Sample Special Power of Attorney, NRI Property, Bank Loan in India

Special power of attorney sample for property management in India by NRI. Print on plain A4 paper, 2 witness sign, your sign, register in registrar office.

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You need a special PoA with the exact real estate address mentioned to make it valid for managing bank loans, rental management, possession of the flat, registration of real estate in the Indian registrar’s office, and another purpose.

You can also choose to make a general power of attorney if you want to use it for multiple properties.

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Indian power-of-attorney sample
Indian power-of-attorney sample
Is Indian Stamp Paper Required for Writing Power of Attorney?

Indian stamp paper is not required for writing power of attorney.

Can I print Power of Attorney on plain A4 white paper?

You can print or write power of attorney on plain A4 sheet of paper.

What is the difference between General vs Special Power of attorney?

A general power of attorney is a generic version that does not mention the specific flat/apartment details as compared to a Special attorney which has exact details of the property to be managed.

General POA contains terms and conditions to share the signing authority for general purposes like management of bank account, shareholding accounts, rent acceptance for multiple properties, etc.

Use Special Power of Attorney For Home Loan in India

An NRI (non-resident Indian) can use the special power of attorney to buy, sell, or take possession of a real estate property in India.

The same POA can be used for managing home loans in India by a member of the family. Your POA holder can make payments for home loans like SBI Maxgain, HDFC, ICICI, and other banks.

Note that you will need to get the POA attested by the Indian embassy before registering it in India.

The process for attesting Indian Power of attorney in the USA is shared here.

Read the POA registration process in Delhi’s Sub Divisional Magistrate’s office.


Written by AM22Tech Team
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