H1B Visa Stamping Documents Checklist (for India, Mexico, Canada)

H1B Visa Stamping Documents Checklist - i797 A or B original approval, employment verification letter, Pay stubs, W2, LCA, passport, DS160, form I-129.

Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team    Updated 5 Sep, 21

There can be hundreds of documents that can be carried for H-1B stamping as there is no official list.

We have collected an extensive list based on real-life experiences. Visa officers rarely ask for any of these documents to be shown except passport and DS160 as they already have all the information about your application sent to them by USCIS.

Documents for H1-B Visa Stamping

  • Passport – All original passports including old and expired.
  • DS 160 form – No need to carry a copy of DS160. Just fill online and that’s it.
  • US embassy Visa interview appointment confirmation copy. i797C is not valid proof of approval.
  • Form i797A or B (H1B approval notice) – Original is best. If not possible, then carry a color copy of i797 approval.
  • Form i129 (H1B application) copy – Carry color or Black and white copy of form i-129.
  • H1B LCA copy – Carry color or Black and white copy of LCA posting.
  • Employment verification letterOriginal – H1B can get it from the employer.
  • Resume or CV
  • Last 3 months Pay stubs / Salary slips – Color or black and white copy.
  • Last 3 year W2 (if any) – Color or black and white copy.
  • i140 Approval Notice – If you are going for stamping the past 6 years, i140 approval i797 copy may be asked by the visa officer in Mexico, Canada, or India.
  • H1B approval notice (i797A or B) from your previous employer (if any). i797C is not valid proof of approval.
  • Education Degree – Transcripts or mark sheets from your school, university – graduation, post-graduation.
  • Original I-20s forms (if any) – if you have an education degree from the US.
  • OPT or EAD card (if any).

I recommend carrying all documents in a transparent document bag as other things are not allowed inside the US embassy.

Form 221 (g) Admin Processing

In case the US embassy needs more documents before they can approve your H1B visa, they will issue you form 221(g).

All the extra documents will be mentioned on this form 221g.

Chances of H1B Visa Stamping Approval

Chances of H1B visa stamping are good if your documents are clean.

Your H1B visa may be approved but it may still be sent for Administrative processing to verify employer details and fraud detection.

Is H1B Stamping Eligible for Dropbox?

You can check if you are eligible for Dropbox Facility using our app here

You will need to submit the same set of documents for the Dropbox facility as mentioned above.

It is possible that you are asked to visit US embassy for fingerprinting even after you drop documents in Dropbox.  This process is commonly called form 221(g) with Green Slip.

Do I need LCA for H1B Visa Stamping?

You do not need LCA for H1B visa stamping but it is recommended to carry.

Visa Officer can ask for any document if he has any doubts to clarify.

Can I get My H1B Visa Stamped in Canada or Mexico?

You can get your H1B visa stamped in Canada or Mexico.

Cam I go for F1 to H1B Visa Stamping in Mexico?

You cannot go to Mexico for F1 to H1B visa stamping. Canada allows F1 to H1B stamping.

Can I go to Mexico for H4 to H1B visa stamping in Mexico?

You can go to Mexico for H4 to H1B visa stamping. The same applies to H1B to H4 visa stamp too.

How Can I get H1B Stamping in India?

You have to fill form DS-160 and schedule an H1B visa interview appointment with the US embassy to get H1B stamping in India. You can choose any US embassy and we recommend the one that’s closer to your residence.

Once you have filled DS-160 and paid the visa interview fees, you have to first visit the US visa OFC center for fingerprints and a digital photograph.

Once your picture is taken and you are ten-printed (fingerprints are taken), you can visit the US embassy as per your interview appointment.

H1B Visa Stamping Timeline

H1B Visa stamping can take 1 to 4 weeks.

Processing time varies with each US embassy too. If you are in your home country like India, you can expect to wait up to 4 weeks after a Visa interview to get stamped Passport in-hand.

So, we recommend planning your travel back to the US keeping in mind the delays caused by administrative processing.


Written by AM22Tech Team
  AM22Tech Team     

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  1. anonymous

    Hi Anil,

    Since I will be working for my internal project may I know the documents that I should carry for H1B stamping. Also, kindly let me know on whether H1B visa holders are eligible to work only at client location.

    Please note: I’m working for enterprise product which has licensed to clients in north America.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. anil_am22

    The list of documents is same for internal projects.

    You can only work based on the terms and conditions mentioned in your H1B approval.

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