).
  5. Indian Embassy Miscellaneous services form –Residing in USAHouston- TX , New York City- NY, Chicago- IL, San Francisco- CA, Atlanta- GA

    Residing in Australia – VFS global handles Indian police clearance certificate
  6. Personal Particulars Form – SFO, Chicago Indian Embassy in Chicago and SFO also require an extra form with name ‘Personal Particular Form’.

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Indian Police clearance certificate procedure

1. Download and print the miscellaneous services form

Go to your Indian Embassy’s website (links given above – Each one of them have different format for this form). Fill it using this Sample Police clearance certificate India application form for Indian Embassy in Houston, TX, USA. The information will remain same for all other consulates too. Just the format is different.

2. Indian PCC Fees = $25 + $2 per person.

If sending by mail, an extra payment of $20 is required for return shipping to get your Indian police clearance certificate by post in mail. No email or soft copy is sent by embassy.

TOTAL = $25 + 2 + 20 = 47 (Get 3 separate checks). Payment by Certified check or Money order is acceptable drawn in favor of “Consulate General of India“, if sending application by postal mail.Cash is also accepted if visiting embassy in-person.Personal checks, Debit cards and Credit cards are not accepted.

3. Personal Particulars Form – SFO, Chicago

Here are answers to common confusing fields on this form:

Q 8(A) Permanent Address & Tel. No.along with Police Station

Your Indian Address with the Police Station name that caters to your Home Address location when you were residing there.

Q 8 (b) Present Residential Address & Tel. No, along with Police Station and residing since

You can either give your Parent’s/or your same 8(a) address.

Q 9. If you have not been resident at the address given at COLUMN 8(b) continuously for the last one year, please furnish other address(es) with duration(s) resided (Please furnish an additional set of PP Forms for each address with Police station.

Write your US address

Q 10. References: Names and Addresses of two responsible persons in the applicant’s locality who can vouch for the applicant

Write any two neighbors/relative address from India residing near your Indian address you wrote in point 8(A). NOTE: Embassy is only concerned with Indian addresses and their police stations. Remember, this PCC is only for your stay in India and not for US. NOTE: US police station information is NOT required. Whatever Police station was attached to your locality in your Indian residence time is what is needed.

4. Package and Send by mail

Collect payment checks, supporting documents (original passport needs to be sent), miscellaneous application form and send them to Indian embassy by mail. No prepaid return envelopes are required by Houston Indian Embassy. Embassy will take care of it. But some embassy like NY require you to send ‘Return Envelope’. In that case, just buy an envelope from USPS, UPS or Fedex (your choice) and buy their shiping label address to you. Paste the label on packet and put it in your sender envelope along with other documents. Your original passport will be returned with your police certificate.

Sample Indian police clearance certificate

Issued by Indian Embassy in USA

Validity of Indian Police Clearance Certificate

There is NO official validity mentioned on the Indian police clearance issued by Indian consulate. You can verify it yourself on the sample certificate shown above. The common guideline is that it is valid indefinitely for the purpose of submitting for USA Green card interview and other country’s immigration. The only exception is that you should have NOT moved back to INDIA and stayed there for 6 months or more. If you have gone back to India after the issuance of the last Indian PCC, and stayed there for more than 6 months (182 days), then you need to get a NEW Police clearance certificate.

Police clearance certificate India processing time

If your most recent Indian passport was issued in USA (any consulate) or an Indian Embassy in the country where you are currently residing, the process is quicker and takes only about 4-5 days by mail. Some consulates issue the Indian police clearance certificate immediately too, if you visit in person and your passport was issued by them. You should call the respective embassy to check before you choose this option. If your most recent Indian passport was issued in India, embassy sends police verification request to India before issuing the certificate to you. It takes about 6-8 weeks to complete the whole process.

If you are a citizen of India AND you live in India

You can apply for a Police Clearance Certificate from the Passport office on the Passport India website.

If you are NOT a citizen of India AND you live in India

You can apply at your local district police station.

Do I need to provide a police certificate for Canadian Express Entry and Australian PR?

Yes for both. If you are Invited to Apply Canadian or Australian Permanent Residence, you need to upload a police certificate in your Electronic Application for Permanent Residence (e-APR).

Is Character certificate same as Police Certificate?

Character Certificates are not same as police certificate and are NOT accepted by countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK for their permanent resident application.

Will there be Indian Police verification (PV) done at my Indian address?

1. Applied for PCC at passport office in INDIA?

If your first passport was issued on 1 Jan, 2005 and you apply for certificate in 2012 and currently residing at the same address as in current passport, then you are issued the PCC on the same day of appointment in passport office, without any new police verification. If your first passport was issued on 1 Jan, 2005 and was renewed on 1 Jan, 2015 with the same Indian address, then applying PCC any time until 31 Dec 2017 will not trigger any new Police verification. If you apply for PCC anytime after 1 Jan, 2018, there will be a physical police verification required, even if you have been staying at the same address. Police verification is valid for a stretch of 13 years, after which, a new one is required. If the address in your passport is different from your current address, police verification will be done irrespective of the years passed.

2. Applied for PCC at Indian Embassy when staying outside India?

If your passport was issued in India, the embassy sends the request to Indian passport office and waits for their response. There is no physical Police verification done at the Indian address in this case. If the passport was issued by Indian Consulate, the PCC is issued immediately with no delays. Most of the time, it is issued within a week.

Can husband and wife send the PCC application in same package to Indian embassy?

Yes, you can. Just separate the two application and their supporting documents by keeping them in small envelope separately for easy segregation by Embassy officials.