Renew Indian Passport in USA (CKGS Process, Documents)

Indian passport renewal USA, Documents list, NRI online application form. CKGS Processing time 1-4 weeks, 3 photo. No police verification. US legal status.

Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta    Updated  23 Aug, 20

You can easily renew Indian Passport in USA after 10 years with CKGS.

Step by step process for re-issue of the passport with Cox and Kings (CKGS) with the Indian embassy in New York, Houston (Texas), Washington DC, Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), and SFO (San Francisco, California) Indian consulate. 

CKGS is the official third party passport application handler for Indian Embassy in the USA.

Processing Time

Your Indian passport renewal will take 3-6 weeks if the last passport was issued in India.

You can get a new passport in 10 days if your last passport was issued by the Indian Embassy in the USA.

You can apply for renewal 1 year or 365 days before expiry. We recommend applying 6 weeks before the final expiry to avoid issues with delays in processing at the Indian embassy.

Documents Required

#1 Expiring Passport

Original and most recent one passport is required to be sent. All other OLD passports, if any, are not required.

#2 Photographs

Total of 3 photos with size 2×2 Inch are required for passport renewal.

The photo should have white background and not off-white.

You can get passport size photo online or at Sams Club, Costco, CVS or Walgreens.

#3 NRI Government passport renewal application form

CKGS online web application will fill all the information for you and you will just be required to print this form.

#4 Highest qualification degree

Indian embassy requires your education details to decide if ECR Stamp is required on your passport or not.

We recommended sending a copy of the Highest Educational Qualification Degree like an MCA or MBA. It is not required but there is no harm in sending.

Check if you need ECNR or ECR?

#5 USA Address proof

You can safely opt to get the USA address printed on an Indian passport. There is no harm.

USA address printed on Indian passport
USA address printed on Indian passport

#6 Indian Address Proof

Indian address proof is required if you want to add or change the current Indian Address printed on your current passport.

Does the current passport have an Indian hostel as a permanent address?

  • Any Indian utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill) – Must NOT be older than 3 months
  • Aadhar Card
  • Indian Drivers license
  • Recent Bank Statement from Indian Government bank. The front page is required. Should have an affixed photograph. Check a sample of SBI’s passbook with affixed and stamped photographs here.

#7 Change of Appearance / Signature Form

You should sign and print this change of appearance form if you are applying after 10 years.

Everybody’s presence changes a little as you age.

#8 CKGS (Cox & Kings) Document checklist

#9 CKGS (Cox & Kings) Online Payment Receipt

#10 Annexure ‘E’

Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper.

#11 Copy of Passport

Photocopy of First 5 pages of YOUR passport + last 2 pages. You can use an app based scanner

  • First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Page number 34, 35, 36, and last page with the address.
  • Total of 10 pages.

#12 Marriage Certificate (Optional)

Are you are Married and want to add your Spouse name to the new passport?

If yes, then you need to send either of these only if they are listed in CKGS checklist as a required document:

  • Include Spouse’s Passport’s front (page with picture) and back page (with address) OR
  • Spouse Green Card

For some people, this is NOT required.

If the Checklist asks for it, then you may need to include Marriage Certificate (Indian or any other) too.

#13 US Legal Status

  • Current Valid US Visa (including dependent Visa) OR
  • I-797 OR
  • Green card OR
  • Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or
  • I- 797 approval notice or
  • Valid I-20
Sample H1b Approval i797a form
Sample H1b Approval i797a form

You can even use the USCIS receipt number copy.

H1B / H4 Extension pending with USCIS? Apply with i797C. 

  • US Visa – B1/B2 is NOT a valid visa for passport reissue.
  • i94 is not a valid Proof either.

CKGS Passport Application Forms

Start CKGS application here.

Sample values:

Indian passport online application form cox and kings

Indian passport online application form cox and kings.

Postal Envelope, Payment & CKGS shipping

We recommend CKGS’s shipping option from UPS or FedEx. Both cost the same $15 each way ($30 total).

CKGS sometimes only accepts payment only by online mode at step 5 and sometimes just stops accepting it. I am not sure why do they do it.

Choose the option that’s available at the time of your application.

Note down the application’s web reference here before clicking the ‘Pay Online’ button.

Fees for child passport renewal in USA
Fees for child passport renewal in USA

If you decide to not use CKGS shipping, remember to NOT use USPS as it is not allowed by CKGS.

NRI Passport Application form

CKGS generates the Indian government’s passport renewal USA application form.

This is an extra form required by the Indian embassy to fill up separately.

See Sample NRI online form and step by step filing instructions.

It covers ‘amount to be paid’, permanent US or Indian address and period of stay abroad questions with answers.

Self Sworn Affidavit

CKGS document lists me not show that this ‘Self sworn affidavit’ is required but they are asking to submit it if you are opting for printing the USA address.

“Indian Address is missing in the Gov’t form. Please submit a self-sworn affidavit to confirm the last known address in India for Police Verification Report.”

Here is the self sworn affidavit template to be printed on plain A4 size white paper.

Self Sworn Affidavit Indian address

I [MY_NAME], son of Mr. [MY_FATHER_NAME] confirm that I have been living outside Indian continuously for last 5 years.

I am currently residing in the USA at this address:

ABC Parkway Apt 111

Indian address:

House number 123
Indian Gate
Delhi, India


Indian address is always required as you hold Indian passport.

You can give your parent’s or relatives Indian address by mentioning it on a plain piece of paper and then sign it. It will work as a self-sworn affidavit.

Self Attest & Notary

Self attest means that you should sign yourself on the photocopy. No notary is required.

Notarize the document only if it explicitly mentioned on the CKGS checklist.

Self Attest these documents:

  1. Your passport copy of First Five and the Last two pages.
  2. Copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.
  3. USA Address proof.
  4. Indian Address proof (If Applicable for your case).
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate (ONLY If you are married).
  6. Spouse Passport copy (ONLY If you are married).

Notarize Change of Appearance Form. 

Is AFFIDAVIT FOR CHANGE IN APPEARANCE mandatory if mine has not changed?

Package, Mailing & Tracking

  1. Arrange documents in the order of the CKGS document checklist with a checklist on top.
  2. (Optional) Use a small letter style envelope to keep the passport just to have an extra layer of protection.
  3. Original Expiring Passport.
  4. Use a paper clip, paper pins, or a binder paper clip instead to tie all the documents together. Do NOT use a stapler.

Visit UPS/FedEx office, pick up the FREE envelope (included in the shipping fees you paid to CKGS), and send with CKGS shipping label within 15 days of generating label.

NOTE: No need to send a return envelope. It will be taken care of by CKGS if you opted for CKGS shipping.

CKGS allows you to track your passport application here.


Is ECR or ECNR Proof Required for Indian Passport Renewal in USA?

The ECR, ECNR proof is not required for Indian passport renewal in the USA.

The ECR/ECNR status is available on page 2 of the Indian passport.

If it is not there or nothing is mentioned in your passport, you can select option ECNR (Emigration check not required) on point 13.

Can I send ECR, ECNR Proof even if it is not required?

You can send a photocopy of your highest educational qualification degree like MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) for ECNR proof.

If you do not attach any proof and your old passport did not have the ECR stamp, you will automatically be considered eligible for ECNR.

No notarization needed. Just Self-attest with your signature and clearly mark the photocopy with “For ECNR – Documentary proof”.

How to Log In to CKGS website with Web Reference Number?

Use the CKGS web reference number on the box provided at the BOTTOM of their website to log back into the CKGS website.

You must have saved your application before you can try to log back again:
ckgs web reference return to application

Where to Get Indian Passport Photo in USA?

You can get Indian Passport photos at Walmart, Costco, Sams Club, CVS, or Walgreens. ePassportPhoto offers free delivery and just $1.5 per picture.

Costco or Sam’s club charge approximately $4.96 for 2 passport photo.

Where Can i get Free Notary for Indian passport Renewal?

Your local city library, Bank (like Bank of America, Chase), your own office are the FREE notary options for Indian passport renewal.

USPS, FedEx, and other local mail shops would charge around $5+ per page of the notary.


Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta           

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  1. Saket82

    Hi Anil,

    I applied for passport renewal and got the below mail. Do i need to take any action here as i am in US . Thanks for your advice in advance.

    Subject :Initiation of Police Verification Request(s) for your Passport Application File
    This is to inform you that Police Verification Request has been sent to the Police department (refer the following table for details) for your Passport Application (Re-Issue Passport Issuance under Normal scheme) submitted with File Number XXXXXXX

    You are requested to get in touch with the respective Police Office if verification is not done in three weeks.

    Thank You!!

  2. Gagan79

    @Amol @Anil.Gupta , did you select yes for change of address under miscellenous options. I selected Yes in order to have my US address listed on teh passport


    and now in my ckgs page i see it as (Change of Address - Indian Address in passport) though i want my US address. The checklist has both US proof of address and Indian Address proof (optional in case i want )

    • Miscellaneous Services
    1. Addition of Spouse name after Marriage
    2. Change of Address - Indian Address in passport

  3. Amol

    I had checked the change address option.
    Just send the US address proof, it should get updated on the new passport.

    • Amol

  4. anil_am22

    I guess they will hold the passport.

  5. anil_am22

    Update from one person reported to me:

    Hi Anil, just wanted to update, if some one is in same boat to get help from Indian embassy for passport renewal ,

    Good news is they renewed my passport in just one day , sent documents on wed and by Friday I got my renewed passport.

    First you need to get approval in email before mailing anything to them.

    Mine was with Houston Indian embassy.

  6. nitinrsonar

    Hi @Anil.Gupta

    I have some question about passport renewal. I want to keep my all details as is what currently I have on my existing passport like address, DOB, NAME, Spouse name and all etc.

    1. So in this case I want to select option NO under Choose Your Miscellaneous Service, is my assumption is correct?

    2. When I am keeping same address as what i have on my current passport then, do I need to provide any kind of Indian address proof? if no, and post submission if Mission/CKSG ask me to provide any kind of proofs so in that case PAN card, Electricity bill (coming under my father’s name), and Ration card (its under my father’s name and my name is listed under the family member list) is acceptable?

    3. Is there any harm or any future issues can happen if we print USA address on passport?

    4. On CKGS and Govt form, if passport printable address is India address then Other address will be USA address?

  7. yshrini

    The dropdown shows only these 3 options, what are those ?
    Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.44.24 AM

    and if you chose “shipping” how you will send your document to CKGS? since you already paid ($15.00) for shipping, are they going to mail you Shipping level ?

  8. anil_am22

    Hi @nirupam115 and @ngnair

    I don’t have any more information than what is available on this page and the article I have shared.

  9. nirupam115

    Thanks @Anil.Gupta
    So, in my case, the police verification request didn’t create an issue (at least for now). The Indian Embassy, at Washington DC, has re-issued my passport without incident. Also, the whole re-issuing process did not take more than 3 days from the time of application.
    I did not request a change of address.

  10. Sowjanya_Ega

    Hello @anuragtech90 @nitin112233

    I applied for passport renewal with San Fransisco consulate. Embassy received my application on Jun 30 and I received a similar email (address verification) on July 4th. I haven’t opted for change of address in the application but still received the address verification initiation email. Not sure what to do. May I know the status of your application since you also received the same email.

    I even sent an email saying about this but still did not get any reply. Do I need to worry about this?

  11. nookalko25

    @Sowjanya_Ega- Do you have any updates on your passport scenario ?

    Have you done any further followups with the authorities…? looks like people are receiving emails about Police Verification Initiation randomly even when they haven’t opted anything related to Miscellaneous service(s) .

    Please shed some light as this is going to give some hopes to people in the similar situation.

    Many Thanks!! in Advance.

  12. nirupam115

    Hello @nookalko25 @Sowjanya_Ega
    My passport re-issue application was processed at the Embassy of Indian in Washington DC. I sent all my emails for personalized inquiries to ‘’ and ‘’.
    Also, I have heard that Indian consulates are quite responsive to tweets. So if they do not reply to your emails then you could try using twitter.

    For what its worth, refer to the clause on post police verification (PV) here.

  13. nikhil3289

    Hi @Anil.Gupta… The article says as below.
    #6 Indian Address Proof – ONLY REQUIRED if you want to ADD or CHANGE current Indian Address on your current passport.

    But in this thread someone mentioned INDIAN proof is not required if we are printing USA address. It would be a great help if you can please clarify this and my other questions too so i can apply for renewal. Its expiring in a month+.

  14. nookalko25

    @raj1983 I am sorry to hear that my friend. Well can you please explain in detail as to what kind of problems the police is trying to create because, per External Affairs Ministry this process has been simplified and people should not be troubled for the passport and it’s related activities.

    Since you are residing out side of home country police should be able to verify the identity of the individual(s) who is/ are endorsing for you. May be you can provide them your residence proof viz US license photocopy and write a small write up about your i94 iternary and explain them why you are absent physically at your Indian address (because you had left the country long back) and “xyz” will be representing you on your behalf.

    Please note, Police should make this process as smooth as possible.

    Talk to them and see.
    Best of Luck

  15. nookalko25

    @raj1983 My $00.2 given the circumstances and the situation you are in, my advice to you would be is, to get the Police personnel’s phone number and you talk to him directly and explain everything and see how it goes.

    Thank you

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