How To Increase Take Home Pay Without Changing CTC In India

Increase In hand Salary without changing CTC in India?

 21 Feb, 18 

Increase in hand salary without changing CTC in India by claiming HRA, home loan, conveyance, medical, LTA, investment tax rebates. Cut income tax.

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Best Remit Rate to India USD to INR exchange rate

 4 Jan, 18 

Best remit rate to India is offered by Indus Ind bank over 3-5 days USD to INR money exchange service. Service tax is deducted from your remittance.

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Do Loan Deal Sites Really Offer You The Cheapest Loan Deals?

 11 Dec, 17 

Do Loan deal sites offer better deals? I doubt because they take a commission from bank on the loan amount financed for you. Read to find the pros and cons.

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Can a company reject job application based on bad credit history

Can An Employer Reject Your Job Application Due To Bad Credit History?

 20 Nov, 17 

Can a company reject job application based on bad credit history Credit history checks for a job in brokerage institutions and financial institutions is a normal trend in USA. Do not expect a favorable response if you have been struggling with bad credit ratings lately. It has been argued that this trend makes life difficult  … Read more

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secured credit card

Take A Secured Credit Card If You Can’t Get A Normal One

 20 Nov, 17 

Go for a secured credit card if you have no or bad credit history. Secured credit card helps you build credit history within 6 months against your deposit.

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Supplementary credit cards

Do Supplementary Credit Cards Affect Your Credit History?

 20 Nov, 17 

Supplementary credit cards The simplest and to-the-point answer is Yes. Supplemental credit card details are mentioned on your own credit history (CIBIL) report and are available for any bank or lender to view the details. Read on the basics if you are not well versed with the supplementary credit card concept. What is a Supplementary  … Read more

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