Australia PR Points Calculator 2021 (with 189, 190 Chance of Invite)

Australia PR points calculator online with Chance of Invite & tips to improve Score. Skilled migration 189, 190, 491 visa need minimum 65 points to apply.

Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team    Updated  6 Aug, 21

Australia PR Chance of Invite varies by each ANZSCO code.

Based on the current trend for invites and the economic situations created by COVID-19, expect an invite with at least 90 points in most fields.

Quick 189 & 190 Invites are sent for:

  • Healthcare Workers – Like Nurse, Doctors.
  • Research profile in Medicine Field

The invites for Software Engineers, Software Testers, and Accounting are hard to come unless you are within 5 points distance to the last invited score.

My analysis:

EOI PointsCurrent Australia PR Invitation time
85-95 points1-3 months (Only for onshore & healthcare workers due to COVID)
75-85 points8-9 months
70 pointsInvitation chance low but varies by ANZSCO code
65 pointsNo realistic chance of Invitation

Points Calculator (Tips to Increase Score)

This is the points calculator created by It helps you with suggestions to improve the total points at each step to increase points.

Try to bring your score within 5 points of the last invited score and your chances of invitation in the next draw will increase by 50%.

Calculate my Points >

If you can match the highest score, you can get the pre-invite from state easily too.

Australia PR values your skills and your work experience. The points are distributed evenly around your profile ranging from age, education, and your life partner’s skills.

My Personal Experience on How to Increase Points

#1 Age

Australia is a growing economy and prefers younger migrants over older. The good thing is that as you age, you gain work experience points and hence can get extra mileage over young applicants.

  • Less than 18 years – Zero points – Eligible to apply as a dependent.
  • 18-24 years – 25 points.
  • 25-32 years – 30 points.
  • 33-39 years – 25 points.
  • 40-44 years – 15 points.
  • 45+ years – Zero points and not eligible to apply for PR.

Note that you are considered 32 till you are 32 years 11 months and 30 days old.

The Age will change to 33 on your 33rd birthday automatically by SkillSelect system and your points are decreased as per the slab.

You cannot change your age but if your spouse is younger than you, you should create a separate EOI and make your spouse a primary applicant.

#2 English Language

English language test result is mandatory and can contribute a maximum of 20 points to your PR journey.

I recommend taking the PTE test as I could score the 79+ within a week of preparation using free online videos. I did not use any paid online PTE tests. The free ones are good enough to get the top score.

Toefl iBTL-12, R-13, W-21, S-18L-24, R-24, W-27, S-23L-28, R-29, W-30, S-26

As per my personal experience, PTE is easier to score than IELTS. I have tried IELTS thrice earlier but could not achieve above the 7 overall-score as I feel it has a human bias involved.

Most people who I have interacted with have been successfully able to get Superior score as:

  • PTE – In the first or second attempt.
  • IELTS – It takes at least 3 attempts to get the highest marks.
  • Others – My suggestion is to keep away from other tests and not waste time.

It is absolutely important that you aim for a superior score if you want to have a realistic chance of invite from the states as they look for good English skills to easily settle down in Australia.

#3 Employment

The total points for employment cannot be more than 20 after adding both the outside and in-Australia work experience.

Your total work experience should be in the same field as your ANZSCO code.


  • If you choose the 261313 code, your full work experience should be related to the Software Engineer field.
  • A Software Tester cannot apply as a Software Engineer or Developer Programmer unless your roles and responsibilities letter mention coding work.
  • A Software Project Manager work for a portion of your entire career will not qualify you to get full work experience as a Software Engineer.
Employment Outside AustraliaPoints
Less than 3 years0
3-4 years5
5-7 years10
8-10+ years15

Note that employment days are counted backward starting today. This means that EOI will automatically update your work experience points to every new day if you keep the ‘end date’ for current employment empty.

I strongly suggest removing the end date of current active employment from your Skill Select profile. Your date of effect will change if total points increase. Do not leave these extra points on the table!

Employment in AustraliaPoints
Less than 1 year0
1-2 years5
3-4 years10
5-7 years15
8-10 years20

#4 Education

Your education has the potential of taking you ahead of other PR applicants in the same pool.

Outside Australia

  • Doctorate or Ph.D. Degree – 20 Points
  • Bachelor or Masters Degree – 15 points
  • An award or qualification like Certifications– 10 Points
  • A diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia – 10 Points

Additional points as a cherry on cake over and above your highest education qualification:

  1. Add +10 points if you got your Master’s degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution that included at least 2 academic years in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) or specified information and communication technology (ICT) fields.
  2. Add +5 points if you have studied at least 1 degree or diploma from all your education physically in Australia.
  3. Add +5 points if you have completed Professional Year in Accounting, ICT/Computing, or Engineering in the last 12 months physically in Australia.
  4. Add +5 points if you studied in regional Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are not counted as regional.
  5. Add +5 points if you passed a NAATI test in a local community language.

#5 Spouse Skills / Single

Check my Spouse points >

Spouse / SinglePoints
Single (Unmarried)10
Spouse is Australian Citizen or PR holder10
Spouse has Positive Skill Assessment, Job code is in the same occupation list as primary, competent English and is less than 45 yrs old10
Spouse has no Skill Assessment but competent English5
Other Cases0

Employer Sponsorship for PR

Employer sponsorship is optional in Australia and is only required by some states for 190 visas.

491 is not a PR and it does need employer sponsorship. You can directly file 189, 190 permanent residency applications.

Some states do require you to have a valid job offer to show for 190 visa nominations but it is not a hard and fast rule there.

  • With employer or family sponsorship, you can get the 491 visas to work and live in regional areas but this is not a direct PR.
  • You will be eligible for PR later after you are able to fulfill your 491 conditions.

189 and 190 PR visas do not have any points for family or employer sponsorship.

If you have the required points, you will be selected and will get a PR even before you travel to Australia.

Australia PR grant letter
Australia PR grant letter

USA H1B to Australia PR

If you are currently working on H1B in the US and fed up with long waiting for a green card, Australia PR is a good option. They give you Permanent residency (Australian Green Card) even before you land there for the first time!

  • You do not get any extra points or preferences just because you have worked in the US.
  • Your total US work experience is counted at par with other countries.

Can you maintain Australia or Canada PR with H1B Visa?

Police Clearance Certificate

A police clearance certificate is required from all adults (18+) for Australia permanent residency, who are part of your PR application, from all countries where you have lived in the past 10 years.

If you are an Indian, apply

If you have lived or are living in the USA, you will need an FBI Clearance certificate along with a US state police clearance certificate. Remember you will need the US FD-258 fingerprint card for the FBI.


If you are currently living in Texas for the last 4 months and moved from California, then you would need both state’s Criminal history records along with the FBI report.

One of our guests shared his experience of getting PCC from Singapore police.


Will I get Invite with 85 Points?

The chance of invite for Australia PR is gradually decreasing for EOI with points less than 85 with new spouse points changes introduced in Nov 2019.

The PR system now prefers a family where both husband and wife work or a single unmarried applicant.

The new system has turned the tide and it is getting difficult to get an invite even with 85 points.

How Many Points Can I Get for Spouse?

5 Points: You will gain 5 spouse points if your spouse has a competent English score (IELTS 6, 6, 6, 6, or PTE 50 in each).

10 Points: If your spouse has ANZSCO code in the same occupation list as you and has a positive assessment along with a competent English score, you will get 10 points.

10 Points: If you are single and ready to mingle.

10 Points: If you marry an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

0 Points: If your spouse does not fall in any of the above cases.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team     

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  1. Sindhuja_Kavya

    Hie Anil, Iam applying for cartographer. I got positive in assessment with 5.6 years and have relavent master degree. My age is now 32 and in pte I could only score 67.

    My spouse also wrote pte and 5 points added. Iam standing with 70 points. Done with EOI 2 days back. Can you let me know how much time does it take to get it picked with my points. Are there any chances of getting picked soon as there is 99% invitations left.

  2. anil_am22

    Hi @Sindhuja_Kavya

    I can’t really tell if invite will be issued or not.

  3. andy_19

    Dear Anil,

    Me and my wife looking to migrate to Australia. since the minimum invitation point increased, our combine points only 65.
    I saw your note for quick invites on healthcare:
    Quick 189 & 190 Invites are sent for:
    ** Healthcare Workers – Like Nurse, Doctors.*
    ** Research profile in Medicine Field*

    Me and my wife are in IT development for Healthcare (total healthcare solution for GOV and private) more than 15 years. Does this experience do any advantage on the quick invites?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks you so much.

  4. anil_am22

    I don’t think IT worker in healthcare is being considered for priority invites.

  5. negi

    With 65 points for an IT specialty/Code, the chances of receiving an invite are minimum tbh. There are people with 85-90 points waiting for a 189/190 invite since pre-covid.

  6. Umesh_Raj_Kanagaraj

    Hi Anil,

    My current points for 189 is 80 and for 190 it is 85 and I am a software engineer. With the current Covid scenarios, do you think if I will even get an Invite for any of the above 2 visa categories? If so, what would be the approximate wait time?

    Expecting your reply.

    Thank you,

  7. Harsha1

    Hi Anil, Appreciate your help here

    I Am 23 yo and have Done an Online Diploma In Business from registered (rto) organisation in Australia and Hold Cert-4 in Marketing and communication I have part time experience in CSR role for 4 years and Looking forward For state nomination For Customer service manager With points around 70; 80 if I scored well in English

    What are my chances of getting Invite …?
    How long it may take for invite with the above circumstances for 190, 491…?

    Any suggestions from you …??

  8. Sathya_Seelan

    Hi @anil_am22, I’ve got 95 points for 190 visa and 90 points for 189 visa as of 19/11/2020. Just wanted to know the chances of PR invite. I’m under 261313 (software engineer) role. Please let me know the chances? and expected duration for the wait? Thanks in advance!!

  9. Sathya_Seelan

    Onshore. Do you have any expected duration?

  10. negi

    Not even a MARA agent will be able to give you an estimated time frame in which you will receive an invite. Just submit an EOI and wait. Wish you luck!

  11. anil_am22

    That’s because no invites are being sent at this time by Australia immigration.

    Chances are very low at this time until COVID lockdowns are in place.

  12. Priyanka_Kamuni

    Hello Anil and team. Good day!!

    I have few queries re Australia PR.

    I had applied for Aus PR and submitted an EOI in Dec, 2019 for 262113 - System Admin occupation - 190Visa nomination. (My ACS will be valid till Nov, 2021).

    1.While my PR process is on, can I simultaneously apply for Masters for Australia to regional areas?

    2.Or am I not eligible to apply for masters?
    Do I have to withdraw my PR application in order to go for Masters?

    3.Also, I was told by one of the agents that there should be a gap of minimum 6months from the day of withdrawal of PR application to the application of Student Visa.

    Is that right??

    While another reputed consultancy says it is not right and we can apply for Masters simultaneously while PR is in pool. I am confused with all of this.

    Can u pls clarify my above 3 queries?

    Thanks for ur help in advance.

  13. anil_am22

    You can apply both at same time. EOI is just an expression of interest and it means nothing until you get an invite.

  14. anil_am22

    I don’t think the gap would make difference. You can study any time that you want.

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