Renew Indian passport in USA after 10 years Cox Kings by post

By Anil Gupta,  17 Jan, 18       944  NRI

Renew Indian passport in USA after 10 yrs with Cox & Kings. Steps to fill forms, document list & processing times. Total 3 photos required for reissue.

How to renew Indian Passport in USA after 10 years – step by step guidance for re-issue of passport with Cox and Kings in the jurisdiction of Indian embassy New York. The process is same for others including Houston (Texas), Washington DC, Atlanta (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois) and SFO (San Francisco, California) Indian consulate.

I got the Indian passport re-issued in USA via postal mail and at the time, when BLS was the company handling the process. This article has now been UPDATED to help you with Cox & Kings. Please let us know if you still find any BLS references here and we will update it.

If you are looking to get your child’s (minor) Indian passport renewed in USA, read here: Minor Child Passport Renewal

Planning for Indian Passport Renewal in USA: 1.5 months ahead of Passport expiry date

It is my advice to apply for renewal 1.5 months before the final expiry to mitigate any contingency and delays.
Officially, you can apply 1 year in advance and there is no time limit for the late comers!

You can apply at your leisure once the passport expires. The only thing that would pinch you is extra Sarkari documentation.

1. Documents required to renew Indian Passport in USA

  • Originals
    1. Expiring Passport (The most recent one). All other OLD passports, if any, are not required.
    2. 2×2 Inch photographs (White background, off-white is NOT allowed) – Total 3 in number.
      This picture is same as you would have got for USA visa while in INDIA. I used the same pictures as I had an old stock. You can also use them if your appearance has NOT changed much i.e. if you looks substantially different than what you were 10 years ago (like face fattening), you should get new pictures clicked.

      Where to Get Cheap Passport Photo

      You can get new ones from CVS, Walgreens or any other store that you prefer. A bit economical option would be ePassportPhoto.

      Most people use either CostCo or Sam’s club membership to get the passport photo economically. They charge approximately $4.96 for 2 of them.

      Details of bad and good photographs here.

  • Forms – Will fill later
    1. Nationality Verification form
    2. CKGS Document checklist
    3. NRI passport renewal application form
    4. CKGS (Cox & Kings) Online Payment Receipt
    5. Change of Appearance form
    6. Annexure ‘E’ – Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper
  • Photocopy – Black and White
    1. Are you Married and want to add your Spouse name to new passport?
      • Yes:
        1. Spouse’s Passport’s front (page with picture) and back page (with address) OR Green Card
        2. Marriage Certificate (Indian or any other).
      • No: You are lucky. Move On :).
    2. First 5 pages of passport + last 2 pages. I included the first 5 numbered pages along with the one having my picture.

      First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

      The last two pages are supposed to include the ‘Observation’ page and I found two of them here as well. So, Included these two along with the page containing my address.

      Page number 34, 35, 36 and last page with address.

      This makes the total number of pages to be 10.

    3. (Optional) – For ECR Stamp – Copy of Highest Educational Qualification Degree.
  • Photocopy – Color copy is optional but recommended

    1. USA Address proof

      Any one of theseRemark
      Any utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill)Must NOT be older than 3 months
      Driver’s LicenseFront and back both are required
      State IDFront and back both are required
      Month to Month Rental Lease agreementShould not have expired at the time of submission.
      Home Mortgage billShould be valid at the time of submission.

      NOTE: US bank statement is NOT a valid address proof.

    2. Indian Address Proof – ONLY REQUIRED if you want to ADD or CHANGE Indian Address.
      If you want to keep the Indian address (already on current passport) un-changed, you do not need to submit any Indian address proof.

      Any one of theseRemark
      Any Indian utility bill (Electricity/ gas/ water/ landline telephone bill)Must NOT be older than 3 months
      Aadhar Card
      Indian Drivers license
      Recent Bank Statement from Indian Government bank.
      Front page required.
      Should have affixed photograph.
      This is how SBI’s passbook with affixed and stamped photograph looks like:

      SBI passbook with photograph affixed and stamped
      SBI passbook with photograph affixed and stamped

    3. US Legal Status
      Current Valid US Visa (Could be dependent Visa too) OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or I- 797 approval notice or Valid I-20.

      Please note that US Visa – B1/B2 is not considered a valid visa for passport reissue. Also, I94 is not a valid Proof.

Renew Indian passport in USA -  Step by step process with my own experience
Renew Indian passport in USA – Step by step process with my own experience

2. Start Online application

You can use these Indian passport renewal USA application form samples from my own application.

1. Start with CKGS Passport Application Form

Start here. Sample values are provided here for your reference:

Indian passport online application form cox and kings

Indian passport online application form cox and kings

2. Sample National Verification Form

CKGS automatically fills up the National Verification for you, while you are going through their online process. You just need to print it.Once done, move on to next tab.

Here is the sample for your reference:

Nationality verification form Indian passport renewal usa
Nationality verification form Indian passport renewal usa

All the forms except the NRI application form are automatically filled up by CKGS online application. You just need select appropriate options. They will be available for download, print and signing/notarization.

3. Postal Envelopes, payment and shipping

We recommend that you choose CKGS’s shipping option to avoid any issues. They have collaborated with UPS and FedEx and both cost the same i.e. $15 each way. So, your total cost would be $30.

If you decide to choose your own shipping, you probably would not have many options. Remember that CKGS does not allow USPS as the option. If you choose USPS for shipping yourself, you will face issues while they try to ship the package back to you later.

Once you have selected the option, you can simply visit UPS/FedEx office, pick up the envelope and just send your package. There is no need to send return envelope, it will be taken care off by CKGS.

Payment is accepted only by online mode. Once you are at step 5, you will be asked to pay.

Please note your application’s web reference here before clicking the ‘Pay Online’ button.

Fees for child passport renewal in USA

Fees for child passport renewal in USA

4. Fill Up Government’s online form for Indian passport renewal

You can use this Indian passport renewal USA application form sample. This is a separate form than what you have already filled up on CKGS website. This one belongs to Indian embassy and has to be filled up separately on Indian government website here.

  1. CKGS recommends that you do NOT go and fill this form DIRECTLY. They want you to start the application process from their own website (start here) and click the button for filling these forms. This is the recommended way too.

    If you fill the government’s form before CKGS, then CKGS has a separate process and a tough one, for you. You will find it on their home page. We are assuming you started with CKGS.

    The sample values are provided here for your reference.

    IMPORTANT You will need a DIGITAL picture to upload. This government website does NOT give you an option to upload it later if you have moved past the upload photo step and return later!

    Government form online link – Use for first time filling this form
    Government form online link – Use it, if you are re-visiting to complete partially filled form. You need your Temporary Application Id here (This is different than CKGS web reference ID).
    Print your application form, if you have ‘saved and exit’ the application. – You would need the Government site’s Web file number. This is shown to you on LAST page when you are done filling the form. This is different than ‘Temporary application ID’ and ‘CKGS web application reference’ ID.

    NRI passsport online application has a application ID

    NRI passsport online application has a application ID

    Please note that this form contains about 29 fields/points and points 7 to 29 need to be filled manually with hand.

    So, what should you do?
    Fill whatever questions/fields are available to fill online on the form and then take a print.

    Once you take a print, you will get 3 pages in total. Some of the fields (normally 1-6 on page 1) would be already filled and rest would be blank.

    I did not feel any need for saving this form with partial information. You have all the information that this form needs at this point to fill and take print out.

  2. You should now have a print out of this form. Here is the sample form that you can use to fill your form. Use a BLUE or BLACK ink pen ONLY.

    Page 1

    NRI passport renewal form page 1 for India

    NRI passport renewal form page 1 for India – Click image for larger view

    Page 2

    NRI passport renewal form page 2 for India

    NRI passport renewal form page 2 for India – Click image for larger view

    Page 3

    NRI passport renewal form page 3 for India

    NRI passport renewal form page 3 for India – Click image for larger view

5. Self Attest and Notarize

Following documents need to be Notarized. Notary would ask you to show originals and will sign and stamp on the photocopy. He may also ask you to sign the photocopy before he does.

  1. Passport Application form – Specifically Q no. 29. If it lands on 3rd page, then notarize only page 3.
  2. Change of Appearance Form.

Following documents need to be SELF-ATTESTED. Only you should sign yourself on the photocopy.

  1. Your passport copy of First Five and Last two pages.
  2. Copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.
  3. Address proof (USA).
  4. Address proof (India).
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate (ONLY If you are married).
  6. Spouse Passport copy (ONLY If you are married).

Free Notary?

Why not? Well, your town’s library or your Bank (most famous is Bank of America) and your own office (Almost all have notaries on their payroll) are the FREE options that I know and have utilized.

The paid ones (like USPS and others) should cost you around $5+ per page. So, to make it economical, use the free ones.

6. Packaging everything together

Final Checklist – The documents to package together

  1. Arrange the documents in the order as mentioned in CKGS document checklist. The checklist should be on top.
  2. Now, use a small letter style envelope to keep the passport. This is just to have an extra layer of protection. You can skip the envelope if you want.
  3. Original Passport (Remember – it has to be the most recent one that is about to expire or the most recent if it has already expired).
  4. Use paper clip or paper pins to tie all the above documents together. Do NOT use stapler.

Related: Attestation Of Power Of Attorney At Indian Consulate In USA – For Managing Property In India

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Cox and Kings renewing the Indian passport or BLS International?
  2. What is the time frame for issuing new passport or completion of this application process?
  3. When is the tracking information started/updated on BLS website? Are you seeing BLS passport tracking no record found error?
  4. What should be selected in Point 13 ECR/ECNR if nothing is mentioned in the current passport?
  5. What documentary proof should be attached if you want status as ECNR on new passport?
  6. How to log back into CKGS website with Web reference number?
  7. The money order or cashier check or demand should be in favor of whom?
  8. I did not receive any email from BLS after submitting the passport order form.
  9. Which color pen should be used to fill the forms?
  10. In the National verification form, the date of leaving India is the first time of leaving India or last ( or most recent)?
  11. How many photographs are needed in total?
  12. What is observation page in Indian passport?
  13. What address to be printed in passport?

Is Cox and Kings renewing the Indian passport or BLS International?

Cox & Kings is the new service provider. BLS no longer handles passport renewal.

Indian passport renewal in USA processing time? What is the time frame for issuing new passport or completion of this application process? or how long does it take to renew Indian passport in USA?

The total processing time as provided by Cox & Kings if 8-10 business days (which effectively comes out to be 2 weeks including holidays). Add to this the mailing time and you can expect to have your new passport in 3 weeks.

What should be selected in Point 13 ECR/ECNR if nothing is mentioned in the current passport?

The ECR/ECNR status is available on page 2 of passport. If it is not there or nothing is mentioned in your passport, you can select ECNR on point 13.

What documentary proof should be attached if you want status as ECNR on new passport?

You can provide a photocopy of your highest educational qualification degree. I attached my MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) degree copy.

No notarization needed here.

It is advisable to Self-attest it with your signature and to clearly mark the photocopy with the purpose as “For ECNR – Documentary proof”.

How to log back into CKGS website with Web reference number?
CKGS website might confuse you on this point, if you have already started the passport application and saved it. The only way to go back and see your saved documents is to use their web reference number on the box provided at the BOTTOM of the their website.

Here is the sample screen shot:

ckgs web reference return to application

ckgs web reference return to application

The money order or cashier check or demand should be in favor of whom?
It should be in favor of:

Cox and Kings Global Services USA LLC

Which color pen should be used to fill the forms?

You can use BLUE or BLACK. I used BLUE. No other color option is available.

In the National verification form, the date of leaving India is the first time of leaving India or last ( or most recent)?

It is a pretty vague question. I entered my most RECENT date of leaving India.

How many photographs are needed in total?

Number of photos for Indian passport renewal in US is total 3 in number.

What is observation page in Indian passport?

The website says:

“photocopy of the first five pages and last two pages of the passport to be produced including observations”

I included the first 5 numbered pages along with the one having my picture. This makes it 5+1 = 6 pages.

The last two pages are supposed to include the ‘Observation‘ page and I found two of them here as well. So, Included these two along with the page containing my address. 3 pages were used here.

If you are having doubts about which one is Observation page, just check the last 2-3 pages of your passport. They would have ‘Observation‘ written either on top or bottom.

The total count of pages then goes to 6 + 3 Observation pages = 9.

If you want your Indian Address to be Printed in the Renewed Passport, what proof is required? Isn’t the Original Passport enough? I don’t have other Address Proof other than my Passport for my Indian Address.

The Indian address proof’s notarized copy is enough as a proof. The list of options is mentioned above.

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  • Thanks Mohan…I am glad it has helped you. The motivation was the BLS website. I know that I would need these instructions again in near future and hence have documented all.

    For notarizing, you can sign on your wife’s behalf on her passport’s photo copy. I did the same and signed in front of the Notary.
    If your wife can go with you to the Notary, that would also work. But there is no such requirement.

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    The new passport will have the US address.

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    It’s over three days USPS tracking does not show the item on tracking.

    Any suggestion?

  • I got an e-mail from BLS on 22 Oct 2014 informing that my new passport was received from Indian Embassy and they have placed it in the return envelope the same day.

    I did try to keep a check on USPS tracking but, it seems the distance between BLS office and USPS was too long to have take about 6 more days.

    22 Oct 2014 was Wednesday and I saw the first update on USPS website on 27 Oct evening.

    So, You should also keep your patience 🙂

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  • Hi Sumeet,
    I think it is ok as it seems like a NC state law.

    In my case, I got the notary from town library and they signed and stamped all xerox in addition to a separate paper listing all the docs that were signed.

    In your case, they are doing only the second part.
    I think you should be okay and Indian embassy would accept it based on your state (NC) rules and regulations.

    Also, do check the requirements on the embassy website to see if they have given anything extra for NC residents. I guess your case would belong to Washington DC embassy. Right?

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  • You are welcome Ajit.
    I am not sure how does BLS deposit the packets to USPS. In my case, the first tracking showed up in Jersey City, NJ which is again quite far from their office.

    May be the tracking just starts when the packet reaches USPS’s regional office.

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  • Yes, you have to write your OWN address on return envelope.

    Remember, BLS would not take the pain of doing anything on your behalf except putting the new passport in the envelope and dropping it to USPS office.

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    The BLS website has an option to reprint the order form by passport number if you did not get an email.

  • Hi Bhavana,
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    Thanks for the detailed article, Anil. Did you have to extend your i94 after passport was renewed?

  • Nope. There is no need to extend or renew i94. Its validity remains same.
    The visa in your old passport also remains valid till its own end date.

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    I also just found out that Chase bank will notarize for free if you have an account with them.

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  • Hi RamsVin,
    Sorry for a delayed response.
    The checklist format has been changed by BLS now. Earlier, there used to be a column on right hand side for marking yes/No responses.

    They have removed it now. It is ok. You can just sign it and attach it to your other documents.

  • There is no proof required as such.
    I sent my Masters degree photocopy to get the ECNR stamp. You can also send the copy of your highest educational qualification certificate.

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    Hi Anil, I have a few important questions..

    1. What is the Amount that you filled in for the “PAYMENT OF FEE” on your Passport Application Form?

    If you see the link above it says “Passport Fees as per Category. Please fill the Amount Excluding BLS FEE” Should I fill Consular Fee of 75$ + ICWF Fee of 3$ = 78$ or Just Consular Fee of 75$ ?

    2. If you want your Indian Address to be Printed in the Renewed Passport, what proof does BLS Want? Isn’t the Original Passport enough? I don’t have other Address Proof other than my Passport for my Indian Address.

    3. I Live in the Bay Area and San Francisco is where I need to send my documents. The BLS Website says “3 copies of printed and filled Nationality Verification Form/ Personal Particulars form & 3 photographs for personal particular form” — What is the Personal Particular form ? So Do I need to submit 6 Photographs in total ?

    4. Do I need to Print the CheckList and Sing and Send it as well. It looks Like I should it has Name, Passport Number on the First Page and Signature on the Fourth Page.

    5. Sorting Order — Did you follow the sorting order mentioned in the checklist? It also says “Do Not Staple or Clip the Documents” — I shouldn’t use paper clips?

    Please help. This process of renewing passport is very confusing and some of the information in contradicting. My passport expires in Nov 2015 and I need the New Passport to renew my H1 Visa as well. Thanks for the Awesome Blog!


  • Hi Mahendra,

    1. I forgot to fill that ‘fee’ section on top of ‘Passport application form’. You can fill it with the total amount minus the BLS fee. In my case, it still worked even when I sent the form without filling this section.

    It should be $78.

    2. As per the instructions provided by BLS, you should only provide your CURRENT residential proof and that would certainly be USA. But, I have heard few people’s experiences where they have mentioned their Indian address (without any proof) and BLS printed it on their new passport.

    There is no Indian address proof that is eligible.

    In my case, I provided the USA address proof and that’s the one mentioned on my new passport too.

    3. The language is misleading with respect to Personal particular form. National verification form and personal particular form is same. You can see a sample in above article.

    What BLS is trying to say regarding the photographs is: you only need 3 separate ones for these 3 copies of this (national verification) form.

    The total photographs needed for whole application is :Total 4 in number. 3 on Nationality form and 1 on NRI passport application form in a standard (Renewal of passport before passport expiry) case.

    I know that BLS has not mentioned about the total number of photographs needed anywhere. But, I used only 4 and got the passport.

    4. Yes, i did follow the sorting order and have mentioned everything above. I have also included a picture of the paper clips that i used to bind all papers and passport together. You can check it out here:

    Let me know if you need more information.

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    2. i checked with my Bank of America branch and they said they do not notarize documents unless its a BOA document.

    3. I am on H4 visa. Do i need to submit a copy of my husbands H1 visa and other visa documents?

    4. Do i need to also notarize the first 5 and last 2 pages of my passport and my husbands passport too?

    5. Do i have to notarize the marriage certificate as well as the affidavit (sample provided on website). Can any notary sign the document or a specific individual

    Looking forward to your reply since i am running late. passport expires on June 20, 2015 🙁


  • Hi Saby,

    1. The color and black and white photocopy are mentioned here separately:

    2. It is okay if BOA is not doing it. You can get it notarized from town library or any other notary. You can try any other bank too like Chase. USPS and your own office’s notary is another option.

    3. I don’t think you need to submit your husband’s documents. Your H4 visa document (I-797) is sufficient.

    4. Check for the documents which need to be notarized here:

    Yes, all the document copies need to be notarized (which you are not sending in original).

    5. Yes, marriage certificate needs to be notarized too. Any notary can sign the documents. There is no specific need. The notary should have a valid notary certificate and a stamp that’s valid.

    Let me know if you need more information.

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    Hello, I want my wife’s name to be printed in my passport with her last name changed to my last name. I have the marriage certificate also, but her passport and marriage certificate contains her last name as her’s before marriage. If i fill the application forms with changed last name of her will they print accordingly or should i provide any other proof for change of last name for her. Please advise.

  • I think only Marriage certificate is enough. Most of the marriage certificate also specify the new name (with Husband’s surname).
    Even if it does not, it is okay.

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  • You are welcome Vinay.
    I would certainly like to hear your experience about BLS courier service and update the article for other’s help.
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  • No need to fill by hand. Fill once, make copies and then sign as you have already thought.

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    Does the Public notary seal and sign on the xerox of copy of an original document. this is what BLS expecting?
    Do they compare original and xerox while notarizing it? Can any one confirm please?

  • 1. Public notary will see your original documents while signing and stamping their seal on the photocopy.
    2. BLS does not care for original docs if they are notarized. You will only send the notarized copies to them.

    Does that answer your question?

  • Madhu

    Thanks for the response.
    When I inquired bank of america I was told that they basically write/stamp on a separate paper instead of the photocopy? are both of these same?

  • Yes. That’s fine too.
    Actually, this process varies within USA states as well as the organization who is notarizing.

    Some sign on the photocopy and some list the documents verified on separate piece of paper.

    In my case, they signed on photocopies + wrote on separate piece of paper too. I got it notarized from town library in Massachusetts.

    You can also check with your town’s library too. Its usually free.

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    Thanks for your write up on Indian passport renewal process, it’s actually much better than official BLS website
    Did you ever provide your feedback to BLS about how useless their website and tedious process.

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    Thanks Anil. I applied for my passport very recently Thanks a ton for your detailed steps..

    i like to provide one more info here Hope it will be useful for others.

    To Your Section: If you want your Indian Address to be Printed in the Renewed Passport, what proof does BLS Want? – i wish to print my same old Indian address in my new passport as because my stay in USA is not permanent. I put int he same. I didnt submitted any additional proof of my Indian address and i got the same printed. SO Folks if you like to have the same Indian address to be on your new passport, please go ahead i got new passport today(JUn 8 2015) with same old address i submitted and got it renewed thru San Francisco.

  • Thanks Balaji for sharing your experience.
    Yes, I think you are right. I have also heard the same from many people when they got their Indian address printed on Passport.

  • pradepkumar

    Thanks for the great post Anil. I have a question. If I dont have a local drivers license, what should i fill in section 9 of NRI Passport form ? Can it be left blank ?

  • Just write ‘Not applicable’ or ‘N/A’ instead of leaving it blank. This is fine as it is not mandatory to have a driving license.

  • Srinu Tumma

    Hello Anil, thanks for the post.

    Anil/anyone who recently applied for the passport

    I can’t find the sample ‘BLS Document Checklist’ anywhere. Other than signing one time on ‘BLS Document Checklist’ do i need to complete/write anything on BLS Document Checklist.

    Also the latest nationality status verification form ( doesn’t have to sign . Can someone confirm this or i am using wrong form?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi Srinu,
    1. BLS document checklist is now updated and does not have a column ticking the points. This information is available in above article.
    You can just sign the checklist and attach it to your document list.
    2. The performa given by BLS for national verification form does not have the signature section.
    But if you see their sample, it does have a signature field.
    I would recommend to sign at the end of the form to avoid any issues with BLS.

    You can use the link that I have shared for downloading the national verification form. It has signature section.

    They would not take any responsibility of their mistake. Also, it would not hurt them to reject your application. It is better to sign and then sign.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Srinu Tumma

    Hi Anil, Thank you. I appreciate you for your quick response.

  • You are welcome Srinu.

  • Sanhita Lahiri

    Hi Anil,
    I live close enough to an Embassy, and will drop off my application instead of relying on postal system. do you know if I need appointment for that? Also, will they keep my current passport till it gets renewed?. Thanks much for your insights.

  • Hi Sanhita,

    1. The documents for passport renewal are supposed to be sent to BLS office and NOT embassy.

    2. BLS accepts applications in person only with prior appointment. Check this link for New York Office timings (for appoint window).

    3. They will keep your old passport and return it with the new one.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Madhu

    Received the new passport with in 16 days. Thanks for your detailed blog.

  • Great news and you are welcome. I am glad it has helped you.

  • darshini reddy

    so wat address did u enter in the two address columns? even iam going to apply in SF. my stay in usa is not going to be long so pls tell me what addresses did u fill in application

  • darshini reddy

    so wat address should we enter in the two address columns? even iam going to apply in SF. my stay in usa is not going to be long so pls tell me what addresses did u fill in application

  • You can put your Indian address without any proof.
    I have heard from reliable sources and they have got Indian address printed on their passport too.
    You do not need to submit any Indian address prooof.

    The US address proof is sufficient.

  • Balaji R

    As Anil mentioned below. in the place ( Address to be Printed on New Passport) please retain your Indian Address thats in your current passport. No Additional Proof is required for that.

  • darshini reddy

    No Iam asking about wat address to fill in the form??
    Because I don’t want the usa address to be in my passport

  • darshini reddy

    No I want to know wat address to enter in the application?? As I don’t want usa address in my passport

  • Balaji R

    Could you be more specific. – Which Application are u filling now and what is the Item Number you are referring to?

  • Hi Darshini,
    Enter the address that you WANT to be printed in the new passport.
    Does that answer your question?

  • darshini reddy

    My ques was regarding passport renewal online application. In the online application they ask for 2 address. One says to be printed in passport and the other address doesn’t say anything. Should I enter the usa address or enter in both the columns like my previous Indian addres as I don’t want the usa address in my passport

  • darshini reddy

    My ques was regarding passport renewal online application. In the online application they ask for 2 address. One says to be printed in passport and the other address doesn’t say anything. Should I enter the usa address or enter in both the columns like my previous Indian addres as I don’t want the usa address in my passport..

  • Balaji R

    OKie thats Section 3b) Other address. You can provide your current USA Address for which you are submitting the Notary Signed Proof.

  • darshini reddy

    So wat address should I enter? In the address to be printed I can enter same like previous passport address and second address as the USA address?

  • Yes. You are correct.


    Hi anil,

    I Have applied for renewal of my parent’s passport.I have filled up form.But i am very confusing about addresses.I want to print out indian address on new one but if i write the indian address on both space then BLS courier me new passport on which address of USA.Where i have to write usa address to receive in passport in USA? Please give me your contact number for more specific detail if you dont mind.
    My mail id –
    Please reply me.Because last date of parent’s passport is 20th july 2015.


    Hi Anil,
    BLS order form,National verification form and Passport application form.On each form I write indian address then where to write usa address to receive the passport in USA. please help me for this question.Its very urgent because few days left for to apply with us.I have filled up all forms with one usa and one indian address.So which documents i have to attach if write indian address in both space.Its urgent please.

  • You have to write Indian address wherever it says ‘address to be printed on passport’.
    At all other places where it asks for address, write your USA address.

    Also, if you send the return envelope, you have to write your USA address on it for new passport to be delivered to you in USA.

    I have heard that BLS has started their own courier services now. I have not used it but use the USA address there.

  • I have answered your question in your another comment above.
    Sorry to say but I do not share my phone number on public platform. I hope you understand.

  • Patel Vishal

    1.On my parents’ passport Indian address is there.while filling online form they ask for address to be print on passport so as you say I write at there Indian address and when they ask about permanent address then can i write Indian address at there?
    2.national verification form they ask address in usa so there I should write usa address.
    3.bls order form they ask address to be print and other address as per address proof at there which address should I write?
    4.they generate shipping label for outward cover not for return cover so can I write address of usa with pen on it or bls generate it automatically while return.
    Please help me for this question.and I like your described procedure more than bls.its very clearly instructed.very nice job you have done for the people.


    1.Online application form they ask for address to be printed on passport and permanent address so at there can i write indian address as per your suggestion.Is it ok Sir?
    2.In natiional verification from they ask for present address in usa and permanent address in india so at there i have to provide usa address or not? our usa address is not permanent. BLS order form they ask for address to be printed and other address so at there which address can i write in address to be printed and other address.Can you please suggest more to me on this.? can i write both indian address at there?
    4.In shipping label there is no address need to be shown by BLS so on return envelope BLS suggested that they generate automatically from ups and delivered the passport to us. So at where i can write my usa address to receive passport on usa address.
    Please help me for this questions anil. I likes your described procedure for renewal of passport.It help me much more than BLS information.You decsribes it very neat and clean.Any person can understand it very easily and save money expenses of agent. You have done a very good job for this information.Thanks a lot to provide this information.

  • 1. In the online application form, write your Indian address where it says ‘Address to be printed in passport’. This is field 3(A).
    In 3(B) other address, write your US address.
    2. In National verification form, write USA address where it is asking for USA address (point 7) and write Indian address where it is asking for Indian one (Point 8).
    3. In the BLS order form, write Indian address on the field ‘address to be printed on passport’ and USA address in ‘other address’.
    4. The return address need to be mentioned on the ‘Pick up and delivery service’ link that you would find on BLS order form. This was not the case when I applied for my renewal. The process has changed now and BLS is itself using UPS courier service.

    The BLS would generate the return label on its own when they have processed your new passport. So, don’t worry about it.
    So, you click the link and it takes you to the page where you provide your return shipping address (your USA address) where you want the new passport to be delivered.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Hi Balaji,
    One question for you. Did you use the BLS’s new courier service (they have tied up with UPS) or used your own envelopes (i mean some other courier service like USPS or FedEx) for sending and receiving back the passport?

    When I applied, the BLS’s UPS service was not there.
    Your answer would help me update the article above for other people.

    Thanks a lot in advance.





  • Hi Vishal,
    This BLS courier service is a new service and I have not used it. Hence, I have no idea if they actually allow the personal envelopes or not.

    I am assuming that they should allow.

    You can print the return address label using any computer. That is not an issue.
    Also, just a small request: Do not write all characters in CAPITAL. It sounds like you are angry and does not leave a good impression.

  • Do not send return envelope without address on it. They will not write it unless you have purchased their courier services.

  • Balaji R

    Hey Anil,
    Nope i didnt use that option. Im not aware of any tie-up too. Couple of friends are in the process of renewing the passport i will follow up with them and request them to share the experience here.

  • Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I will wait for your response.


    I am sorry for writing in capital letters. i did not angry at that time due to net connection problem i was in hurry at that time and Why should i angry on you anil you help me and answer my all questions very gently.I am thankful of you for such kind of help. Sorry once agains if i hurts your feelings Anil.

  • No problem Vishal. Don’t worry, I was not offended.
    Normally, when you write in ALL CAPS, it is considered you are shouting at the other person. Anyways, i knew that you would probably have written it in ALL caps in hurry or you wanted to highlight the message.
    I just shared my opinion so that you can take care of it in future.


    Dear Anil,

    My parents delivered their documents on 10.07.15 in UPS to BLS for renewal of their passport and we follow all your guidelines which you have experienced in yours.We written USA address on return envelope with pen.Lets hope BLS accept it and return passport to us.Thanks for providing such a nice detailed procedure.And once again we thankful of you a lot.I message you if i received new passport on this.So that other people can read and follow this more and more.

  • OK. Great. Do share your experience. I am also eager to know if BLS accepts the USPS envelopes now.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Hi Anil ,

    Your sharing is very valuable . I just need to confirm Do i need to mention 2 Indian Address on National verification Form ? OR i can mention one India Address & another US reference ?

    Section : Name and Address of Two Relatives/Friends (At the place of permanent residence in india, Given in Sr. 8 Above .)

  • Both addresses have to be Indian addresses. These addresses have to be near (close by) your Indian permanent address. No US address is allowed here.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Appreciated your prompt reply .

  • You are welcome.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Is it mandatory to fill Affidavit for change in appearance & Signature or change in appearance & get it notarized ? I tried chase bank & BOA for notarized but they denied to get it notarized (Visa copy , DL , Utility Bill , Marriage Certificate , Passport ) .

  • Change in appearance form is mandatory in cae your current photo is significantly different than the old one. This means that if people can’t identify you with your old picture now, the. You should fill this form.

    Yes, you would need to get your signature on this form notarized.

    Not sure why BOA and chase have denied. They generally do notarize.
    You can try your town library (free) or USPS (paid).

    There must be a notary in your office too. Almost all companies have at-least one notary on their payroll. Check with your admin or HR.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    At Last Went to UPS and get notarized . Package Shipped & Finger Crossed 😀 Thanks Again !

  • ok. All the best 🙂

  • Patel Vishal

    Hi Anil,

    My parents documents were delivered to bls on 13.07 at 1.03 pm by USPS. but still not received any update on bls tracking.can you please tell me about this? How much time bls taken for updating to receive documents or not.and one thing I want to ask that we forgotten to put bls checklist with tick mark on it. is it compulsory or not?

  • Hi Vishal,

    I have answered this question here in FAQ’s:

    Checklist is required. But, if you have forgotten it, there is nothing that you can do now. If the BLS guys still need it, they will contact you on your email ID or call on the phone number. Don’t worry.


    Thanks again for this reply Anil.

  • Ravi

    Thanks Anil, this was really very helpful.

  • You are welcome.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    “BLS mentioned No handwritten shipping labels are accepted for return courier service” . I have written my own address in To section & there Address on From Section along with USPS tracking & pasted stamps in return USPS flat rate Envelope .Will it not work ?

  • Yes, you are right. They have recently changed the process when they introduced their own courier services.
    If you have already sent the package, you can;t do anything.
    They will contact you if they don’t accept your application to make adjustments or will accept it.

    I have to update the article above with other new process. I have asked many people about their experience and would update it once I get answers.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Not sure what kind of adjustment they will do . One thing for sure if they can’t use my return envelope “hand written” so they will not send it back for sure LOL .

  • :). Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Kavitha

    Hi Anil,

    To apply for an ordinary passport, do we need to fill in the full amount ($91.20) or only the Passport Service Fee ($75) in the application form?



  • It should be 91.20.
    The passport fee of $75 is for Indian embassy. The rest of the amount is paid for BLS services.
    You have to make one check for the total amount.

  • Kavitha

    Thank you for the clarification.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Anil , As per BLS Sample form , “Passport fee as per category. Please fill the amt excluding BLS fee”

  • ranjit

    Hi Anil,

    I am trying to enter the address in bls order form, i am having hard time . It is not accepting colons or hyphens or commas. Should i fill the address without those? Has anybody faced this issue?

    And also there is option for online payment in bls order form but it is not taking that and it always ask for the cheque number ? I am not sure why? Has anybody faced this issue?

    Please suggest.


  • Suresh.av

    Hi Anil,

    I am in bit strange situation. I am NRI staying abroad since last 5 years. My passport is set to expire in less than 1 year and I would like to re-issue it. But the problem is, my passport permanent address no more exist. Further; I don’t have any permanent address proof in India. Kindly advise how does it work ? What should be the way out?


    -> I have been roaming in different countries so I don’t have permanent address in abroad as well
    -> My brother who owns a flat in Mumbai, Can I make the use of that address somehow?

  • Hi Suresh,
    1. The address proof you need to provide for passport re-issue is the CURRENT address. It may or may not be your permanent address in USA.
    2. You do NOT need to provide any proof for Indian address while applying for passport re-issue outside India. It can be any address.

  • Vinay Sansare

    Hi Anil, I received the reissued passport for my daughter on 24 July 2015.
    1) I sent it arount 30th of may
    2) BLS sent it to consulate 2nd of June
    3) After one month i.e. around 6th of July I again checked with BLS and they said the passport is in processing at consulate, wait for another week, they told me send email to
    4) I called consulate helpline, 9th July. But that was automated system which gave me same BLS helpline number.
    5) I was more worried by 15th july again called BLS, and there was same reply and email they gave.
    6) 16th July sent a mail to with all the details and requested for status.
    7) No reply till 17th July. after that called consulate helpline 2-3 time with different options to check if I get some human to respond, but all was in vain, but at one of the option it gave me a different number (212)-774-0635. I called that number. Nobody picked up. To my surprise I got a call from that number after 10-15 minutes. And lady was very helpful, she told me to send all information to same email above, I told her I did that already. She said that the passport is still in process with pune passport office and assured me she will notify concerned department, and told me to wait for couple of days.
    8) 20th July I got a mail and a call as well “Processing is complete and passport will be sent to BLS in 2 days”. I sincerely thanked them.
    9) 22 July BLS india dispatched my passport.
    10) 23 July received passport.
    In my case it took 7 weeks and 2 days to received passport. And that number above was very helpful. If things are getting delayed more than 6/7 weeks then email ( and the number (212)-774-0635 is certainly helpful.
    Hope this helps others as well.

  • Vinay Sansare

    Also please don’t flood that number given above as it is not a customer care number, but it is one single person there. Call that number if it is really urgent and important or process getting too much delayed. Use email first. Thanks

  • Not sure how this comment did not appear before. It came in my queue today and hence I am answering.
    1. Yes, you have to avoid the special characters.
    2. There is no online payment option. You have to get a banker’s cheque and post its cheque number.

  • Thanks Vinay for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

  • ranjit

    Thanks a lot anil for your input. And also I have one question.

    Is it mandatory to add my spouse name after marriage while applying for re-issue of passport?
    Will there be any implications?
    Because If i add spouse name now, she will be getting my sir name and not her
    maiden name and my worry is all her government issued cards might
    be probably have to change again because all these have her maiden
    name. Thanks!

  • I don’t know about any implications if you do not add your spouse name.

    I don’t think the form has any such option either. I mean skipping the spouse name.

    You do not need to change other government documents. They can still be valid and can be used in conjunction with marriage certificate to prove the maiden name.

  • ranjit

    Thanks Anil. When i called BLS, they are saying that if you dont want to add spouse name then , just fill in the application as Single and that will not include spouse name.

  • That’s great. You can skip filling your spouse name then.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Timeline :

    BLS Receipt Number => USANXXXXXXXXX
    Current Aplication Status : Dispatched via Courier Using your Prepaid Envelope.AWB 91XXXXXXXXXXXXXX43 Application accepted by BLS: 22-07-2015 , 01:54
    Application Processed on Date :22-07-2015
    Application Processed and submitted to Consulate : 22-07-2015 , 14:52
    Passport received at BLS Center : 28-07-2015 , 11:11
    Passport handed over to Applicant : -Passport Dispatched to Applicant :28-07-2015 , 11:11

  • Thanks Rohit for sharing the update.

    Did you use BLS’s UPS courier service or your OWN return envelope (with another courier service)?

  • Rohit Adhikari

    No I had used USPS Priority Mail™ Flat Rate Envelope 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ for both sending & Return (USPS suggested to fold and put in another one & it Worked 🙂 $5.75 each . Not sure if its mandatory to take there BLS’s UPS Service . Hoping to get in hands by tomorrow .

  • ranjit

    Thanks Anil!

  • OK. Thanks.

  • Rohit Adhikari

    Received New passport in HAND via USPS and Postage Stamps as it is (May be left for recycle shipment ) 🙂 in Exact 2 Weeks

  • Thanks Rohit for the update.

  • apu

    I am in a weird situation, my new passport was dispatched through USPS courier from BLS office which I have already stamped since last Friday but I could track it since then. It says document not found. Don’t know what to do. Any clue?

  • Hi Apu,
    I am not clear about your question. Are you saying that USPS has delivered the passport to BLS but there is no tracking information available on BLS website?
    if yes, then please wait and have patience. It can take up-to 7-15 working days for BLS to show the details on their website.

    If USPS tracking shows that they have delivered your passport to BLS, you are safe.

  • apu

    Hi, USPS delivered my old passport to BLS, and my new passport has already been generated. Now when the new passport is coming back to me I cannot track the document with the USPS tracking number. What to do now? The phone number in BLS is also not working. Don’t know what to do..

  • It takes some time for your new passport to reach USPS. BLS probably updates its websites as soon as they receive it from Embassy.

    Read this :

    It will take about 3-4 working days for your new passport to reach USPS office.

  • Venkat

    Hey Anil
    First of all, Great job on putting this info together! It is very helpful and surely, much appreciated by many 🙂
    I am about to apply for a postal renewal. Before I post my documents, I have a question for you. I read in one of the posts below you have mentioned that there is no online payment. However, when I filled my form yesterday, I had the option to pay online, and when i chose it, it allowed me to use my credit card to pay for it. I have received a confirmation email from, that I have paid for it. This transaction is visible on my bank statement as well. Although, please be advised that there is a convenience charge for using the credit card. Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same.

  • Hi Venkat,
    Recently, BLS has changed lot of options including payments and courier service. The above article is pending an update for those changes.
    At the time of writing the article, these options were not available.

    Anyway, we thanks you for helping us with the information. We will try to update it soon.

  • sandy

    Why the passport was not renewed on time? what should we write in this letter?

  • Sorry, your question is not clear to me. Please elaborate.

  • Venkat

    I think he/she wants to know what the best reason would be to give for an expired passport.

  • sandy

    on money order i got from usps it is asking pay to address & from address what should i write in Pay to Address in pay to i know I need to ‘BLS INTERNATIONAL SERVICES USA INC’ but address : should i write the sfo office address or ???

  • sandy

    me and wife marraige certificate is notarised by my wife so she signed on it which he stamp will it be fine or it need to have my sign ???

  • Notarized by your wife? I did not understand this. It has to be notarized by the notary. Do you mean that your wife has Notary rights in USA?
    You or your wife don’t need to sign the documents. Only notary’s sign are sufficient for document verification.

  • I am not sure about what to write in ‘Pay to address’. Leave it blank if you can.
    or if it is mandatory, it is better to write BLS’s address (the same that you are sending this packet to). They receive the check and then pay out the fees to embassy.

    Please note that BLS and embassy addresses are different.

  • sandy

    acutally when she went to notary he said her to sign on that doc and then he had his seal and sign on it.

  • That’s fine. You do not need to sign.

  • Venkat

    I had not renewed my passport on time as well. I genuinely did not realize it was past due as I had not travelled anywhere in the last year or so. And that is exactly what I told them. I had no issues through the process and received my new passport today.
    Hope that helps!

  • Santos

    What is the difference between Tatkal and normal processing? Do I need to go directly to the center in case of Tatkal?

  • In case of Tatkal, your application would be processed in 1-3 working days.

    Yes, you would need to go in person to get tatkal facility.

    Read more about it here:


    hi anil,

    i am vishal and we had last talk almost one month before. i have applied for renewal of my parent passport by using your suggestion on this website page. It was much helpful and my parents have received their passport very easily. They have used return envelope as yours. bls still accepted this envelope and send passport to my parents. Thanks for providing such a nice guidelines. Thanks to you once again Anil.

  • Thanks Vishal for the update. We appreciate it.

  • sandy

    thanks got my renewed passport today

  • You are welcome sandy.

  • Rajesh

    Passport Renewal 2nd Time from NewYork(lastime done year 2005)
    Anil Gupta and Others Members Info was Good
    Application accepted by BLS: 28-08-2015 , 14:58
    Application Processed on Date :28-08-2015
    Application Processed and submitted to Consulate : 31-08-2015 , 15:24
    Passport received at BLS Center : 10-09-2015 , 10:21
    Passport handed over to Applicant :-
    Passport Dispatched to Applicant : 10-09-2015 , 10:21

  • Thanks Rajesh for sharing the info.

  • Priya

    Very informative blog. I went to USPS and got two flat rate envelopes. However BLS says it doesnt accept handwritten return shipping labels. How do I generate a USPS return shipping label I have already paid for?

  • You can just print your address on plain piece of paper and then paste it on ‘return’ envelope.

  • Priya Coelho

    Thanks…I have done the same…keeping fingers crossed

  • You are welcome.

  • Tom Thomas

    Hi Anil,

    Thank you so much! I have a question regarding notarizing the docs.

    When I got my documents notarized by a notary in wellsfargo bank( he was not familiar with these kinds of requests, it seems), I see the following text in the seal. “This instrument was acknowledged on —–, —–, 20—-, by —————-, and herewith I seal it.. blah blah” – (followed by notary’s signature). In the ‘by dash’, the notary’s name was written by hand(not printed). My best guess is that the name should be mine going by the wording on the notary seal. Does anyone have any information on this as to how this should be filled? (His name or my name is to be filled in that particular field?)


  • Hi Tom,
    It should be the Notary’s name, if I go by the text that you have shared.

  • Parvathi

    Hi Anil
    It was mentioned that all forms need to be in A4 size.Is it mandatory or US size papers fine

  • Hi Parvathi,
    I am not clear about what you mean by US size paper.
    We do get A4 size paper in US. In-fact, the standard size in US is A4 too.

  • Parvathi

    Hi Anil
    Usually it is 8.5inch into 11inch paper that i have seen in taking prinouts and copy. Would that be sufficient

  • Parvathi

    Hi Anil
    I mean i could not get a place to take copies and printouts in A4 size. Everywhere it is US Legal size(8.5*11). Where did you take the printouts from.

  • Don’t worry. This 8.5*11 size is fine. I just checked the paper size that I had used and it is same.

    They have written the A4 size requirement to make sure nobody uses extra small sizes or extra large ones.

  • Parvathi

    Thanks Anil for the quick response

  • Nalini Mandadi

    Hi Anil,

    My Indian passport will be expiring in Feb 2016 and am planning to apply for the re-issue of passport. My question is regarding the Proof of residence:

    I recently moved to a new address as a paying guest and I do not have any utility bills or rental lease agreement in my name. I have my California driving license but it has old address on it and I cannot use it. I do not have any other documents such as state ID etc to provide as residential proof.

    If I get something in writing from my house owner that I am staying as paying guest, get it signed by the owner and notarize that document, Can I use that notarized document as residential proof? If not, what document can I submit for proof of residence.

    Thank You,

  • I don’t think that a simple document from owner would be a valid proof of address.
    It has to be a lease agreement at the minimum.

  • Nalini Mandadi

    Thank you for the response. I tried calling and emailed BLS to find out about this but did not receive any response. I am stuck on this document. Any idea/advice on how to get this resolved?

  • I don’t know of any hack for this scenario.
    You have to have at-least one document that can define your address.

    I am not sure how are you even managing without it!

  • Yugaswaroopini Kumaraswamy

    Hi Anil,
    I sent my passport and required documents to BLS on 10/28. Today (11/04) I recieved an email from BLS that my application has been accepted. But I see a different application reference number in the email. Can you pls confirm if the web file number (application number submitted) and the application reference number (the number received in acceptance email) are two different numbers?

  • Sunny Venattukalam

    Hi Anil,
    I am planning to apply for the re-issue of my Indian passport. My passport will expire in 7to8 months. I am married (Yah…I know), and my wife’s name is already endoresed in the last page of my passport. My question is do i need to submit the copy of my marriage certificate ?. and also she is a us citizen (not by birth) do i need to submit the copy of her passport also ?
    Thank you

  • Hi Sunny,
    yes, do need to submit your wife’s passport copy along with marriage certificate.

  • Yes, they are different. No need to worry.

  • Yugaswaroopini Kumaraswamy

    Thanks, appreciate it!

  • Tony

    Hi Anil,
    I really appreciate for your time spent on creating , updating and replying this wonderful Blog. I just got a question. If i go to Bank Of America or library, should i ask them notary on my files (wife’s passport, electricity bill) ?? what is the best way to approach them?? please help me.
    Thanks a lot,

  • You have to make xerox copy of documents and carry originals with you. Notary in bank or library would see original and sign on the xerox copy. That’s it.

  • Anthony Reddy

    Thanks a lot for your immediate reply and sorry for my late reply. Actually Bank of America and banks like santander, citizen they are not doing notary. BOFA recently stopped doing notary on copys. They are doing only on originals. Anyways i did manage by taking notary in government office.Thank you once again.

  • Vishnu Priya

    this is one of the best articles and it helps a lot. thank you so much.

    I have been trying to find some reference for filling ‘ No status ‘ affidavit as my H1B extension is pending with USCIS and I am trying to apply for renewal of my indian passport. So, I will have to attach the receipt notice (notorized) copy.

    the sample form available in bls site is bit confusing. thank you for your help

    I also have another qq regarding the passport photo. I have taken photo in one of the photocenter’s , they have provided me slightly rounded corners of the photos. are they accepted or too risky to send them.

  • Thank you for your kind words.

    1. I think you can fill the status as the one that you had before filing extension and attach the receipt notice as documentary proof.
    2. It is better to get the photos without rounded corners. You don’t want to waste time with BLS to and fro incase they reject the picture.

  • Upen Rajkumar

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks much for the writing. Helps me a lot. I am in the process of preparing the documents. Couple of questions.

    1. I want my Indian address to be printed on the passport. Can I give my pan card as a proof or indian driving license?
    2. In SFO, I can make the payment in cash rite? Do I need to do it online? I would be personally dropping the docs at BLS office in SFO.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Upen,
    1. There is no need to provide Indian address proof. Officially, they only ask for US address proof and claim that that’s the only address they would print on new passport.
    But, I have heard from reliable sources that they do print your Indian address if you mention it on the application form (even with no Indian address proof).

    2. I have never heard of cash as a payment method. If there is one at SFO, I am not really aware of it. I would advise you to call BLS customer care and double check.

  • Saurabh J

    Hi Anil,
    I wanted to confirm if I need to visit BLS in NYC(as in my case) for Tatkal processing of passport. I am aware that your article focuses on Regular processing of passport. But if you know this, it would be of great help. I am asking as on home page of BLS says to apply in person but under Tatkal link it says, it is ok to apply by post. Thanks.

  • Although, they have mentioned about postal application for tatkal in NY, I would still advise you to visit in person if there is an emergency.

    If you send by post, do count an extra week for postal transit delays.

  • Sunny Venattukalam

    Hi Anil,

    First of all thank you so much for this article. This article was really a big help for me. I got my new passport few weeks ago. I just want to let you know that, Once you submit your bls order form you can print Bls shipping label and bls order form from the bls home page under “Usefull links”. Click on “Edit/reprint order form & appointment confirmation”. When you click on that it will ask your passport number and you will be able to print your bls shipping lable and bls order form.
    Thank you again for taking your time and making this article easy to follow and understand.
    I just have another question not related to passports, Do you know any article/website like this for OIC/PIO cards.

  • Thanks Sunny. I am glad it helped you.
    Not sure about OIC card..try

  • Jayakumar U

    Hi Anil, Thanks for the detailed Blog.

    I am confused with duration of stay in Natnl Verification form and Application form:

    I first came to US in 2011 and been on and off to US. My last entry to US was in 2015 Novemeber. Here is my confusion

    Natnl Verification Form –

    Date of leaving India – 2015 November
    Period of Stay Abroad – Is it 4 years (considering first entered in 2011) or 1 month (considering my latest entry to US)

    Application Form –
    How Long has applicant continuously resided abroad – Again is it 4 years or 1 month

  • Raja

    Do we need to submit colored copies of 5/2 pages of passport OR Blank&White ? In the checklist, I remember it was mentioned the color. In your above point I saw b&w would serve the need. Please confirm/update upon need.

  • In the absence of any clarification by BLS, I had assumed it to be my most recent entry to US and then calculated the duration.

    I would suggest you to follow the same.

    Hence, you should use 1 month as duration.

  • I had submitted black and white copies and it worked.

    For visa stamped pages, you should get color copies though.

  • Jayakumar U

    Thanks for the clarification. I had doubts raised when I came across a thread from another blog. Here it goes –

    BLS responded to some of my question which are little bit different then whats in the blog,

    Greetings from BLS International Services US, my name is **** and I

    will be glad to assist you with your query as specified in your email.

    Please check the below answers:

    1) Date of Leaving India- You need enter the date when you left India for the first time for USA.

    2) Period of stay abroad/How long has applicant continuously resided abroad- You need to enter the total duration you stayed in US and will deduct the time you went back to India

  • If BLS has provided the clarification, then you can calculate the duration accordingly.

    In my case, I just used the most recent entry (even though I had also travelled back and forth after my first entry) and faxed no issues in the passport.

    They did not even raise any query. It was approved and delivered in normal timeline.

  • Raja

    Is there any specific content to write upon while doing Notary ? Reason for asking – when I went to bank for notary request, they ask for the content to write as notarization. Please advice if have any specific templates.

  • Nothing as such. If they want to write, they can just write ‘verified with original’.

  • siva

    Hi Anil, This is Siva, Thanks a lot for the detailed Blog. My Indian passport is expiring in next November. I am applying for passport reissue. In NRI Passport Application form there is a question (question no-13) Present Emigration status (ECR or ECNR), Which option I should choose in this. I am B-Tech Graduate and my existing passport was issued on November 2006.

  • Hi Siva,
    1. My advice: If your passport is expiring in Nov 2016, you should wait and get it renewed somewhere in September 2016. This is because, once you apply, the old passport’s remaining validity is withdrawn.
    Rest is your choice.

    2. Your should choose ECNR since you are educated and have completed graduation too. Attach your BTech Degree copy too with the application.

  • satish

    Hi friends,

    first of all i want to thank anil for such an informative post. i have a question.

    BLS order form does not say airway bill no as a mandatory. I had not filled airway bill no’s while filling the order form. Is it really a mandate to enter airway bill no’s.
    I got shipping label from bls. is there any way i can edit BLS order form once you get shipping label?

    satish m

  • satish

    just an update in my question, can i fill a fresh bls order form instead with airway number details.

  • I am really not sure about this scenario but I think you can refill the form and get a new print.

    If you have doubts, please contact BLS directly.

  • Raven Ash


    I wanted to enquire about the start date of the new passport. My passport expires in August 2016. If I get it renewed now, what will be the start date on my new passport? Will it start say, in Feb 2016, or does it stay August 2016. I assume if it starts in Feb, my old passport is rendered invalid?

    I ask this as I need to file for H1B this coming cycle, and do not want the 2 processes to get intertangled.

  • Hi Raven,
    The new passport’s start date will be Feb 2016 and the old one will be cancelled immediately.
    I would suggest you to get the passport renewed July 2016 (a month before it expires) if there is no urgency.

  • Mahesh

    Hey Anil, You mentioned that Marital Status should be as per current passport, but BLS form says “As per your current marital status” . I am confused should I go with my passport (Unmarried) or my current marital status (Married)?

  • It is okay even if you go by your current marital status. You will have to send your marriage certificate and they will add you spouse name in your new passport.

  • Mahesh

    Thanks Buddy.

  • Rajesh Singh

    Hey Anil, I do not have any questions. I just wanted to give you 2 thumbs up for such a thorough and informative post. Well Done!
    ***The BLS website is horrible with multiple contradictions of requirements throughout and your article helps clarify a lot of confusion. As of January 2016, the US Embassy (Washington DC) is soliciting RFPs for a new biometric passport system: I shudder to think what will happen if BLS wins the contract. They can barely handle the current manual requirements 😀

  • Ya..agree.

  • Ram

    Anil, Can I provide my US car diving license number for the question 9–local car driving license no? I never got a car license in India, I have a 2 wheeler indian license.

  • Yes, you can write US driving license number.

  • Subba rao

    Hi Anil a big thanks for the very informative post. I sent the papers for passport renewal through FEDEX. Fedex say they delivered. BLS says even after 3 days no record found. I just started worrying. Do the BLS regularly update? Is there anything I can do?

  • Hi Subba Rao,
    Don’t worry, this is the standard BLS process.
    In-fact, I also faced the same thing and have documented it here too:

    The BLS tracking would update only when they scan the package and it can take time up-to 7-9 days, once, it has been delivered by Fedex.
    Till then, Fedex status is the only proof you have that it has been delivered.

  • Rahul Sharma

    Very Nicely documented, BLS should publish this information on their official website.. Good Job Anil !!!

  • Thanks Rahul. I am glad it has helped you.

  • Kumar

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for this informative blog. I used your blog for my passport renewal and it is under process.
    May I know if you know or write any blog for OCI card?


  • Great. I am glad it helped.
    Sorry, but at this time, I have not written an article for OCI.

  • shrikant patil

    Hi Anil and other readers,
    I am in process of sending passport renewal application to BLS. My wife is in India so it would be time consuming to get the notarized copies of her passport. Is it mandatory to endorse Spouse’s name on the passport?

  • No, It is not mandatory.

  • shrikant patil

    Thanks Anil for the quick reply

  • Palak Patel

    I made a mistake while filling up the BLS form and when I try to edit the form it won’t let me. Any suggestions?

  • I guess that you would need to create a new application.

  • Palak Patel

    I tried to create new application but it says transaction number already used. Transaction number is the number that I received from BLS when I purchased the postage through BLS. I am putting it in the return Airwaybill number. Looks like I might have to call them and change my info? You think they would be able to do it?

  • Yes, they should be able to help you.

  • Palak Patel

    Thanks man!

  • Palak Patel

    Update: I called them. They said it’s a minor mistake and it should be fine since this is just on the BLS form. However I insist them to change if possible and they were able to change it on their end. I received my updated BLS form on the email. I printed the new BLS form and send off the package today.

  • That’s great Palak.
    Thanks for sharing the update. I am sure it will help lot of other people visiting this page.

    We appreciate it.

  • Madhu Chandrasekaran

    Very useful information. thanks. One question regarding the Nationality verification form – when download from the bls website,it does not have the “signature” part. I see the Signature in the sample form on the same website as well on your page (this page)

  • The link that we have shared in above article helps you download the form with signature field.

    Even if the one that you download does not have a signature field, you can yourself add it and sign the form.

    But, don’t send the form without signature. It might not be accepted.

  • Madhu Chandrasekaran

    Thanks Anil. Do you know if we can send two applications (mom and dad’s) in the same envelope or is it all separate? Any body with this experience. Thanks.

  • Tejas

    I utilized this comprehensive blog along with other blogs and posted my passport application to Chicago on Feb 5 2016, delivered Feb 8, BLS acknowledged Feb 12, Submitted to consulate Feb 14. How many days will it roughly take from the time it was sent to consulate. Asking because I need it by the time my H1 gets filed. Thanks for your help.

  • shanky

    Yes, you can edit. i just did it. You have to fill up the entire form again and it does a validation on your passport number, tracking number etc and gives you an option to edit.

  • It generally takes 2-3 weeks.

  • Madhu Chandrasekaran

    I called BLS and they said 2 separate envelopes.

  • Tejas

    Thank you once again..

  • I am not sure if you can send both in one envelope.

    I would strongly suggest that you send them separately to avoid any confusion with BLS.

    Also, make sure your parents are not ON visitor visa in USA. B1/B2 visa are not eligible for passport renewal in USA.

  • You are welcome.

  • Kiran

    Thank you very much for detailed outline of passport renewal. This helped me a lot.

  • You are welcome Kiran.
    Do share it with your friends, if they need it.

  • Madhu Chandrasekaran

    Quick question. In the BLS checklist form, it asks for applicant name and PP number but also Submission officer and date. Do we fill in just the applicant name and pp number? or we dont fill these at all?

  • You can just fill applicant name and PP number. Leave the date and submission officer number for BLS to fill.

  • Madhu Chandrasekaran

    Thanks, noted these aren’t editable and have to be manually written ?

  • can write them manually.
    As a matter of fact, I had left them BLANK in my application.

    They are probably meant to be filled by BLS guy. But, you can help them by filling half of the values 🙂

  • You only need 4 photo in total. No need to send extra photos.

  • Shwetha

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for detailing the process. It is an extremely helpful gesture.
    One quick question. I have purchased the envelopes (including tracking) and stamps from USPS. I printed the shipping label for the main envelope after filling out the BLS order form. How do I get the return shipping label done? The USPS office said they do not give shipping labels. And BLS clearly says that handwritten labels are not accepted. Please can you help out?

  • You can type the address and take print out. Then paste it on return envelope.

  • Shwetha

    Okay, great, I’ll do that. Thanks for the prompt response Anil.

  • Kunal

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for your blog, it is helping me a lot in my application process at the moment, but I had one question though.
    I saw that you have just the tracking number and stamps on your return shipping package, but not the address to be delivered to and sender address/info for return shipping package.
    Don’t we have to fill that up? Or do the consulate/BLS people handle updating the return envelope?

  • No, the image that i have shown is before writing down the addresses. You have to write everything on the return envelope yourself. BLS would not do anything.

    I will try to add the pictures with addresses and update the article soon.

  • Kunal

    Ok, thanks. That would be helpful.
    I am assuming that the return senders address would be BLS address that we would get upon completion of the form, ain’t I?
    Also i believe you manually wrote down the address on return shipping instead of the one given by USPS.

  • Yes, return address should be BLS address.
    I have updated the article with new images and what to do for addresses on the envelopes.

    If you press ctrl+F5 on your browser window to re-load the article, you should be able to see the updated one.
    If not, then try chrome’s in-cognitio mode to re-open the article. This is because sometimes, you don’t see the updated article due to browser caching.

    If you still can’t see, check out this article for child’s passport renewal –
    It has the new pictures for return envelope and address slips. They remain same for both adult and child application.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • kmadu

    Hi Anil, thanks for detailed info, my Question is ……..
    I have filled half of the application form for
    reissuing my passport after 10 years, noted Temporary application ID
    and tried to pull my partially filled application using that ID, but it
    is saying that “application number does not exist” , What will I do to
    get my partially filled application form?

    Do I need to fill a new application?

    Thanks in advance….

  • Yes, you would need to start a new application form. This time, take the print immediately after filling it.

  • kmadu

    Thanks Anil for your response.. I have other question….. You said regarding Tracking numbers, stamps for envelopes, can I also use prepaid labels generated by USPS through online on my 2 envelopes(sending and return envelopes)?

  • You will have to use the BLS shipping label (generated by BLS) on the ‘sending envelope’ as it contains a bar-code for BLS tracking.

    For ‘return envelope’ you can use USPS labels.

  • Tejas

    It was dispatched, looks like I got out without a hitch and hoping there are no corrections needed on the information on the Passport.. Pasting this timeline for people searching info like me, to average and compare with your timeline, and be anxiety free for a while..

  • Thanks Tejas for sharing the information.

  • Krishna

    Thanks a lot!! this made it very easy..

    Couple of things for everyone – passport pics are the cheapest at COSTCO – $5 for 4 pics..
    Get money order from USPS – its the cheapest too..
    For notary, ask for the HR in your office and there is always someone on notary at your office.. Its either free or cheaper..
    If you are a student, make sure you notarize your I-20 too..

    ensure that the from address is on the top and the to address is at the bottom.. I underlined the package, highlighted the from and to – but it did not matter..

    make sure you send a copy of your highest education for ECIR..

  • Rajanesh SK

    Hi Anil, Thanks for running this blog. Appreciate if you can tell from your experience as how long does it take for BLS provide status online. I have sent my documents on Mar 2nd, BLS recieved on Mar 3rd but i still cant search my order form in tracking feature of the site. Not sure if my application is under any kind trouble!!

    Rajenesh SK

  • Hi Rajnesh,
    BLS can take up-to 7-9 working days to actually show some status online after receiving package from the mailing service.
    I have mentioned it here in point 3:

    I got this information after speaking to BLS call center as I was also worried for the package once it was delivered to them.
    Until they show any status, the only proof you have is the courier service’s tracking.

    There is nothing to worry about. If it was delivered, BLS will show the status online. And if there is something wrong with your documents, they will inform you on the email ID you have mentioned in your application form.

  • Kmadu

    HI Anil, Do we need to submit the BLS check list with all forms too, it has all list of forms of 5 pages, there is no option to check which form I am submitting, thats why I got this question, really do we need to submit this form or not?, and also there is a question on the top right of the page is “SUBMISSION OFFICER”, for which what I need to write?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Yes, you have to submit the checklit. If there is no space for check marks, leave them as it is.
    Leave the submission office field blank. It has to be filled by BLS.

  • Kmadu

    Thanks for your reply, Can you please

    make sure the BLS check list from below link

    You can see there is no space before or next to questions… and also Do I need to keep color photo copy or black & white photo copy of utility bill?

  • Ya..that’s fine if there is no space. BLS keeps changing the check list format. Don’t worry about it.

    Which one is Color and which one is black and white photocopies, are all mentioned here clearly (above article):

  • Kmadu

    Thanks for your responses, yesterday I went for notary to Bank of America and Public Library, they said the rules are changed now, we will not do notary on Marriage certificate or any kind of forms, Where can I go for Notary on my forms especially Marriage certificate? Thanks in Advance…

  • Try your offiçe notary for free service. Your town’s townhall is another option.
    If nobody in your state is doing it, then visit usps office.

  • AJ

    Hi Anil,
    First of all thanks for your detailed blog, it has been a lot of help.
    I sent my application to BLS San Fransisco using USPS just like you suggested in the post.
    The package was sent to SFO but was returned back to sender with no reason.
    I sent it for a second time, it was sent to SFO, and was again returned back to sender today.
    Is it unusual or did other people have the same issue.
    I called BLS, and they are suggesting me to use UPS prepaid service that they offer.


  • There is no reason for them to deny USPS package and accept a UPS one. Both are same services.
    Did you check the address on your package? Are you sure it is BLS office address and NOT the SFO Indian Embassy address?

    I don’t see any other reason for rejecting the package than wrong address. I have never heard of any such case.
    I have just used USPS again to apply for my child’s passport re-issue and they DID accept it without any issues.

  • Anjali

    Hi Anil

    I’m Anjali & btw, damn good work for providing detailed info, though I’ve few questions as I’m about to renew my passport:
    1. My husband purchased Cashier’s Check of $91.20 & it has his name under “Remitter” since he purchased it. Will this check work or do I need to have cashiers check created under my name as purchaser?
    2. My passport has maiden last name before marriage & now when applying for renewal, I still want to keep it as maiden name only. Is that ok to do so?
    3. There is another question whether married or unmarried. Now, here, if I say as Married, it is making it mandatory to enter husband’s name. If I do that, do I still need to submit my husband’s passport copy or is it not required? Is there any way to avoid this so I don’t have to submit notarized copy of my husband’s passport? I do not want my husband’s name to be endorsed on my passport. It is unclear to mow now whether to state as Married or Unmarried as I do not want my husband’s name on it.
    4. Earlier passport has “Given Name” listed as my first name “Anjali” followed by my middle name. Now, this time I was thinking of providing only first name as “Given Name”. Will that be ok or is it considered as change in name?
    5. For notary of husband’s passport copy, do I need to notarize all 36 pages of passport?? (I would try to avoid sending this if its possible)
    6. I submitted and saved PDF copy from but now I realized that I need to make some changes. How do I do that as temp id does not work to retrieve data as application has been submitted.
    7. I’ve green card but I want Indian address to be printed on passport. So, if I put same in both address and other address field, will that be ok? Also, what proof is required for Indian address to be printed?
    8. Since I don’t want to endorse my husband’s name on passport, do I still need to send marriage cert copy? If so, if I send it non notarized, will that be ok?


  • AJ

    The address was what was given in the BLS shipping label.
    I did not write anything else other than my address as suggested by you.
    It happened twice, and my package has been in mail for over a week.

  • 1. It does not matter who buys the check. Your husband’s check will also work.
    2. Yes, it is okay to keep your maiden name.
    3. I am not sure but I think you can completely avoid it. I think i have heard someone doing this but can’t re-call it. You should call BLS Call center to confirm this.
    4. No. You cannot change your name. It has to be same as your current passport. If you do want to change, the process would involve lot of hassles.
    5. The complete list of documents along with which passport pages you need to submit and notarize is mentioned above clearly. Please follow that guidance. All 36 pages are NOT required. Here is the link:
    6. Start a fresh application and then take its print out. It does not matter.
    7. You would need to submit NOTARIZED Indian address proof like Driving License/ Utility Bill-Gas/Electricity/Water/ Rental lease agreement /Home Mortgage Bill of Indian residence.
    8. Skipping notarization of a document that has been specified as ‘to be notarized’ is NOT and option. They will simply return your application of you do that. Please confirm with BLS if they allow skipping spouse details and if they do, you can avoid sending the marriage certificate all-together.

  • The address should be
    BLS India Passport, USA 4837 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

    and i think you would have written this one itself.
    I have no idea why are they NOT accepting the package.

    Are you sure you mentioned the USPS tracking codes (both sending envelope and return envelope codes) online while filling BLS order forms?

    May be you should try their UPS service now as this would be your third attempt.

  • Ancy

    As far as I know, endorsement of spouse on your passport is not required by law.

  • Yes, you are right. But, BLS online questionnaire does not categorically specify that.
    I don’t have much information about it and hence suggested to connect with BLS on the matter.

  • Ancy

    I just saw BLS change status of my passport as “dispatched” ! Thanks for this blog.
    Money saving tip:
    There’s no need to notarize each page of documents requiring notarization. I only got signature bearing pages notarized. Documents with no signature were notarized on the last page. It worked. I used our office notary but if you use paid services, this is a real cost saver.

  • Ancy

    I don’t think BLS has any regard for laws, constitution etc.

  • Ancy

    Money saving tip #2
    If you have soft copy of your 2″X2″ photo, arrange copies of photos on a 4″X6″ size space in paint. This size will accommodate 6 2″X2″ photos. Go to walmart photo center website and upload the file. Order 1 print of 4″X6″ on a glossy/mat finish paper. Boom! you have 6 2″X2″ photos. Cost: $0.20
    You only need 4 for the application. Slap remaining two on your sleeve and look cool rest of the day.

  • Thanks Ancy for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

  • Ancy

    Tejas, how soon after they dispatched you could track the mail? I see BLS dispatched on 12/03 but USPS tracking number says not found.

  • Tejas

    In a day, I got USPS tracking status, pointing that the packet reached USPS hub in Chicago. But I read in a blog, the USPS status wont be updated till the mail box is probably cleared out like usual mail.. Here is a thought “What if the Box is only cleared on fridays? lucky for me drop was on friday, yours was on saturday, so you gotta let them finish the cycle till friday and then check the status saturday”.. I would not worry for a week atleast (kidding myself here, I cant wait calmly)

  • Ancy

    One question to you guys who got passports reissued.
    How soon after BLS status changed to “dispatched” that you could track your mail on USPS/UPS? The status on my case changed to “dispatched” on Friday however, USPS tracking still says “mail not found” after 4 days.

  • Ancy

    Thanks bud. My mail was also dispatched on Friday per BLS. I misspoke when I said Saturday. The dispatch timing could have later than USPS box clearing time.

  • Hi Ancy, Don’t worry, It takes 5-7 working days for USPS to show the tracking status after BLS has dispatched.

    I have mentioned this for my case as well (it took 5 days) here:

  • Ancy

    Oh yeah! I see that you’ve already mentioned it. I’ll take it easy 🙂

  • Kmadu

    Hey Anil, After I got an appointment date by BLS, do I need to wait till that date to post my documents or I can allow to post before the appointment date?


  • I don’t understand why you took appointment if you are applying by post?
    You can just mail your package anytime once you are ready. No need to take appointment.

  • Kmadu

    No I didn’t get the appointment yet, I got little confused with other blogs, thanks for the info.
    I got money order from walmart, there is 1 field saying “Address”, Do I need to write my Home address or BLS address in that Field?, Can you help me please…..


  • Where do you have this field ‘Address’? On money order or what?
    Did you check the sample money order here:

  • Kmadu

    In Walmart money order form, find from the image, it shows 1. pay to the order of — it is BLS service, 2. Purchaser — signature of purchaser, 3. Address –?, didn’t get which address I need to write, from other site wikihow, it said to write our own address, but doubt, can you look into the image and let me know?

  • Anjali

    Thanks Anil for the detailed reply. Today, I went to Wells Fargo bank for notarizing documents (driver’s license, passport copies, marriage cert, etc) & they told me that they do notarize it but then they asked me to write something like I sworn…etc and they mentioned that they can only notarize signature. I’m not clear on what needs to be done exactly. Would be able to put a screenshot of what needs to be printed on driving license copy & all other copies that need to be notarized, that would give me much better idea, you can redact name, etc? Also, they told me that they can notarize passport, driving license but not the marriage certificate. Kindly waiting for your reply.

  • Anjali

    Do I need to sign on driving license copy somewhere and then write something like I sworn (donno details, help needed here) & then bank will put a stamp or how it works? Any screnshot would be much much helpful…Thanks again for detailed info.

  • Raj

    Hi Ancy, when you say that you only notarized signature bearing pages. Can you clarify which are those as driving license copy or passport won’t have any signatures or even marriage cert will not have any, right? Can you please share the information?

  • Anjali

    One more question: Can I purchase both flat rate envelopes directly from the link that you gave ( If so, will it print the tracking number or not? I never purchased it from and hence wanted to confirm if it can be done without need of going to post office?

  • Yes, it should be your own address And not BLS.

  • Hi Anjali,
    In my case, bank did not ask me to write anything.
    In fact, BLS also do not have any such requirement.

    But, if they want you to write, you can simply write:
    ‘I sworn that it is a true copy of driving license’
    And then sign with your signature.

    Notary would then notarize your signature on same photocopy and that’s fulfills BLS requirements.

    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Anjali

    Thanks Anil! Did Bank notarized marriage certificate copy for you? My bank is saying that they cannot do it but they can do other all documents except marriage cert.

  • Yes, they did notarize marriage certificate too.
    Sometimes, some banks have this policy. You can get it notarized from town library or your office notary or USPS. They will do it.

  • Kmadu

    Thanks for the info Anil, Regarding pics — National verification form –3 pics, application – 1 pic, total of 4 pics, Do we need to send any more pics other than 4 pics with all documents?


  • Houston

    Spouse name printed in a different format.
    [Last First Middle name].
    Father’s/Mother’s names in [First Middle Last name] format.

    Any flags? Anyone has this on their passports?

  • Kmadu

    I’m going with regular passport book, what amount number I need to write on this 2 blanks ( the 1st blank is $78 based on instructions they provide), got doubt with 2nd blank, located on the top of the first page of application form.

  • Kmadu

    Hey Anjali, I went to TD Bank, they notarized on my marriage certificate for free of cost, check with your location TD bank…

  • There are no specific instructions from BLS for this field. So, you should fill the total amount of money order here.
    Since, you are sending a pre-paid return envelope, you are paying nothing for return envelope’s fees and should fill zero (0) in ‘delivery by mail’ field.

  • Anjali

    Thanks Anil & Kmadu! One more last question hopefully….My passport which is about to expire has address printed in India which was my address where I used to live before marriage. Now, I want to update this address to same as my spouse address, in other words, I’ll be changing the address from my previous passport. In this case, do I still need to provide any proof of address or no need to provide anything as you mentioned earlier? Just want to double check since I didn’t clarify this earlier that I’m going update my address to be printed with my spouse’s address from India.

  • I spoke to BLS recently about getting Indian address printed on new passport.
    They say that you should send ‘notarized’ copy of Indian address proof with the application if you want it to be printed.
    The utility bills, if any, should be from most recent 3 months.

    In your case, you can send proof of new address (should be on your name) or if you are using your spouse documents and marriage certificate, then, it can be on your spouse name too.

  • Anjali

    Hmmm..thats again tricky now…I don’t have anything on my name or even spouse’s name. Everything is on my in-law’s name. So how can I send such proof of address of Indian address? If I keep same old address, do I still need to send proof of address, again I don’t have anything on my name…

  • I think (but not sure) that you can keep your Indian address same without any proof of address.
    Some people have got it printed on their passport as I have read in some forums.
    But, I am not sure as I have never tried it.

    If you want to take a chance, just send the package with your address and no address proof. They will then send you an email , if they need the address proof.

    If you can provide, better. If not, they will ask you to send (scanned this time) new application with address that you have address proof for.

  • Anjali

    ok..I would better go with same old India address without submitting any proof since I don’t want to give US address as I live in apartment. If they asked me to provide address proof or new application, will they send me entire package back & then I’ve re-submit overall again or I need to just send address proof doc or only new application with address proof?

  • If you mean the names printed on the new passport, then, I just checked mine.
    All names are in [First Middle Last name] format.

    Are you sure you filled it up correctly in the application form?

    If yes, then BLS may have made a mistake.

  • They can ask either scanned copy by email or hard copy by mail (whatever documents they ask for).
    It depends on who handles your case.

    In my case for renewal of my child passport, they asked for new colored scanned passport application copy by email.

  • Anjali

    Thank you for providing all details!!! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Houston

    Do you have spouse listed in that format too?
    My parent’s names are straight copied from old passport to the new. First middle last.
    But wife’s name is last first middle. Checked forms they are alright.

  • Yes, spouse, me, father, mother all have same format.

  • Houston

    Interesting. Checked my forms and they seem alright.
    Can’t think of any ways it will affect. So I think no action is needed at this point.
    Do you see any reason to contact them?

  • Technically, you should get it corrected. Just call BLS and ask what should be done.

    I am not sure if it makes any difference or not, if you let it stay like that.

  • Kmadu

    Thanks Anil for providing this helpful Blog and quick responses from you when we have questions.., Finally I have posted my documents today, got lots of help from you and from this blog, Thanks a lot again….

  • Anjali

    Hi Anil,

    I went to notarize my marriage certificate but all banks & even town hall library denied to notarize as I was married in India & they don’t have any proof to validate the same. So, I went to regular public notary, paid amount & they did notary by putting stamp which said similar thing that you mentioned..”I hereby certify that this is true and correct copy of the original document..” followed by my signature & did the notary.

    Now, for notarizing my husband’s first and last page of passport, I’ve put the same wording “I hereby…”, so this copy should be signed by me or my husband? Who should notarize it as my passport is of my husband. And I’m renewing my passport.


  • You both can sign and then get it notarized.

    As a matter of fact, BLS does not care if you and your husband sign it or not, they are only concerned about notary sign and stamp.

    On the other hand, for notary, I think they only want someone to sign!!
    To make them feel better, you both can sign and then ask notary to stamp and sign.

  • Shwetha

    I frequented this page when I was in the midst of my passport renewal. Returning the favour by sharing some tips from my experience.

    Passport renewed in March-April 2016 at Atlanta consulate.

    If you have a really good camera, click a great pic against a white background. Sites like helpfully provide the frame reference for you to get the right picture (contours for positions of head, face and eyes). Download this image (the 4″x6″ sheet size will give you four 2″x2″ pics) and get it printed from Walmart / Walgreens. I got it done at Walgreens at 34 cents for four photos.

    I got my Indian address printed on the passport. Although most sites said that they do not insist on a proof for the same, I sent a notarized copy of my Indian driving license (that was the only proof I had with me here). I understand that passport renewal in India does not accept driving license as address proof, but it seems to be okay here.

    I sent my documents through USPS. Thankfully I faced absolutely no problem with the deliveries or tracking. I had used the flat rate cardboard envelope for sending the documents. For the return envelope, I used a 6″ x 10″ Bubble Mailer costing $1.49 (additional safety, and it fit all my three passports comfortably). Totally it cost me around $13 for both the envelopes, stamps and tracking included.

  • Thanks a lot Shweta for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

    And to confirm the requirement of Indian address proof, yes, they do ask you to provide one if you it to be printed on passport.

  • Anjali

    Hi Anil & all
    I sent all forms as per your suggestions on 24-Mar-2016 to SFO & received my passport back today on 07-Apr-2016 in just 2 weeks. Thanks for all your support & help!!!!!

    Btw, I didn’t even go to post office, simply go to and print postage there and I already had flat envelopes which comes in mail for free when you order from

    Everything became easy after visiting this site with details…Thanks again!!!

    – Anjali

  • Manik Magar

    Can you send two renewal applications in one packet? I have to renew for mine as well as my daughters passport.

  • Thanks Anjali for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

  • I don’t think so.
    Each application should have a separate BLS order form and the Order form’s Bar code has to be posted on Envelope (That you send your application in).

    BLS has no way of differentiating between two applications in same package as far as I know.

  • Manik Magar

    Yeah, I guessed so. Anyways I am following your steps and packaging my applications now :). Thanks for the details.

    BTW, cheapest option to get money order is to get from USPS. They charge $1.25 per money order of value upto $500.

  • Thanks Manik for the information. I will update it in above article to say USPS is the cheapest option.

    On the other hand, the documents required for an Adult and Minor have a good amount of difference. Follow this process for your Daughter’s passport renewal:

  • Ajay Reddy

    Hi, I am applying for passport renewal and I want to add my spouse name in my passport. My question is do I need to write my last name(surname) for spouse name or I need to write her last name(surname) as shown in her passport?

  • The spouse’s last name should be the one she is using now.
    If she is still using the last name that she had before marriage, then use that name.

  • Ajay Reddy

    Thank you for prompt response.
    I have another question related to return packaging. I am applying application ‘Walkin’. Do I need to apply for “Courier Delivery Service” as shown in screenshot.

  • I don’t have experience with walk-in application.
    As per my opinion, you would need the ‘return’ shipping and envelope since the new passport is not handed over immediately.

    If you are not planning to pick it from embassy/BLS office, you will need an envelope and pay for its postage.

  • Manik Magar

    In the return package, do they just send passports back or all the documents that we send them?

  • Ajay Reddy

    So, I need to ‘Create a Return’ Shipping information in UPS website and attach the return label to enevlope?

  • They ONLY send OLD passport and NEW passport in the return package.
    All supporting documents are kept by BLS/Embassy.

  • I think so. I have never done can’t really say.

  • Sameer

    My passport has expired about an year back. I did not realize it until last week. Any help or advice on renewing in such case?

    Also my visa stamp in my passport has expired. I have my h1b extension approval. The BLS website says “If your visa has expired and/or or you have the receipt notice for
    extension of your visa then: NYC, SFO & HOU Jurisdiction Applicants –
    must provide a notarized no status affidavit with photocopy of the
    valid passport and the green card of two witnesses duly notarized + 7
    Copies of Nationality Verification Form (Given in Point 2 above) are
    required and each copy must have an original photograph affixed on it.
    WAS/ATL/HOU/CHI Jurisdiction Applicants – must visit the consulate in
    person for an interview before applying at the passport application
    center”. I will be applying in Chicago, so do I need to apply for an interview prior to the application?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I would suggest to create passport application and apply in person at BLS office. They can guide better.

  • Anish Bhandarkar

    I went to UPS Notary. She refused to notarize my F1 visa color photocopy. Said she could have done it only if it was black and white. I understand that that the requirement is color photocopy. Did any of you face this? Where did you get it done?

  • It depends from person to person. Get it done by some other USPS office or your bank (where you hold a checking account).
    I normally go to my bank and they never raise any issue.

  • Sameer

    Thanks for your reply. I called BLS and they said I can apply by post. They also said as I have I-797 approval, I do not have to apply for an interview prior to application.
    One thing I need some advice/clarification now is the BLS person told me that I can pay for return shipping over the phone and then I do not need to include a return envelope and they will take care of everything about return. Does that sound right?
    In this article you (and others in the comments section) mentioned that you purchased 2 envelopes and you printed the return labels. I am a little confused about this.

    Thanks again.

  • BLS has tie up with UPS as a mail service provider. If you want to use that service, you can pay over phone or online on the BLS website. I think they add the return envelope themselves in that case one you opt for UPS.
    But, this service is pretty expensive than the USPS option that we have shared above.

    Choice is yours.

  • Sameer

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply. So if I use the BLS-UPS I will have to fill the courier transaction details in the airway bill no. (return) box, correct? The BLS person over the phone mentioned that if I do my own USPS return, that will be valid for only one month and if my passport takes more time than that then I will have to pay again for return shipping. I was not aware of that 1 month limitation for return shipping.

    Also, in the marital status box you advised to put the status as per current passport. So now that I am married should I still put unmarried in that box as I was unmarried when I made my current passport?

    Final question for now, does it matter if USA address is put in the passport or should I try to get indian address in the passport? My green card processing has started, so I am still in h1b.

    Thanks a lot. You are extremely helpful.

  • 1. I am not aware of any such expiration on USPS return envelope. The USPS postage stamps do not have any expiry. Also, the tracking code that they provide gets activated ONLY when it is scanned by USPS, which would NOT happen until BLS drops it in the USPS mail Box! I don’t think what BLS guy is saying is true.
    You can confirm with USPS, if you want.
    2. Follow the instructions as mentioned in article. I was also un-married at the time of my first passport.
    3. It does not matter. You will have to provide notarized Indian address proof if you want it on your new passport.

  • Jagadeeshwaran Ranganathan

    May I know How important is Colored I-797. I submitted the notarized black and white of i797. Your time is greatly appreciated

  • I can’t define the importance. It is mentioned in BLS instructions to have this proof in color. They may or may not accept the Blank and White copy.

  • Sameer

    Can you please let me know if each page of the passport has to be copied in a separate page or 2 pages can be copied in 1 page? Thanks a lot.

  • 2 passport pages on ONE page’s single side can be copied. Leave the back side of this page blank.

  • I don’t understand your question. Why would you take an appointment if you are sending them by post?

  • Sameer

    Thanks a lot.

  • Shankar

    Today when I called BLS they told that they will stop accepting Postal applications from April 21st 2016 as they are transitioning to another vendor. Looks like whole new process would be introduced. If anybody planning for POSTAL application, please call BLS helpdesk before sending. Only walkins are allowed for another month it seems.

    Pathetic it is…They should have put an information notice about this on their homepage atleast.

  • That’s a surprise. There is nothing in the news though and no public announcement.
    I will keep a watch on it and will update the above instructions, if the vendor changes.

  • Shankar

    Just today they have posted an update on their home page… One day before they stop accepting applications…What a process…Atleast they should have given the heads up a week or two before and not a day before they are stop taking the applications…

    LS will stop operating Indian Passport Application Centers in the U.S. from 6th May 2016, close of business hour. Please click the respective link of Indian Mission as per your Jurisdiction.

    For Washington Jurisdiction :

    For San Francisco Jurisdiction :

    For Chicago Jurisdiction :

    For Atlanta Jurisdiction :

    For New York Jurisdiction :

    For Houston Jurisdiction :

    BLS will not accept postal applications after 22 April 2016 (Friday) – only postal applications which are post-marked on or before 22 April 2016 will be accepted.

  • Shankar

    Today they have posted an update on their website about this…a day before they stop receiving the applications. Customer service representatives told me it would be today…21st April…Costed me Overnight shipping because of the miscommunication…Pathetic service…

    Good that they are going…On the plus side, I guess my passport would be processed on fast track as they are closing out by May first week 🙂

    BLS will stop operating Indian Passport Application Centers in the U.S. from 6th May 2016, close of business hour. Please click the respective link of Indian Mission as per your Jurisdiction.

    For Washington Jurisdiction :

    For San Francisco Jurisdiction :

    For Chicago Jurisdiction :

    For Atlanta Jurisdiction :

    For New York Jurisdiction :

    For Houston Jurisdiction :

    BLS will not accept postal applications after 22 April 2016 (Friday) – only postal applications which are post-marked on or before 22 April 2016 will be accepted.

  • Ancy

    I’m very happy that BLS lost the contract. It was a shameful organization devoid any logic or reason.

  • Tushar

    I went to the county clerks office and the state notary told me to write ” This is a copy of drivers license (page 1)” and then date and sign it . Then he stamped the document and signed it. I did this for all pages in the documents that i needed to get notarized.

    This is due to the fact that notaries in new york state are not allowed to notarize photocopies. Hence the statement and sign

  • Anish Bhandarkar

    My situation was the following:
    Expired passport (2months)
    Out of status visa
    living in east coast while jurisdiction according to DL was SFO
    I knew tatkal wasn’t possible for expired passport
    passport renewal required a valid visa, a catch 22 situation!
    Can’t stay – can’t leave kinda situation.
    submited regular application to BLS SFO.
    They received on 4/14.
    Processed and shipped on 4/21.
    PP Was in my hands on 4/24!!!!

    Throughout the process BLS provided all the tracking and notifications over email. Their agent even picked up the phone in no time and very courteously provided me the updates. 🙂

    I am IMPRESSED! Thank you BLS, Embassy of India, SFO.

  • kishanreddy alumalla

    Hi Sameer,

    Did you get any info on the address to be printed on passport US address or india address? i have the same question.

  • If you want your Indian address to be printed on the new passport, then do include the notarized copy of Indian address proof.

  • Manik Magar

    Hello … I followed these instructions and just received my renewed passport today, Thanks for instructions Anil.

    I do have one question now, I see a warning printed on my 5th page of my new passport. Not sure why is there, did anyone else also got that?

  • Hi Manik,
    What warning is it? I have neither seen it on my passport nor have i heard about it from anyone.

  • Niraj Parekh

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for all the help.

  • You are welcome.

  • Surbhit

    BLS no more handles Indian passport renewal in USA. its replaced by Cox and Kings

  • Siva Ram…………..

    please delete this page or add a note at the very top of the page that BLS is no more the outsourced agency….

  • You are right. We are in the process of updating the above article.

  • Hi Siva, We have now added the information on top of article. We are in the process of updating the instructions with respect to Cox and Kings.

  • Alka

    Hi, stellar blog! I’m applying through Kings and Cox. The process is essentially the same but they’re asking for 6 photos. Any idea what 2 extra are for? Forms only have places for 4 photos. How should I send remaining 2, loose in the packet?

  • Hi Alla,
    We are in the process of updating this article for Cox and Kings.
    Yes, you can send two pictures as loose.

  • Amit Tandon

    Hi, how many photos? Total 6? 1 to be pasted on passport application form, 3 to be pasted on the 3 nationality verification forms and 2 to be sent loose? Or all 6 to be sent loose?

  • Amit Tandon

    Hi, the checklist of Cox & King says passport application form also needs to be notarized? Does it need to be notarized?

  • Sorry, I can’t answer this question right away. We are int he process of updating the article above. Please bear with us.

  • Sorry, I can’t answer this question right away. We are updating the article above.

  • Hi Amit,
    I am not sure if you are still looking for the answer, but, yes, you need to notarize the application form too.
    I think the purpose is to validate the signatures.

  • Yes, you are right with the photographs. 3 to be pasted on verification form, 1 on application form and 2 loose.

  • ak

    Hi, I am in the process of filling the CKGS application form for passport renewal. I want to use my US address on passport with this renewal. My current passport has a university address on it from India. During the CKGS application, I have to give my permanent address. My permanent address is changed recently due to marriage, for which I only have marriage certificate as address proof but nothing else. My question is if I opt o use US address to be printed on the passport, is there a need to still provide address proof for Indian permanent address (if it changes from what I have on current passport)?

  • Just provide the Indian address proof (the old one itself), and DO select the option of printing the US address on your new passport.
    Earlier, it was not mandatory to provide Indian address proof if you want US address to be printed, but Cox & Kings has started asking for it now.
    Not sure, what’s the purpose of it. But, as far as i know, it would be over-looked if you selected US address to be printed on your passport.

  • ak

    Thank you. for a quick reply. The old address proof is nothing but the last page in the current passport?What I want to say is I do not any other proof for that except that the address is on my passport.

  • Yes, just make a copy and send it with document package.

  • ak

    Thank you. I see a problem in giving the old address too. I no longer have contact information of two friends in that place. I think, I should call customer care of CKGS and ask about it.

  • Sounds like a good idea. Do share your experience and the information that you receive.

  • SR

    Hi, Iam in process of filling CKGS application for passport renewal. In shipping section ,it ask for present address and when I give my present us address and tick the option for address check, it pops up a message saying it cant match zip code with address!! weird. Thought of going with my own prepaid envelope, how do we get the airway bill number. Please guide me on shipping

  • hi SR<
    Airway bill number is the tracking number of the envelope.
    The process is mentioned here in above article:

  • Hari

    Hi Anil – I started my application process through CKGS and have a valid CKGS web reference number. Also went to NRI Online Passport application site from CKGS website – filled out necessary details and have a valid web file no.
    My question is when I come back to CKGS- what is/are the steps to link CKGS web reference number to NRI application web file no?

  • You have to now log in to CKGS website where it says ‘You already have filled government application form’. Once you are in, CKGS will connect your existing application (on their portal) with the government’s application data.

  • Hari

    Thank you. When I click on ‘Government Online NRI Passport Form Already Filled’ in it lands in a page as shown in attached screenshot
    Why would it treat me as a new applicant or am I clicking on a wrong link?

  • Not sure why is it showing ‘New Applicant’ here. May be, it is a bug in their code.
    You can fill in your details here and log in. It should connect your existing application (with CKGS) to this government reference number. That’s the only way it works.

  • Nirav Patel

    Hi, I filled up CKGS Passport Application Form and now I am on second step. I selected “walk-in” in “How will you submit your application?” in the CKGS Passport application form. How can i go back and change the detail in that form. Right now, I am on APPLICANT DETAILS page(2). Can i start new with new fresh application on CKGS?

  • Hari

    I called up CKGS call number and for sure its either a bug or one of the most complicated way to design your flow

    Start with your web reference number on bottom of the page and it’ll take you to step where you’ll need to go NRI passport site. Click on the link to go NRI passport site which will open in other tab(if you’re using chrome/firefox etc). Meanwhile in current CKGS tab it’ll open up/refresh window for ‘existing applicant’ to link CKGS web reference no and NRI online passport web file no.

    Do not try to link it from your ‘My account’ page as per feeedback from CKGS call center.

  • Hari

    From what I know there is no option to go back and edit a prior step. Best bet is to start a new application.

  • Thanks Hari for the feedback. Did it really help logging in from the link at bottom of page with CKGS web reference no.?
    I did try it and it never lets you log in.

  • Hari

    Hey Anil – It worked for me provided that status of my web reference number/application was in step 7(don’t remember exact step no) to link/goto NRI online passport application site. This step is last before one to submit physical documents

  • Hari

    One more: There is no easy way to look at NRI web file no associated with your CKGS web reference number. Also once you associate it there is no way to edit/modify it,
    Again I had to call up their contact center to confirm.

  • Ok..this means that you actually paid for the mailing services provided by CKGS. Is that right?

  • Yep, i agree. They have made the process even difficult and confusing than their earlier counterpart (BLS).

  • Prism

    What option do you select if your passport has expired already? The form has an option for it but no radio button to select that option

  • Hari

    Yes I did pay for the mailing services provided by CKGS(realized later that it’s expensive and there are better options).

  • MRK

    Hi AK,
    Could you please let me know if you have been asked for Additional Address proof? I am also in same situation. Thanks

  • MRK

    I am new to Notary in USA, do we need to get the notary seal on all 6 pages of Passport Copy??, If yes how they will be charged? UPS told me $10 per document, please help

  • Hi MRK,
    There is no need to get the passport pages notarized.
    Did you read this section above:

    There are free notary options available. Read the section above and you will get answers to your question.

  • ak

    Hi, I opted to have US address on my passport. I went to passport application center for submission in person. i was then routed to Indian Consulate (As my H1B extension was not approved and I had a receipt notice alone). At that time, all documents related to Indian address were removed (trashed) from my package. My understanding is (as per the call with CKGS) “you have to provide the address proof of only that address that you want it on the passport”- and it happened exactly in my case. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are applying by mail, just include whatever proof you have for the indian address (just for your satisfaction). It will not be considered eventually if you intend to use the US address.

  • MRK

    Thx AK, will keep updated how does my application goes.

  • Swat

    Hello Anil,

    Thanks for the great post. The CKGS website says under the notary comment, which appears on the document checklist and also in the FAQ > Document section> Q.1. How can I get the documents notarized?

    “””Please Note: DO NOT sign the documents on your own; the Notary Officer will require you to SIGN in his / her presence.”””

    I am a bit confused because usually when I get documents notarized, I do not put my signature on them at all. Everything is done by the notary personnel. I usually go to BOA. Do I need to self attest all the notarized documents? Do I need to self attest all the documents, even the non-notarized ones?

    thanks for your help!

  • Swat

    Hello Anil,

    Do you have any info on using CKGS Fedex shipping option?

    I was planning to use CKGS shipping option for mailing my passport renewal application and return service of my new passport. Has anyone used the CKGS Fedex shipping option:

    1. Once I pay CKGS for shipping – How does the shipping label get generated? Do they email me the shipping label?

    2. Not sure how long I need to wait for the shipping label from them – if they email it to me?

    3. And what about Return shipping label, do I send it with my application package along with a fedex return envelope?

    Please advice!

  • On the papers where notarization is required, you should sign in front of notary.

    On the papers where no notarization required, you can leave them as it is. No need for self attestation.

  • I have no experience with CKGS FedEx option. Sorry.

  • Swat


  • Swat


    Urgent help needed – I am not able to understand how I print the air way bill number along with label

    In “6. Packaging everything together””section posted by Anil. Point 4:”

    4. Return shipping Envelope – “”Verify that you have pasted the tracking code slip, written BLS address and your OWN address.””
    Please refer to the first image subtitled “Passport India Address slips” >
    “”The red highlighted are has 1. Print the shipping label sent to you by BLS.””
    Referring to the first label with a bar code, a tracking number and (PASSPORT) written on it:

    how do I get that label?? – with barcode, tracking number and BLS address. I have not received any email from CKGS with any such label.

    I do have a tracking number for both return envelope and the envelope I will be posting documents to CKGS. But, how do I generate the label shown in the image?

  • Hi Swat,

    This was an old process and has just been shown there for reference, in case you are using your own envelope.
    In CKGS case, you will not receive any shipping label email.

    You should just write the CKGS address on the envelope.
    Sorry for the confusion. We will update the article soon.

  • Swat

    Hello Anil – thank you so much for your quick response. Posted my packet! Your post was a great assistance. I referred it throughout the process.

    Thank you!!!

  • You are welcome Swat.
    Do share your experience experience and any specific points that can help others.

  • Swat

    Sure I will. 🙂

  • Sam

    Hi, Last time when my wife Renewed her passport, have filled BLS order form, but not I didn’t see any BLS order form, and also the website is looking so different, I didn’t find document check list, can you please help me how can I get the document list for renewing my passport?.

  • Hi Sam,
    BLS is no longer the agency handling passport renewals. It is Cox and Kings. You can find the link to C&K passport renewal website in above article.

  • Sam

    Thanks for your Reply Anit, I have an other doubt you have mentioned in the above article we need to fill 3 forms
    CKGS application form.
    Sample Nationality Verification Form
    Sample NRI Passport Form
    My doubt is CKGS application form and NRI Passport form, they both are same or different?, If same which way is better to fill this form through CKGS or Other link you provided to avoid extra process?.

  • Sam

    Thanks for your Reply Anit, I have an other doubt you have mentioned in the above article we need to fill 3 forms
    CKGS application form.
    Sample Nationality Verification Form
    Sample NRI Passport Form
    doubt is CKGS application form and NRI Passport form, they both are
    same or different?, If same which way is better to fill this form
    through CKGS or Other link you provided to avoid extra process?.


  • CKGS form and NRI passport form are two different forms.
    It is better to follow the process on CKGS website as they help you fill all forms online and then take a print out.

  • Avanish Rai

    I got my passport renewed in November with my former US address on it as they had not given me an option for printing my Indian one.
    I recently moved from NJ to PA. I was wondering if you need to change your passport as well?


  • Well, it is your choice.
    I have not changed the address on renewed passport even after moving places 3 times. It still has the old US based address.

    You can apply for it. They will do it for a fees. There are no issues with respect to travel or anything else that I know of, though.

  • Swat

    Sharing my experience:

    Just listing out some changes in the process than what is described here:

    1. Instead of BLS, CKGS is processing the applications now.

    2. I would give some insights into the shipping process. Rest of the process is pretty straightforward asking generic info as listed out in your existing passport and also detailed in this post.

    3. There are two shipping options – either you choose CKGS Fedex shipping OR you use a shipping provider of your choice including USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.

    4. CKGS provides Fedex priority. It is a good option as its a good shipping service at a fair cost – only $15 through CKGS. I would have gone for that option, but I was trying to avoid any delays as I am planning to travel soon. If you choose CKGS Fedex shipping, then probably CKGS sends you the shipment tracking label. I did not want to wait for their email – in case I experience any delay there. I chose USPS Express mail.

    5. If you are filling this out on a weekend, and would use your own shipping provider. Then, before you start your application and before the shipping provider closes for the weekend, you should get envelopes, tracking details etc from USPS, UPS – whichever shipping provider you use. All you basically need is the Tracking number. So, if e.g. you choose USPS Express mail, then get two express mail slips from USPS, that should give you the tracking number. You don’t need to pay for those. Just fill out the from and to addresses. But, make sure those would be the FINAL labels you use i.e. don’t goof up in filling them incorrectly. Fill the addresses at the post office itself, so they could be considered final. As this tracking info you fill out in your CKGS application process.

    You would need two shipment envelopes/ tracking info for:
    1. Mailing your documents (8 ounces); Bigger envelope
    2. Return of passports (is usually less than 7 ounces) Flat rate envelope

    CKGS asks for tracking info OR the Airway bill number at the time you are filling out your forms (mid-way). So, you won’t be able to move forward if you don’t have that info beforehand.

    6. You no longer get any shipping label barcode in email, if you are using your own shipping. (As detailed in this post). During BLS times they use to send it, not with CKGS.

    7. I sent my package Monday Aug 29th about 4:30pm EST from Boston and package was received by CKGS next day Tuesday Aug 30th 11am. I received an SMS at 11am, even though I opted out for messaging service 🙂

    8. Next day Wednesday Aug 31st – received three messages. 3:44pm – application verified, 5:09pm – Application under process; 6:21pm – Application in transit to Indian consulate. And, was also receiving some emails about the status.

    9. Sep 1st – status changed to “Under Processing” at Indian Embassy, Sep 7th 11:09am – “Reviewed by Consulate” and In Transit to CKGS, Sep 07 2:50pm – to be processed for delivery, Sep 08 12 pm – Dispatched; Sep 09 – 10 am Received my package.

    Note: I had not requested any changes in any information on my passport, hoping for a faster delivery including photo. But, they did update my photo – which was good! They kept my address my Indian address – which I had requested, but I saw in forums that people’s addresses were mentioned as US address although they requested Indian address. Not in my case – which I am so happy for! Overall, had a great experience! Thank you consulate for the awesome turnaround. Also, I stopped getting text messages later, but was sparingly receiving email updates. But, I was checking the CKGS website regularly for updates and it was getting updated!!! 2 weeks turnaround.

    Thanks Anil for this post and thanks for your prompt replies. It helped a lot!

  • Thanks a lot Swat for sharing your experience. It will certainly help lot of other people.
    I will also try to update the article with the information that you have shared.

  • Swat

    Sure! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Alpesh

    Very informative post. I applied yesterday and today they sent me email saying incomplete documents. I am not sure what is incomplete but looks like they need address proof of my new India address. I don’t have any permanent residence in India. No idea how will a fix this situation.

  • Sam

    Hi Anil, I have a quick doubt, I have my Green card, in the CKGS application form there is a question says “Do you have IR-6 Visa category?”, what does it mean?, We are not citizens of USA, what I need to select YES or NO?, please help me…

  • IR6 means – Spouse of a U.S. citizen.
    I think you should select NO for this question, if your spouse is NOT U.S. citizen.

  • Did you try calling their customer care to know what documents are missing for your case?

  • Sam

    Thanks for your reply Anil, We need to create an account with CKGS to save our forms right?, my question is when and how do we need to create this account, where do we find web reference number to create an account?


  • When you start your application with CKGS on their website, it automatically starts showing the Web reference.
    There is no need to create a user name password or sign in credentials or an account.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Anil,
    Nice and Very Helpful Post. I have couple of questions
    1. I am trying to fill the National Verification form, and some fields like address line 3 should be blank for me. In that case what should I do.
    2. Please suggest how many copies of form I need to submit. As per the checklist its says only one but you post says three.
    3.AWB no is same as tracking no for USPS or some other no.
    Please Help.

  • Hi Gaurav,
    1. Leave it blank, if there is nothing for address line 3. If system throws an error, then write some portion of your address in Line 3 too.
    2. As per my information, it should be 3.
    3. Yes, AWB number is same as USPS tracking number.

  • Sam

    Yes it gave web reference number, accidentally I closed the window when I was in the step to give details of postal info, after then I am trying to get my filled forms using that web reference number in CKGS website Myaccount page, but it is not saying does not match the details, makes me confusing.
    What will I do to get back to my filled forms?, Do we need to submit CKGS application form too?
    If I go and fill NRI passport form directly, what should I do to link with CKGS?
    Where do I find document check list page for print out?
    Please help me Anil..


  • Sam

    Hi Anil I got the web reference number, accidentally I closed the window when I was in the step to give details of postal info, after then I am trying to get my filled forms using that web reference number in CKGS website Myaccount page, but it is not saying does not match the details,makes me confusing.

    What will I do to get back to my filled forms?, Do we need to submit CKGS application form too?

    If I go and fill NRI passport form directly, what should I do to link with CKGS?

    Where do I find document check list page for print out?
    Please help me Anil..


  • Hi Sam,
    1. There seems to be some issue with their web reference thing. I also faced the same issues as it does not recognize your web reference number. I think you have to re-start again. There is no way you can get back the details you already filled up.
    I know, its frustrating. But this web reference number seems to be the NRI passport form’s (Government website) number. They have confused two things and hence is causing issues.
    2. If you go directly to government site first, then come back and use the web reference number given by Govt. site to log in and start your application on CKGS website. They have given a LINK to do it. You will find it on their website.
    3. There is no checklist to download provided by CKGS. As mentioned in above article, just write all the documents (you are sending) on a piece of paper and that would count as the checklist.

  • Sam

    Thanks Anil for your response, I used the web referance number and log into CKGS website from already filled NRI passport form option, but the problem is the site is asking me to start from the scratch with CKGS application, those forms I have already filled.
    Don’t know how to skip that step and go on.

  • Ak

    Hi Anil

    Good post.. I appreciate the efforts..

    I have few doubts:
    1. Why did you print your US address on new passport?
    why not permanent indian address?

    2. Do you get your old passport back alongwith new passport. I mean visa stamps etc. are all in old passport…. I assume its also returned..Right?

    3. What is the meaning of Notarized… Did you get your “signatures on document copies” notarized or “copy of documents” notarized?
    Do we need to show original documents while notarizing?

    4. Will only electricity/gas US utility bill work… Can we not give water/trash bill?
    also, if lease agreement then do i need to submit full lease agreement having 20+ pages?

    5. For i797… did you submit first page or all 3 pages?

    6. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • 1. It depends on personal preference. When i was applying (and today too), they need your current Indian address proof and that too notarized. It was too difficult for me to arrange for it and hence I opted for US address.

    2. Yes, they will return (send) your OLD passport back with the new one.

    3. Notarized means signature of Notary public on Document copies. Originals can never be notarized. In simple terms, make a copy (xerox) and then get it signed by notary public. In some states, notary public will also require you to sign the document copy. That’s normal process.

    4. Any utility bill would work. In case of lease, just submit the front age where your name, address and other details are mentioned. They just want your address proof. So, it should be able to serve that purpose.

    5. i797’s first page contains all the required information. That’s sufficient.

    6. You are welcome. I hope it helps and let me know if you need more information.

  • Ak

    Thanks a lot for quick reply..

    I read at some places that one can sign on the copy of document in front of notary by writing I certify this is copy of original (something like that) and then notary will Notarize the signatures… Any idea if this really works?

    this is different than the process you mentioned that Notary sign on the copy (

    First method (which i read) means Notary notarizes my signature on the copy of document.
    Second method (yours) means Notary notarizes the copy of document.

  • Ak

    did you give any proof for India address?
    also was it already printed on your old passport or was different?

    how did you get it notarized… i mean you needed original to show or you just signed in front of notary?

  • This varies from state to state. Whatever your notary tells you to do, just do it. The final result should be to have some kind of notary stamp and signature. That’s it.

  • Ak

    how much is the mailing services by CKGS?
    and did they give you return envelope and label all etc. or only one way?
    please explain

  • Ak


  • Abi

    Hi , thanks for the article. I have a question.
    I too face difficulty in getting address proof for india
    ( inlaws)permanent address. So I thought of using US address to be printed on new passport.
    But in the application process they ask for indian permanent address to be filled.
    So should I enter my inlaws permanent address, or my parents address( as in my current passport).

    Any idea on that?


  • You should enter the address that you currently have in your passport.

  • Ak

    Hi Anil..
    I have two more ques…

    1. Why have you mentioned “Notarized” for Passport Application form…?

    It does not say notarized…it just says original in checklist provided by CKGS…

    2. Why have you mentioned COLORED Copy for US Legal status and US address proof…

    Are you sure?

    3. Also update your page as it needs only 3 photos now instead of 6 and only 1 copy of National verification form instead of 3 mentioned here..

    Please help.. Thanks in advance

  • Hi Ak,
    Thanks for sharing the details. Looks like CKGS has updated their guidelines and required documents have changed. I just verified your points with CKGS website and you have correctly pointed out the mistakes.

    I am going to update it right away.
    1. Earlier, it was required to be notarized. They have removed this condition now.
    2. It was required to be a color copy earlier too.
    3. Yes, 3 is required now. 6 was a requirement when they started accepting passport renewal applications.

    Thanks and I appreciate your feedback.

  • Ak

    I confirmed with customer care of CKGS.

    They told US address proof and India address proof both are required in Color.

    Any Other documents is our wish.

    Also, He asked to notarize signature on point 29 of Online Application form.

    Just thought to update you.

  • Ak

    Hi Anil…

    My package to courier is almost ready…
    Just want to confirm below 5 points for Online passport form which is filled manually…:

    –In point no. 19, Name and address of two relatives/friends:
    Is this the same information which we filled in National verification form? There we filled friends/relatives address in permanent address… So, now here for point 19, is it same Indian friends/relatives address or US local friends?

    –We have to sign 4 times.. Right?
    One in specimen signature besides photo… second on signature of applicant on page 2 and then third and fourth on last page where it says again specimen signature…

    –When getting notarized..
    Is it to be done each of 3 pages or only at point 29 is fine where it has two specimen signature…?

    –Point no. 9 local car driving license no.
    Is it Indian license or USA license no. with date and place of issue?

    — What to write in Payment fee (to be filled by applicant) details which are just before the point no.1

    Thanks again in advance.. 🙂

  • 1. Yes, you can write the same names and addresses of relatives.
    2. I think so. I never counted total number of signatures though.
    3. Notarization only on page 3 (q 29) is fine. No need for other pages.
    4. This is USA driving license number.
    5. Details of parents made by you to CKGS.

  • Ak

    Thank you

  • Ashish

    We need to stick 2 photos on the form and apart from those pictures we need 3 more right ?

  • Now, CKGS requires only 3 photographs in total.

  • askids

    hi Anil,

    Your site was very helpful in filling out the form. Thanks for that.

    I recently got my passport renewed from NY center in person. I was renewing my passport, had change in Indian address(which was to be printed on my passport) and addition of my spouse in the selected services. It took exactly a week from submission to collect it. Submitted on 10/3 and collected on 10/10. In person submission is by appointment and based on slot availability for the selected date. Collection does not need any appointment, but can be done only between 3.30pm and 5.30pm. This will a day after CKGS receives the new passport from consulate.

    CKGS staff were helpful and efficient. I was in and out in 10 mins during submission (including waiting for my turn) and took only 2-3 mins for collection. Kudos to them for making this process efficient and painless as well !!

    Just wanted to add that though they mention 3 photos are required, they just took 2 in my case and these 2 were already stuck on the forms (passport form and national verification form). I had taken 3 more additional photos along with me apart from the 2 on the form. But they said that it’s not required.

    Also FYI, BofA branches have stopped notarizing copies. I got it notarized in a UPS store. It was $3.50 per seal.


  • askids

    I know that it is bit late. But might be useful for others who face the same issue. You need to use the passport specific URL. I had the same issue of web reference number not being identified. But then i was using which is the wrong URL. You need to use

    Checklist is available under Print Documents and forms under my account.

  • Thanks askids for sharing your experience. We appreciate your feedback. It will certainly help other users coming to this article in future.

  • Parul

    Hi Anil,
    Your site is very helpful and informative. Thank you for the effort you have put in to make it easier for others.
    I have a question about the Online NRI Passport application. At one point it asks to upload your photo. Is it mandatory to upload a photo ? Could you please let me know if you did it or only put the photo on the printed application ? Would greatly appreciate your reply.

  • Parul

    For Name and address of two relatives / friends at Step 2 (At the place of permanent residence in India), are they expecting us to provide address of neighbors possibly at the same address ? I Can I list my parents who are living at the same permanent residence as in my application ?

  • I put the photo on the printed form.

  • You can required to list neighbors and not relatives. But, I guess, you can list anyone as they don’t really check.

  • Santosh Hariharan

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for your help here. I have a passport with nothing mentioned on Pg1 and 2 for ECNR/ECR so i assume its ECNR. What document should i provide as a proof? Can I submit Engineering degree certificate?

    Also, in CA the way they notarize is by supplementing an additional form with signature and stamp of the notary along with the photocopy stapled or pinned with the form. My question is do we need to self attest on the photocopy as well?

  • 1. Yes, engineering degree will work.
    2. Self attestation is not required. Notary, is fine. It is okay with whatever method he chooses to notarize. Each state has a different process.

  • Santosh Hariharan

    Thanks Anil

  • Sunita Jain

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for sharing the information. I have 2 questions:
    1. For passport photocopy, I took 2 pages printed on the same page(just to decrease the document count). Do you think it should be fine?
    2. There are 3 photographs mentioned in the checklist. Are these additional 3 photos that we need to send apart from the ones pasted on Nationality Verification & passport form

  • Excellent post. Question: Can I mention my address for return (on return envelope) thats different from my current US permanent address in the forms? Same state, different city. Reason: I am moving to a new (permanent) address in 10 days. I don’t have any document for that future address yet. I am planning to send the package this week. I am traveling to India on Nov 24, hence the urgency. Passport expiring in July 2017. Thanks Anil!

  • I spoke to them and looks like I can mentioned a return address that’s different from my permanent address (proof).

  • Does my last name in India new address proof (bank statement) should match exactly with my last name in passport? There are some differences because of norms in India (Initials Vs Last name).

  • I don’t think that makes any difference.

  • Great. Sorry for a delayed response. I just checked your comment.

  • 1. The passport photocopy on same side of page is fine. Don’t do it on front and back. If it is, then I would advise to go for copy on separate pages.
    2. No. Total of 3 are required. Earlier, they used to ask for 6 but they have now changed it to 3.

  • Among the three, one posted on application form, one on nationality verification form and one loose I believe.

  • Yes.

  • About the Notary on “Passport Application form – Specifically Q no. 29”, I don’t see it being asked anywhere, neither present in your sample nor in the sample provided by them. Can you point where its being asked? Thanks!

  • They will ask for it, if you do not do it. I have got this information from reliable sources.

  • Sunita Jain

    Thanks a lot Anil. Your page is very detailed and I found it really helpful in filing up the form. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • You are welcome.

  • Pradeep Reddy

    Hi Anil, I have a question. I have filled the CKGS application form till the step 3 (Forms) and I’m on step 4 to choose the appointment date. So, now I wanted to edit my details on the previous 2 steps. But somehow there is no option at all to do so. Is this because I already hit proceed on the 3rd step?
    Also what if I want to ignore that and start a NEW application from step 1? Appreciate your help!

  • If there is no option to go back and edit, I am afraid, you have to re-start the whole application from first step.

  • Subodh Rathi

    Hi Anil, I am going to apply for my passport renewal soon and need your help on below queries.
    1) Regarding the permanent address field, I have my Aadhar card that has my permanent address but this is different from the address in my passport (which has my college hostel’s address).
    So, what address should I mention now?
    Secondly is there a police verification again if I change to my permanent address? For now, I didn’t select change address option and opting to have US address in my passport.

    2) Another question asks for details of 2 relatives. Can I mention my parents name staying in the same address as that in my Aadhar card? Again, is there any verification that takes place?

    3) Should I fill the government form first because the web application number is not accepted when I retry.

  • Hi Subodh,
    1. There is no police verification done. If you are asking for US address in new passport, then there is no need to provide Indian address proof.
    2. You can just mention your home address and give your parents as 2 relatives.
    3. It is your choice how you want to start. The web reference number works if you log in using a box right at the bottom of screen.

  • Subodh Rathi

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for the prompt response.

    For 1, I would like to know if in permanent address field, I should put the same address as present in my current passport or can I put my real permanent address which is different? Also, in this case do I need to check change address field ?

  • 1. Do not check the ‘Change address’ field.
    2. You can use nay address in this field. Either your hostel address or your parents address.

  • Pradeep Reddy

    Hi Anil, do you know if we still need to get the Govt. Online NRI application notarized for Qn.29? As already asked below, I’m confused if it needs to be notarized or not.

  • As per my information, it has to be notarized.

  • Shijo

    Hi Anil,

    We are currently residing in US, My wife’s passport is expiring in 5 months . She got her passport before our marriage and all the address proof shows her parents address. Her parent moved out of that house last year. She has no address proof at my India address. Any idea if she can put my india address if we show our marriage certificate and my passport details ? or do you advise us to put our US home address as the address to be printed on the passport ?


  • You will need Indian address proof to get it printed on new passport.
    Since, you don’t have it, I would advise to get US address printed there.

  • Shijo

    Thanks Anil.
    Currently we are living in a rented Apt. Should it matter ? also what should we select for “Change of address” Yes or No ?


  • I don’t think it matters till the time you have the appropriate proof.

    You can always get the address changed on your passport (its a hectic process though), if you move within US or to India.

    Even if you do not get your address changed, it does not matter much and you probably would not use it as an address proof till the time you are in USA.

    Does that answer your question?

  • Veena

    Reference – Notarizing the documents, Need advise regarding my Indian address proof not being notarized or notarized in India (by my family) and other documents are notarized in USA (married to an American) but want to retain my Indian address, since I don’t have my original (Indian) documents with me in USA. Will they accept documents notarized in two different countries?

  • I have not heard of this scenario before.

    I don’t think the Indian notary is accepted in Indian embassy.
    They want someone from US to notarize.

    You can call them and check to be 100% sure.

  • Swat

    Hello Anil,

    One question – This is my first time traveling outside USA after issuance of Indian passport within United States. I am on H1B visa in the USA, do I need to notify US authorities during departure or arrival. I showed my new passport during departure. Currently, my I 94 and Travel History (arrival departure records in the CBP website) are all appearing with my old passport number.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am traveling back to the US within 2 days.


  • Hi Swat,
    You do not need to do anything special except carrying your all (including old/expired ones) with you.
    You probably would have the visa stamped on the old one and that one would be required while coming back in to US, along with the new un-expired passport.

    Other than that, you do not need to inform anyone.

  • Veena

    Thank you Anil, for the reply and a perfect step by step details for passport renewal process. Sure I will call them, just thought of getting an opinion here.

  • You are welcome.

  • Sherin G

    Thank you for the wealth of information in this post/discussions. Quick question – any specific guidelines on how recent the notary on the needed documents should be? Weeks/months etc.?

  • There is no documented rule about it. The notary in US usually have an expiry date on their stamps. I would think that it should have not expired when you are submitting the docs.
    That’s the only caveat I can think of. Other than that, I guess there is no time limit.

  • Sherin G

    That’s what I too gathered from some quick online research on notary public. Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it! 🙂

  • You are welcome.

  • sri

    Thanks for the good info. My current passport has Indian address and I dont want to change it on the new passport, If I select “No ” to address change, do we still need Indian address proof. Thanks in advance

  • Yes, you need to provide notarized Indian address proof.

  • sri

    Thanks Anil.

  • Sherin G

    Hi. Just a datapoint for future references – I got my renewed passport in ~12 days (including weekends). Pretty impressed with the smooth process. Just ensure the required documents are submitted in the described manner.

    Re: Notary for Qn-29 : The feedback I got via email was that it does not need to be notarized for adult applicants. However, for minor applicant it is mandatory.


    Hi Veena,
    I am in the same situation, can you please let us know how do you got your Indian address proof notarized.


    How do you got your India new address proof (bank statement) notarized.


    How do we get our bank statement as India address proof notarized.

  • Veena

    Hello Krishna,
    I already have my Indian address on the current passport, so I don’t think I need to notarize my address proof since I’m not making any changes to my address. However, I have not yet started the process. If there is anything different I’ll update on this thread.

  • I have no idea about to get it done in USA.
    The only way probably is to show the statement to Notary online in your bank account and then get his signature on the printed copy. I am not sure though.


    Hi Sri,
    Which do you used for : notarized Indian address proof ?


    Hi, for Indian address proof :
    I have my online SBI bank statement with address same as current passport address and I do not want to change that. Can you please suggest what you used for Indian address proof . Thanks

  • Gargya Malla Hello Anil,

    I have recently submitted my application and the document checklist did not mention the online verification form to be notarized. Also, I wanted my Indian Address to be printed and they did not ask me for Indian Address proof either. Am I missing something?

  • Don’t worry. They will ask for it, if it is required.

  • Gargya Malla

    Thank you Anil. And will they be sending someone to my place for verification (in India). Also will they verify my marriage too (asking my family about my marriage)? Nobody has been helpful in this regard. I am in a very weird complicated situation and I would prefer they do not go to my house. I tried cancelling the application, but it was too late. Can you please help me with this information.

  • I don’t think they verify the Indian address. Never heard of any such instance.
    If you have submitted your marriage certificate, then, there is nothing else they will do. No verification happens anywhere.

  • Agniv

    Hi Veena,
    Can you please confirm if we want to keep same india address in the passport do we need to submit any proof of address ?

  • Veena

    Hi Agniv, I have just started the process. Will update once I get through, sorry 🙁

  • Veena

    Hi Agniv,
    I just completed on-line application process.
    Printed all the required forms and receipts for renewal of passport.
    Just have to get coloured copies of all the ids and marriage certificate and b/w copies of passports and notarize it.
    Keeping all the information as is (no change in my Indian address) just adding my husband’s name since married to an US citizen and renewing the passport.
    No where they have asked for Indian address proof.
    In the document check list they have asked for US address proof.
    So i’m going to send application and will wait for their response in regards to Indian address. Will update whenever I learn otherwise about it. Hope this helps.

  • Veena

    Hi Krishna, I just completed on-line application process.
    Printed all the required forms and receipts for renewal of passport.
    Just have to get coloured copies of all the ids and marriage certificate and b/w copies of passports and notarize it.
    Keeping all the information as is (no change in my Indian address) just adding my husband’s name since married to an US citizen and renewing the passport.
    No where they have asked for Indian address proof.
    In the document check list they have asked for US address proof.
    So i’m going to send application and will wait for their response in regards to Indian address. Will update whenever I learn otherwise about it. Hope this helps.

  • Arifullah Syed Shah


    I am planning to visit India in the month of June 2017 and I just looked at our passports and found that my passport will expire in Jan 2018 and my spouse passport will expire in May 2019. Do I need to get the passport renewed before going for stamping in India (Jun 2017) or can I get it renewed later. What is your suggestion?

    Thanks in advance

  • The guideline from USA embassy is to have at-least 6 months of validity in your passport when you apply for visa stamping. IN your case, i guess you will still have 6 months left.
    It is your own choice. For your wife, you still have lot of time left, get it renewed in 2019 itself.

  • Arifullah Syed Shah

    Thanks Anil.

  • Arifullah Syed Shah

    Thanks Anil

  • K S.

    Hi Anil,

    My wife’s passport is expiring in 1 month. I have started the renewal process. The only problem is that she doesnt have any India address proof. Although here in US, she has the State ID card which shows our current US address. So what should we do?

    Is it possible that we can get US address printed on her passport? Indian address proof is mandatory?

    Please reply asap.


  • Indian address proof is not mandatory. She can get her US address printed on new passport. It does not make any real difference.

  • K S.

    Thanks alot!!

  • askids

    Probably a bit late to reply. I used my aadhar card for both Indian address proof as well as address on passport.

  • K S.

    HI Anil,

    Just need one more help!! Actually fedex option was not suitable for me so I had to choose UPS but there is nothing mentioned on site about how to generate UPS shipping label or return shipping label. Can you please suggest the process??


  • C&K only have the tie up with Fedex. So, they will not help with UPS process.
    Just go to any UPS store, buy two envelopes and follow the process as i have shared for USPS above.

  • Sanju

    Hey Anil, Thanks for all the info. One quick question – The total number of 3 photographs include 1 loose, 1 on the Application form and another on the Nationality Verification form, correct?

  • Yes. you are right.

  • Sidharth Mehra

    Hi Anil,

    Do they renew passports for students here on F1 visa?
    My passport expires in October.
    Thanks in advance.

  • PS

    I have a similar case like yours:- Change in address which has to be printed on passport and addition of spouse name. For address proof I intend to use my Aadhar card, so my question is did u submit a notarized (colored) copy of aadhar card ?
    Or simply a copy that can be downloaded from the AadharCard website ?

  • Yes, they should.

  • raksha

    Can I use the passport I am renewing as my address proof for my indian address? I dont have any other address proof with me.

  • NO, I don’t think you can use the old passport as a proof.

  • askids

    Yes. It was a notarized copy of aadhar card downloaded from aadharcard website. I had actually laminated the downloaded copy (just the tear away piece) and had provided that as the original to the notary.

  • Veena

    Hi Agniv,
    I’m not sure whether you still need this info. However, I have renewed my Indian passport without changing my Indian address. I did NOT had to provide any address proof.

  • Veena

    No you DON’T have to provide any address proof if you are NOT changing your Indian address.

  • Veena

    Hi Krishna,
    You DON’T have to give any address proof if you are NOT changing your (Indian) address.

  • Veena

    If you are NOT changing your Indian address (keeping Indian address same as in old passport) you don’t have to provided any Indian address proof.

  • Rama

    On Passport application form we have a section where we need to write how much money I have paid as passport Fee. can you tell me is this amount excluding shipping, VAS and Convenience fee ? and Do I need to sign in both the boxes at section 29. Do I need to sign before a person who notarize ?

  • Passport fees is the amount you are paying to Indian government. This should NOT include shipping, VAS and convenience fees.

    Please see the sample above. Yes you have to sign in both boxes.

    No, not required to sign in front of notary. But, you can sign in front of notary as they might expect you to do so.

  • Rama

    Hi Anil,
    Thank you so much for quick reply…one more question regarding Driving License details. what if we don’t have driving license. can I leave BLANK on Passport application form?

  • You can write NOT APPLICABLE.

  • Veena

    For those who are planning to MAINTAIN THEIR INDIAN ADDRESS (no changes, same as in Old passport) then you DON’T have to provide any Indian address proof, you might have to give at least one reference name who lives there (I provided both the references who live at that address). CKGS received my passport renewal application on Jan 23rd, 2017 and received my renewed Indian passport at my residence on Feb 15th, 2017. Submitted documents as per the check list hence there was no delay. Hope this helps.

    P.S. If you are taking CKGS courier option, you will have to print the label only to send your envelop. CKGS will return both the passports (if renewing the passport) in their own envelop, you don’t have to provide return envelop nor the label. I sent through UPS courier and opted for CKGS courier option for return.

  • Veena

    If you are taking CKGS courier option, you will have to print the label only to send your envelop. CKGS will return both the passports (if renewing the passport) in their own envelop, you don’t have to provide return envelop nor the label. I used UPS courier option through CKGS.

  • Thanks a lot Veena for the clarification. It would certainly help anyone looking for this information here.
    We appreciate it.

  • Veena

    My pleasure 🙂

  • Ajay Modi

    Do we have to notarize Online Passport Application Form? In the checklist they mentioned to submit original.

  • Please follow the list of documents that need to be notarized. That’s the most updated list.

  • Ram

    Do we need to send the old passport books also along the current passport book for renewal purpose.

  • Yes, you have to send.


    if i don’t have US address proof but i having india address proof, what is the step to renew the indian passport in USA?


    if i don’t have US address proof but i having india address proof, what is the step to renew the indian passport in USA? or how can i get US address proof except driving licence?

  • kris

    Can someone confirm that the passport online application form be printed on both sides or one side only. thanks in advance

  • It is better to print it one side only. There are no specific guidelines from Cox and kings though.

  • I think it is mandatory to have US address proof.
    You can have your name added on home lease and that will work as a valid address proof.

  • shashib

    Hi Anil,
    If I want my USA address to be printed on my passport, do i need to check the field “Do you want to change your address” as “yes”? or simply can i ignore this question and give the US address when it is asking for “address to be printed on passport”? Can you please suggest.

  • You should choose “Yes”.

  • Manikandan Thiagarajan What is the amount we should put in the “Amount paid $/E ……………………………………… by …………………………………………………. Mode of payment” if we have paid the fees by Online payment.

  • The amount of money you have paid as the government fees should be put here. The second blank should have ‘Online’.

  • Manikandan Thiagarajan

    Thanks Anil for your reply. In my payment receipt , I have Passport Fee + ICWF Fee + CKGS Service FEE + Text Message+Convenience FEE. In the instructions given in the Sample Passport application form in CKGS , it is saying “Enter Amount of Fees
    excluding the CKGS fees.” . So , does it mean we should calculate ->Passport Fee + ICWF Fee +Text Message+Convenience FEE and update in the Amount Paid ?

  • You can write:
    Passport Fee + ICWF Fee

  • Manikandan Thiagarajan

    Thanks Anil.

  • Shashib

    Thank you Anil.

  • Manikandan Thiagarajan

    Hi Anil,

    How many photos are required for the passport renewal in total. I pasted one photo in the online passport application form , one in the nationality verification form. I have one more photo apart from this. When we are submitting the application should we need to provide 3 separately apart from the 2 pasted. Please let me know your suggestions on this.


  • Total 3 photos are required.

  • Raj Vardhan

    Hi Anil,

    My passport is expiring in 6 month. I have to start the renewal process. The only problem i doesn’t have any India address proof as my family moved to other place its been 3 years . Although here in US, I have driving licences , lease agreement, bank statement. which shows our current US address. So what i do? Is it possible that i can get US address printed in my passport? Indian address proof is mandatory? As i am applying for H1. i need to get new passport by March 31st. Can i apply it in Thatkal? What reason should say to apply in thatkal? is it possible to get passport in 2 weeks? thanks in advance
    Please reply asap.


  • 1. You can apply for new passport without any reason.
    2. If you apply tomorrow, you have a good chance of getting the new passport by mar 31.
    3. Indian address proof is not mandatory, US address proof is required. They will put your US address on new passport.

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil,

    My passport will be expiring in August 2017.I have one question, right now I’m in St.louis I have State ID of New Jersey and bank statements of New Jersey address. Can I ship my documents to New york embassy region or I need to get a new state ID from St.louis DMV and generate new bank statements with St.louis addresses and then only apply to St.louis (chicago embassy) I will be applying for my H1B visa this april as I don’t have much time left. pl reply ASAP.


  • It depends on your preference. Embassy does not do any kind of back verification on your address.
    The notary guy might ask for current proof which you will get it done in St. Louis.

    I would suggest to get everything done with new address to avoid any issues.

  • Sunny 99

    One last thing I applied for my change of driver’s license from NJ to Missouri state,and I was said the process takes 4-6 weeks for getting new driver’s license.
    I have my bank statements here in St.louis, as it will take time for getting my license from DMV here can I go on with my lease doc or I need to wait until I get my license ID.
    In particularly do I need any photo ID of this state or leasing documents enough for applying?( I don’t have any ID now except my leasing doc as my address proof and mean while I got my temp license with MO state until I get my permanent license)

  • Thogarchedu Mallikarjun

    Hello Anil
    The process of renewal mentioned above step by step was very helpful…You have put lot of effort. Great Job…:)

  • Sam

    I wanted to follow up on your instructions around using USPS.. it made perfect sense for the mail to CKGS but according to this link CKGS does not accept prepaid labels with USPS as they have an expiration date…. Am I reading it correctly? If yes, how did you get around this issue for the return label? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for helping during this (for some reason) frustrating and confusing process

  • Krish

    I saw this while filing the application form “You must print the Barcode from My Account listed above and paste the barcode on your envelope below the label before sending the application to CKGS.”

    Does anyone know what the Barcode CKGS is referring to. Thanks in advance

  • As per my information, you can use any of these docs for address proof:
    Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill or State ID.

    I am surprised to know that driving license takes 4-5 weeks to convert. Normally, they take your old state’s licence and give a new one then and there. How are you supposed to drive without a license?

  • Thanks a lot. I am glad it helped you.

  • Can you please share the details of where you saw the message?

  • The instructions above have worked for other people when they have used USPS. They have only given the disclaimer and i think they do accept it.
    What they really mean is that they are not responsible if the pre-paid label expires due to any delay in passport processing.

    You can call them and check.

  • Sunny 99

    Mean while they issued me a Temp license doc for a month, they asked me to come back and get the temp license extended in case if my actual driver’s license get’s delayed.

  • ohh ok. I understand. I think you can use any other doc that i have mentioned as address proof. Your ID proof is your passport.

  • Sunny 99

    Thanks a ton for the help 🙂

  • Sunny 99

    Hi..I have finished the Nationality verification form, also payed the amount(137$ by card got a confirmation email saying payment status fully paid) and then I was redirected to last step 7, I gave the Web Reference Number, Passport Number, DOB and all other details but when I clicked submit, it redirected me to a page where it asks me to ‘Book an appointment’. I am stuck there, please let me know how to proceed. Do I need to go in person and submit the documents?( I choose shipping instead of walk in during my preference at the mode of submission) Do I need to pay again? To be more specific I attached the screen shots.

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil..I resolved the previous issue. I logged out of the website and re-logged in with the Web Reference Number then it directed me to the final step of the application process and when I tried to print the documents, it is not showing up and it is logging me out. I am attaching the screenshot where I am held up. Other tab is to print the shipping label of Fedex. It is not allowing me to finish off the process what should I do?

  • I think you should call the CKGS customer care. They should be able to check your specific case and fix the issue, if any.

  • No, you do not need to pay again. If you are stuck, i think you should call CKGS call center to check if they have received the payment and added the confirmation number in your account.

  • slp

    The passport checklist says 1 copy of documents listed…does that mean we have to send 1 set of extra copies of the documents? Also i am short of 1 photograph for the forms can i stick a different set of recent photo and send a different set of photos for passport?…where to print the online passport application?

  • 1. All photos should be identical.
    2. Only 1 set of documents are required i.e. 1 copy of each document.

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil,

    I followed up with CKGS this morning, I said I’m done with every thing except the last step where I clicked on My account and I’m on the same page.
    They said they have browser problems with Chrome, they told me the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox or IE. I logged in with Internet Explorer and I can see my all my documents are ready to ship.Hope this helps who has similar issues.


  • Sunny 99

    What to write in the below sections?? Amount paid is total amount, mod of payment is by card, what is the last column delivery by mail?? leave it blank as it is

  • Sunny 99

    I’m on F1 Visa(EAD/OPT)does this apply to me if so what to select in that sections??

  • This is what is given in your current passport. Check the first page of current passport. If you see an ECR stamp there, check the ECR box. If not, then check ‘ECNR’.

  • ya..leave it blank. Its an old format and CKGS has not changed it.

  • Great. All the best.

  • Sam

    I just called CKGS…and according to the CS they no longer accept USPS only UPS if you don’t use their service. Perhaps you can update your info accordingly.

  • Sunny 99

    I checked my passport there is one stamp with ministry of external affairs. What do i do now?

  • Hi Sunny,
    If the stamp SPECIFICALLY says that ECR required, then check that ECR box. If there is no STAMP, then you should check ECNR.
    All STAMPS are NOT same. You have to read what the stamp says.
    If the stamp you have, does not say anything about ECR (Emmigration check required) or ECNR, then you can safely assume that you do NOT have that stamp. In this case, check ECNR box.

  • Sunny 99

    Okay, thank you.

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil,

    I’m all set to ship the documents, just wanted to make sure everything is correct.

    1. Do we need color print out’s for everything except, passport( which is particularly mentioned B&W in the form)
    2. I still did not get my Permanent DL, I got that Temp DL copy can I use it as my ID for address proof?
    3. I joined as a roommate in my friend’s apartment, for getting the utility bill it may take next two weeks so mean while I got a lease document telling that I’m part of my friends apartment as a new resident. Will that work for passport renewal.


  • Sunny 99

    And one more thing only legal status in USA and Address proof are to be notarized right? Is there no necessary to notarize Passport front, back pages and also Visa pages because as I’m using it as my Indian address proof.

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil,

    For that ECNR/ECR checkbox I don’t see any ECR stamp on my passport, so I’m going with ECNR and will be providing my Master’s degree certificate, will that be fine?

  • Sunny 99

    Hi Anil,

    Does the passport application form(which contains section 29 with two signatures) needs to be notarized? because it doesn’t say so in the checklist? Please reply ASAP.

  • All your questions have been answered in above article. There is no need for re-confirmation for each one separately.

    Yes, this form needs to be notarized. I am not sure if they will accept or reject if you do not notarize. I strongly suggest to get it notarized.

  • Ananth

    Hi Anil,

    I’ve completed all the forms and just when I am about to ship them to CKGS, I found an error on “NRI Online Application” form with my Indian address. I am not able to edit the existing application. I am wondering if there is any way I can edit the current application or should I just create a new “NRI Online Application” on GOI webpage. My question is whether the new application will be linked to the CKGS web reference or will it cause more issues.

    Please advice.

    Thank you!

  • The best option is to call CKGS customer care and see if they can change it from their end. I am afraid that if they can’t, then you will have to create new application.

  • Raghu

    hello what should be date for “Residing in USA since” is it referring to latest entry date to US. please let me know

  • You can use any date, either your first arrival date or most recent one. I agree that the question is vague.

  • Raghu

    Also is Change of appearance comes as part of the online application or there is separate form ?

    BTW Anil, thanks for doing this appreciate it.

  • Change of Appearance is a separate form. I am not sure if CKGS has made it part of online wizard or not. If they have, you will see it while filling it online. Else, you can fill it separately.

  • Raghu

    Hello , “DECLARATION OF THE APPLICANT ON A PLAIN PAPER” Annesxure E, this is the option I am seeing ” I have never been repatriated from abroad back to India at the expense of Government of India, but reimbursed expenditure incurred in connection with such repatriation. ” , I am confused about the “but reimbursed expenditure incurred in connection with such repatriation. Is this right ?

  • Sunny 99

    Just write ‘NO’ in that section.

  • Raghu

    Thank you

  • Divya

    Thanks; the article has been really helpful! I have a quick question about photographs. I have affixed one photo in the passport application form and one on the nationality verification form, in the specific boxes provided. What about the third photo? Should I affix it somewhere (if yes, where?), or should I just leave it loose in the envelope? Should I provide extra photographs for any reason? Thanks!

  • Just attach it with a paper clip on the top of documents.

  • Veena

    You will have to provide US address proof, at least as per the checklist that’s provided in package, better ask CKGS about it.

  • Deven

    Hi Anil,

    Thank you very much for all your efforts in putting together an easy-to-follow guide for the passport renewal process. You’ve gone beyond the generic information that is out there, and included screenshots and images to clarify some of the points. I really admire your commitment to helping others who are in the same boat of passport renewal in USA.

    I have a quick question about the shipping part – has CKGS really stopped accepting USPS envelopes all together? I contacted customer care, but they read back the same disclaimer that is their on the website to discourage people from using USPS.

    Thanks again!

  • MP

    Hi Anil, I see you and others talk about Change of appearance form . I was told by CKGS ,Change of appearance form is mandatory now and I don’t recollect that anywhere it says it is a mandatory in the CKGS website. Due to this my application got delayed until for 1 week. If you guys are already aware, please ignore my comments.

  • I am hearing it for the first time that they have made it mandatory. Earlier, it was required only your appearance has changed significantly as compared to last passport photo.

  • I have heard from many people that CKGS is simply asking them to NOT use USPS. I do not have any first hand experience to share.
    May be, some other person who got it renewed recently may be able to share it here.

  • avsj

    Just wanted to say thank you!

    I followed the contents you have detailed here and some clarifications in the comments which made it very easy for me to renew my passport.


  • Sunny 99

    Got my passport yesterday, applied on 16th March delivered on April 7 from Chicago embassy. Thumbs up Anil on your efforts for making it simple and easy.


    Hello Anil, I am Ronak,

    I am going to renew my passport which going to expire on 07/09/2017.

    I have started application and reach to document checklist where it shows documents required self attested all and need to submit Change of appearance and Ann E along with original form.

    1) Is change of appearance and annex E is need to submit? as my other friends who have recently renew passport but they didnt need that so i am confusing.

    2) In checklist my other friend applicant have notarized document required while in my case all documents are self attested mention, so is it rightway to proceed or need to confirm?

    3) In checklist mention term “Indian original passport” and “Indian most recent passport” is that both terms meaning same or different? As rightnow i have only with me my recent passport which issued on 2007 and going to expire on 2017.

    As previous passport issued in 1999 which is minor so automatically canceled and new issued on 2007.. so is it necessary to submit that 1999 originated passport or only need to submit original current passport?

    Please inform me… Thank you

  • 1. Some people have reported that they have been asked to submit change of appearance form. You should also submit, if it shows up on screen as mandatory.
    2. Notarize only the documents that are marked as ‘to be notarized’. if it says self-attested, just sign yourself.
    3. Send the most recent Indian original passport i.e. your passport from 2007-2017 along with your CHILD passport.

  • You are welcome. I am glad it helped you. Just a quick question since you just got your new passport:

    1. Did you submit ‘Change of appearance form’? Some people are reporting that it is mandatory now. is it true?
    2. Did you use USPS mailing or UPS or CKGS mail option? I have heard that they do not accept USPS. Is it true?

    Your answers and experience will help others too. I appreciate your help in advance.

  • Great. I am glad it has helped you.
    it would be great if you can help us with these two clarifications since you just got your passport renewed:

    1. Did you submit ‘Change of appearance form’? Some people are reporting that it is mandatory now. is it true?
    2. Did you use USPS mailing or UPS or CKGS mail option? I have heard that they do not accept USPS. Is it true?

    Your answers and experience will help others too. I appreciate your help in advance.


    Hello anil
    That child passport is not available with me and it is cancelled one.
    Is it necessary to submit it?

  • avsj

    1. Yes. I submitted a change of appearance form, though the CKGS instructions didn’t mention them as mandatory.
    2. I bought the shipping from CKGS(Fedex). I did call CKGS and they advised me not to ship via USPS

  • Sunny 99

    Hello Anil,

    1. I didn’t submit any ‘Change of appearance form’. All I sent was the above documents check list form the blog.
    2. I went with CKGS mail option(FEDEX one day shipping approximately 30$ for shipping and returning). I didn’t ask them any thing about USPS or UPS mailing options.
    You can ask me still if you need anything else. Hope it helps others too.


  • Thanks Sunny. I appreciate your response.

  • ok. Great. Thanks AVSJ for your response. I appreciate it.

  • It is recommended to submit all previous passports. In-fact, when you travel, you should carry all your old passports too with you.
    Nevertheless, you can submit what all passports you have with you. In case they want child passport too, CKGS will connect with you.

  • Rose

    I have a question on passport renewal. CKGS asks ‘ to be self attested’ on some documents. It doesnt say anything about notarizing.Do we still have to notarize them?..
    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Sunny 99


    I recently applied for passport renewal, as Anil mentioned if it says self assisted just sign them. These are the documents which I notarized for renewal.
    1. My old passport Front and back
    2. My visa copy(F1 stamping page)
    3. My Work status(as I’m a student I notarized my EAD/OPT)
    4. Valid ID proof(ID card/License/Lease doc)
    Lastly I did not notarize the nationality verification form as I had a doubt whether to do it or not(called them up and CKGS guys told me not necessary)
    Hope this helps. I actually followed the above steps from Anil as he made it very easy.


  • Deven

    Hi Anil,

    On the website, I had opted for return shipping through CKGS, but for some reason that payment was not processed and my application changed to ‘Pickup:Walk In’. CKGS later advised me to include the return shipping label with my application.

    In the end, I used a USPS priority mail envelope to send my package to CKGS and included a UPS Ground return shipping label inside the packet. I confirmed with CKGS that they would use their own return envelope, and I would have to just include a return label.

    For the return shipping label, the website doesn’t have an option for USPS when we choose ‘I’ll use my own return label’ and enter the AWB/tracking number. My understanding is this is inline with their reply that USPS labels have a limited validity, and would expire if the passport took longer to process. This is further supported by the fact that the USPS option is present when entering the AWB number when sending the package to CKGS.

    I would like to highlight that using UPS Ground takes about 3-5 business days and at $9.68 for me, was still cheaper than going with the CKGS return option.

    Hope my experience benefits someone.

    Thanks again for your informative webpage, and for taking the time to reply to comments!

  • Thanks Deven for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.

  • Thanks Sunny for the help. We appreciate it.

  • There is no need to notarize if the document listed is marked as ‘Self attested’. You should just sign it yourself.

  • Rose

    Thanks all..For my CKGS checklist, it mentions ‘self attested’ even for passport copy,visa copy and address proof.When I called CKGS, they asked me to notarize only change of appearance form. So, I am proceeding with self attesting all copies. Hope it goes through 🙂

  • Sidharth Mehra

    @SoanT:disqus thanks a lot for all the help.
    I had my passport renewed in 10 days. Just wanted to add my views for other people here.
    Only notarize documents they ask to be notarized in the checklist.
    Make sure you follow all other specifications like self attestation and ordering of documents.
    Overall a very smooth experience.

  • Thanks Sigharth.

  • Sandeep

    Great Job! Mr Anil…

    I have a question I am doing my renewal of passport from US and I am a resident of US, I am going to use the US address on passport have all relevant proofs for the same.Do I still need to put permanent address used earlier in my passport same as before ? My relative owns the house and has been rented now, the problem is without putting that information i cannot proceed on CKGS site.

    Please suggest.

  • You can put the Indian address. It does not make any difference. There is no police verification done if you renew passport from USA. If you had stayed at that address (or the address that’s currently on your passport) is perfectly fine.

  • Hari Ram

    Hi Rose, Same for my CKGS checklist. It does not say to notarize any but change of appearance form. Could you please let me know if they have accepted your application. Thank you. Harry

  • Hari Ram

    Hi Ronak, Same for my CKGS checklist. It does not say to notarize any but change of appearance form. Could you please let me know if they have accepted your application. Thank you. Harry


    Hi Hari,
    I have submitted application and it is currently with indian consulate. Ckgs check everything and provide message everything is ok but if indian consulate demand further documents than will receive information in next week. If something I will inform you in next week.

  • Hari Ram

    Thank you for your reply. CKGS requested 3 photographs. Does it mean I have to send 3 photographs apart from the one I attached to National verification form, change of appearance form, and application form. Or they just mean overall 3 photographs. Thanks. Best, Hari

  • They just mean overall 3 photographs that you have pasted on various forms. No need to send extra pictures.

  • Good.

  • Sharan

    Thank you so much Anil for the the help!

    I’ve put my India address as the permanent address, but am a resident of the US and have attached my US lease agreement for “Valid US Residence Proof”. Do I still need to attach any valid India residence proof? Unfortunately I don’t have any other document to hand showing my Indian address proof.

    Please advise if this is a problem. Hopefully they will just print the Indian permanent address.

  • There is no need to provide Indian address proof. But, in your case, they will most probably print US address on your passport.

  • Archana Jayavel

    Hi Anil,

    I have a question regarding passport renewal from the US. I moved to the States after marriage and it’s been 3 years since; my old address in India is my parents home and my husband doesn’t own a house in India. Would you recommend printing the US address on the passport or the Indian address?

    Thank you

  • If you can’t get a notarized copy of your Indian address proof, you have no other option than to get US address printed.
    I myself have US address printed on my passport and there is no issue. I have even moved and still have old US address on Passport.

  • Archana Jayavel

    Thanks for your advice Anil!

  • Dakshayani Gowda

    Is any one submitted directly or walk-in ? Need to know the procedure incase if we walk in for passport renewal

  • Zareena Begum

    I have chosen FedEx courier option and paid $30 for to and fro shipping. do I need to put return envelop along with application in main envelope? FedEx label and ckgs bar code is generated only for sending application but not for return envelope. I want to know whether ckgs itself send renewed passport using their envelope.

  • Zareena Begum

    Got reply from CKGS. They said there is no need to put return envelope. CKGS will take care about return envelope and its shipping.

  • Thanks Zareena for sharing your experience. It will certainly help others.

  • You would need to walk in to C&K office. You would still not get the new passport same day.
    I would suggest to use the mailing service as it is better and easier. The new passport will come home in the mail.

  • Zareena Begum

    Thank you Anil, your discussion is really helpful regarding passport related issues.

  • Satish Kumar

    Hello Anil,

    Do I need to self attest my wife passpor copies and our marriage certificate?

  • Please follow the attestation type as highlighted in Cox n kings online application.
    There is no harm in Self attestation even if it is not mentioned. If it says to notarize it, then you will need to find a notary.

  • Prabhu

    Hi Ananth – Just curious . How did you resolve this issue ? Did you create a new “NRI Online Application” of the GOI webpage ? unfortunately , I forgot to copy the “Temporary Application ID” , and now I am not able to reprint the application. I am tempted to create a new application, but I am afraid this might create more problems. Let us know what you did .

  • Prabhu

    Hi Sunny – Did you call the CKGS call center ? Which one did you call ? was it one of the centers in the US ?

  • Sunny 99

    Yes, I called to the customer service CKGS in USA.

  • Amit Kumar Barik

    Great article 🙂 Thank you so much.

    I do have a quick question. I have three passport size photos which were take last month but with different clothes. Is it okay if the three photos don’t EXACTLY match each other, but follow rest of the photo guidelines?

  • Prabhu

    I thinks its advisable to have three of the exact same pictures. One of them goes on the “Change of Appearance” form , the other on the online application form that you would print out. And the third on the nationality verification form !

  • Prabhu

    Hi Anil – Do we have to sign it on all the pages of the document ? or just on the last page of the document ?

  • Yes, I agree with Prabhu. It is advisable to get all 3 same photos.
    You never know what kind of issue they might create and you end up spending more on mailing cost again than the pictures themselves.

  • Signing on all pages is advisable.
    Also, Mark all pages (photocopies) as ‘ONLY FOR INDIAN PASSPORT RENEWAL’ just like a watermark on an image.

    This way, these docs cannot be mis-used.

  • Venkat

    Hi, I used the photo with white background for the re-issue of PP (affixed 3 photos – Nationality veryfication, Application & Change in appearance form) and unfortunately had light blue shirt for clipping and looks like white in photo.
    Will this be accepted with white shirt & white background…otherwise photo with face is crystal clear as per spec. Thanks.

  • Venkat

    I submitted my renewal application y’day and today all check is complete by CKGS and is with consulate for decision making. Is there a chance that they will ask for new photo as my submitted photo – backround & shirt color same (White)

  • I don’t think so. You are all set if they have verified everything.

  • Taken

    My application has been received today at Houston center. Does someone know the current processing time there?

  • Normally, it is 3 weeks.

  • Taken

    Thank you so much! My employer has to file my H1B amendment asap, I am hoping that I get the new passport soon.

  • Taken

    My application has been verified by ckgs and it is showing being processed at Embassy now.

  • Yahoo

    is there any update on your application? I am trying to understand the current processing time.

  • Rutuja

    Hello Anil, I am an international student from August,2017(First entry to states). I only have monthly Rental Lease agreement dated 10th June,2017 as Valid US Residence Proof. Before that i was living with a friend (without lease). Will the lease agreement be accepted if I apply now since it is quite new?

  • Rutuja

    Sorry for the error. I am an international student in Dallas since August,2016.

  • You should receive it pretty fast then. I think in 10 days.

  • It does not matter how new an agreement is. The only thing that matters is that it should be VALID and has not expired at the time of using it for passport renewal.

  • Venkat

    Still it’s under Process at Embassy.

  • Venkat

    Thanks, Anil. Appreciate your support.

  • Yahoo

    Thanks for the update. Mine is on the same stage. Please keep posted there is an update.

  • Ronnie

    Hey, Anil,

    Firstly great article. I have 2 quick questions for you:

    1) It says you can renew after 10 years. So if my passport is issued in 2010, and expires on 2020, can I renew my passport in the US 4-5 months before expiration on 2020 ? Or does this not count as ‘after’ 10 years.

    2) This might be a difficult question to answer, but just throwing it out there. If you’re passport is expiring in 2 years, can you still get a 5 year F1 visa, if you’re eligible.

    Thanks and appreciate your response in advance.

  • 1. You have to renew before the expiry date mentioned on your current passport. You can’t wait to let it expire and then go for renewal. If you do, this would complicate the process.
    So, the 4-5 months means the time before the expiry date.
    2. To get a visa, the only condition is to have the passport valid for next 6 months (at the time of applying for visa). Once you get the visa, you can apply for renewal of your passport.

    It is NOT possible to keep the passport expiry and visa dates in sync. They both are different processes and you should not worry.
    The visa in expired passport remains valid until the visa expiry date even though your passport has expired.

  • Yahoo

    Did you get any further update?

  • Satish Kumar

    Hello All,

    I want to share my experience here.

    I recommend sending documents via CKGS postal service ( I bought FEDEX shipping service from CKGS for 30$ roundtrip)

    I sent the following documents to CKGS – Houston service center on June 05 2017


    If u see I only notarized CHANGE OF APPEARANCE/SIGNATURE FORM, don’t waste ur money on notarizing any other forms if it is not mentioned in CKGS document checklist.

    My application reached the next day 06 Jun 2017 in the morning and I started getting SMS updates from CKGS as the following.

    06/06/2017 11:16 AM – package received
    06/06/2017 11:16 AM – Application verified
    06/06/2017 12:51 PM – Application under process at CKGS
    06/06/2017 12:51 PM – Application in transit to the Indian consulate
    06/06/2017 12:51 PM – Application under process at Consulate

    06/16/2017 11:36 AM – Application reviewed by Consulate
    06/16/2017 2:05 PM – Passport reached CKGS sorting facility
    06/16/2017 04:01 PM – Passport dispatched

    and I got the passport on 06/19/2017 by afternoon.

    Over all process was very smooth and exactly they are taking 10 business days to process application.

    Thanks to Anil for this great article.

  • Yahoo

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It helps a lot. Which consulate was your application processed at?

  • Satish Kumar


  • Yahoo

    awesome, mine is Houston too. Thank you.

  • Rohitha Reddy Matta

    Thank you for the article, it is very very helpful.
    I am facing problem with NRI online application website. It is continuously returning a blank page whenever I click print.

    Is there any particular web version it works on? I tried Mozilla, IE and chrome with full permissions allowed. Or shall I just consider that the website is down for the day.

    Anyone faced the same problem before? suggestions would help.
    Thank you very much.

  • Thanks Satish for sharing your experience. It certainly will help lot of people.

  • I have not heard of any browser issues as such.
    Are you sure nothing in your network is blocking the website?

    If you are opening it in your office network, try at home. Or try a different computer/laptop or your mobile to see nothing in the system is blocking it.

  • Rohitha Reddy Matta

    I think their website was down yesterday. I got it downloaded today 🙂 . Thank you for the reply.

  • Venkat c

    Sir, I have a question. I’m renewing my passport that is expiring after 10 years. I see in the final check list Photocopy – Passport (first 5 + last 2 pages). Do I have to send them just the photo copies of my passport or the actual original passport. I also see in the picture original passport is attached to the money order in the envelope. Please advise. Thank you very much for the help

  • Yes, original current passport (which you are renewing) has to be sent in the packet. Passport copies are also required.

  • Taken

    I just got my passport renewed from Houston Consulate. If anyone is curious about current processing time, it is 10 business days. My application was received at CKGS on 6/12 and I got my passport back today 6/26. Hope this helps.

  • Native_Indian_Rest_LEAVE_Quick

    A weird question. What do you guys get back in your approved packet? Can any one precisely tell me what do we get other than new Indian passport and old Indian passport. Do they Return any of the documents we send ? Or anything else?

  • Sathish Paul


    Is it mandatory to upload photo in Online NRI Passport application form?.I submitted without uploading my photo.Do I need to start a fresh application again?

  • Native_Indian_Rest_LEAVE_Quick

    I didn’t do that. I got mine renewed without any issue. I should be getting mine soon

  • You only get ‘old’ and ‘new’ passport back. None of the documents are returned.

  • Nisha

    So I chose to walk-in and get my renewed passport via Fedex. I was wondering do I still have to give them a return envelop? In ‘my account’, it says CKGS will print the return address, but it says nothing about giving them a return envelop!

  • Nisha

    Hi Ananth,
    I also found an error in my application. Can you please tell me how did you resolve the issue?

  • Yes, as per the new process between CKGS and Fedex, CKGS arranges the return envelope on their own. You do not need to send it.

  • You should call the CKGS call center if ‘Edit’ is not enabled.

  • You should call the CKGS call center if ‘Edit’ is not enabled. They should be able to correct it.

  • OneFlewOverCuckoo’sNest

    Hello – I am renewing my mom’s Indian passport. She’s a green card holder, and is residing in the US since 2003. Her Indian passport has Indian address where no one currently resides. Any suggestions on what should be included in the “two relatives” reference fields on the nationality verification form?

  • You can mention the details of any two neighbors around your Indian address (where she used to live).
    That should work.

  • vakar

    HI Anil,

    I am recent married , my wife is in india and I want include her name in my re-issue passport , copy of her passport and Marriage certificates are enough right ?

    and do I need include Indian address proof as well. I dnt have adhar card with me. Only passport is the source for india address proof. is it enough?

  • vakar

    I am married recently , my wife is in India and I want to include her name
    in my re-issue passport , copy of her passport and Marriage
    certificates are enough for it right ?

    and do I need to include Indian
    address proof as well. I dn’t have adhar card with me. Only passport is
    the source for india address proof. is it enough? I am keeping India address as permanent address.

  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  • Rohitha Reddy Matta


    This article helped me a lot in applying for passport renewal successfully and I would like to share my experience which may be helpful.
    Documents attached:
    Washington DC embassy
    1. Copy of Document checklist by CKGS – only notarize the forms which are mentioned in there. For self attestation, sign overlapping the printed document. Option : can write ‘True copy – self attested – (your signature)’
    2. Original passport
    3. 3 Photographs – 1 in Nationality verification form, 1 in NRI passport application form and 1 in appearance change. If you don’t submit appearance change form, put one lose.
    4. Copy of Receipt of payment to CKGS
    5. NRI passport application – In case you made a mistake in filling the form, create another one in NRI site. BUT remember to enter the correct form number in CKGS website. Please do not hit submit in CKGS website without re-checking your NRI form and its number. You might have to call CKGS to rectify if you hit submit and then find some mistake in the form. (No need to upload picture in NRI site. Paste photo after printing)
    6. Nationality verification form
    7. Passport copy of first 5pages and last pages until observation page – self attested
    8. US legal status: all issued I20s (copy) – self attested
    9. US Address proof: Copy of Driver’s license – self attested
    10. Indian Address proof: Copy of utility bill under father’s name – attested by parent – attached birth certificate – self attested (my Aadhar card and driver’s license had previous address. Attach birth certificate if utility is under your parent’s name. I had my father send a scanned copy of utility bill with his signature on it.)
    11. Change of appearance form – Notarized
    12. Annexure-E
    13. They will give a – bar code – which can be found under print documents section in my account (CKGS) – Need to paste this under fedex shipping label on the envelope.

    I bought the mailing option from CKGS fedex service. They received the mail on 28th july and I received my passport on July12th. So overall it took 10 business days.

  • Neo

    Hi Anil,

    Thank you for this great guide.
    Was very helpful in my passport renewal process.

    I had mine renewed at CKGS-Chicago.
    I chose to walk-in to drop-off and pickup.
    Very helpful staff and my passport was ready for pickup in 3 weeks like they said when I submitted the application.
    Like many other comments below, I only notarized the ‘Change of Appearance / Signature Form’ as that’s what they wanted on the final checklist and self-attested the other documents..

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks Neo for sharing your experience.

  • arti

    Thank you for your article. I have an appointment to re-issue my passport, and since I recently got married I added my husband’s name to passport. (Yes to “Addition of Spouse name after Marriage”)

    The document checklist does not ask me to get my marriage certificate or husband’s passport copy. Immihelp and your article do mention that we need it.
    CKGS said they have simplified things now, but I am wondering if this is true for everyone?


    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for answering queries here. I have indian passport which is up for renewal. I want the same indian address listed in passport not an US address. Do i need to submit notarized Address proof other than my passport. As i see in one form where it is asks to choose Address printed on passport, there is red mark indicator which says same as address proof.

  • Yes, you would need to submit any utility bill (of Indian address) – Notarized.

  • You can still take it with you (or send it as part of packet) as a safer option.
    CKGS may have changed this requirement recently, so, if they say they don’t need it, then you are good.

    I have not heard about this change yet from anyone, so can’t really say with 100% confidence.
    Once, your passport is issued, we would be able to confirm if they need it or not.

  • Native_Indian_Rest_LEAVE_Quick

    Thanks BOSS. God bless for helping us here.

  • Native_Indian_Rest_LEAVE_Quick

    This blog is big help ($500 worth in my case). Chose to do it myself instead of going with Indian attorney. Process is simple if you follow the instructions in CKGS website but your blog made it even much easier plus positive feedback from comments. Thanks everyone.

    For Reference:
    I’m an applicant of U-visa (i-918) and just got 2 year DA EAD through u visa. U-Visa is still not fully approved but I’m on waiting list. So i was confused if I qualify to renew my passport and was not sure if they will renew my Indian passport. But they did. Can’t travel outside USA til get Green Card. They sent my passport back in 8 days . Sent it on Thursday and I had it back in my hands next Friday. (Jumbo booklet type).

  • Thanks. We appreciate your feedback.

  • Thanks.

  • You are welcome.

  • arti

    Hi Anil,

    My appointment was on last Friday. I carried all original and its copies just to be safe.
    They only asked for what was on the checklist. It seems they have simplified the process now.

  • Thanks for your information.
    It will certainly help others.

  • Kiran Darekar

    Thank you very much for this blog. It helped me reissue my new passport without any hassles.

  • You are welcome. We are glad it helped you.

  • Tejas Sahasranaman

    Thank you very much for this blog. Do I need to notarize my I-20 as well?

  • You will get a list of documents to notarize when you create the application online based on your specific case.

  • Fatima

    How many photographs are needed in total? 3 loose ones and plus ones we attach or 3 in total?

  • stan

    Hi @SoanT:disqus just wondering can I provide a drivers license as address proof?

  • Please follow the list of documents as provided above.

  • Trupti Joshi

    Hi, I’m preparing to send my application to CKGS for renewing my passport. The document checklist includes “Original Indian Passport” and “Original Most Recent Indian Passport” – does this mean I need to send both: my old passport (issued in 1998 and expired in 2008) and the presently valid passport which I’m renewing? If yes, do I need to send copies of the first five pages and last two pages of the old passport as well?

  • Yes, old passports have to be sent and their copies too.

  • Trupti Joshi

    Hi Anil, thanks. I called the CKGS two days back and they said I just need to send the current passport and copies of the current passport. My application has reached CKGS and I have received their confirmation that all the documents are in order. So, it seems, at least in my case, just the current passport is sufficient.

  • Thanks Trupti for the information. Looks like CKGS has eased the process further. It is certainly going to help other people visiting this page.

  • Samraj

    How many weeks/months does it take after my application has reached the center for renewal?

  • Normally, they process it within a week.

  • Mohamed Irfan

    Hi Anil,

    I see that CKGS check list they haven’t mentioned to get Notarization NRI Passport application form.
    As per the CKGS check list the only form we should get notarization is Change in Appearance form.

    Let me know did I missed to observe anywhere in this process, where they mentioned to get notarization for Online application form.



  • Ajith

    Thank you for this Anil! I followed all the things you mentioned and was able to get my passport renewed via normal processing (mailed everything) from the Embassy in Houston. It took 18 days (13 working days) for me to get the new passport in hand.

  • Pavan

    Even I haven’t noticed

  • shruti

    Hi Anil,
    As the waiting period is 10 working days until then i will not be having my passport with me so will that create any issue/problem since its the only identity proof i have ? i would be applying from Houston.

  • Raj Kumar

    Anybody please tell me that once the original passport is sent for renewal and it takes three to four weeks time then during these 3-4 weeks ,you will be without passport and if you have to travel within USA ,since passport is the only document you have , how it will be managed … Please tell ….

  • Great. I am glad it helped you. Thanks for coming back and sharing your experience too.

  • No. There should be no issue until you plan to travel by flight domestically, where they do need to show you the picture ID proof.
    If you have a US driving license, then you can use it as an ID proof.
    This is a normal passport renewal process and everybody goes through it.

  • As per my information, please note that only page 3 of this form needs notarization.

  • I would suggest to NOT travel if you do not have any other ID proof like a US driving license in this time period. If you do have to travel, then plan your passport renewal before travel dates. As far as I know, there is no work-around for this situation.

  • Meenakshi Sharma

    Hey Anil! Heartfelt thanks for the above explanation and guidance! I do have one query though…..since I am applying for a passport renewal online, and want to add my spouse’s name in the new passport (not changing my last name, just adding his name) do i need to send self attested copies of his passport and the marriage certificate……because i dont remember any mention of it on the website while filling up the form..or is there? Thanks again!

  • Yes, as per my information, you should send your spouse’s passport copies and marriage certificate copy.
    The list of documents is provided by CKGS when you start the application based on what you enter.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Hi Anil, Could you please tell me how much amount shall write in NRI application form amount paid $____ by ‘Credit card’ for delivery by mail $____ .
    (Passporte 75$, CKGS fee $19.95, ICWF fee $2, Shipping 15$, text 5$,, total cost $121.04) .

    Do I need to write amount paid 75 and mail 15???

    Thank you

  • You can leave it blank. Does not matter. It is an old form that they have not changed to reflect to online payment options.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Thank you for quick response. Much appreciate!!

  • You are welcome.

  • pammya

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for putting this together. If i need to put my indian address, then the proof of address that needs to be submitted includes Aadhar card or Drivers license or Utility bill or Recent bank statement from Government bank (should have affixed photograph). Unfortunately i don’t have the first three items. I do have an account in Govt bank with the address of my parents which i would like to use. I am not sure what they mean “affixing photo in statement” means. Any insight would be helpful.

  • They mean the paper based statement booklet that’s issued by government banks. That booklet has the photo of the account holder with the bank stamp.
    They would need that booklet’s first page’s copy showing your photo and address.

    For example, if you have seen any SBI bank’s passbook, you will know what i am talking about.
    Here is the example:

  • pammya

    Thank you Anil. That helps

  • Rakhi

    Hi Anil, Very helpful your write up. I would like to know whether the CKGS shipping is included with tracking and the sending envelope charge too?, or do we need to buy the envelope to send the passport from Fedex or ups?
    Also, is this a economy shipping or can we send it as a overnight shipping ?

  • As per my information, there is only one type of shipping available with FedEx or UPS, that has already been set up between these companies and CKGS.
    You pay for it on CKGS website and then then visit FedEx or UPS (as you would have selected before payment), and use their FREE envelope for that service.
    Return envelope is taken care-of by CKGS. You do not need to send it.

  • Rakhi

    Thank you for the reply, i appreciate it. I have an another question it just came across, Could you please tell What is a ‘Change of Appearance Form’ ? Is it something to do with change the appearance of your passport? And also what is an Annexure E? Does everybody has to do these two forms?

  • 1. ‘Change of Appearance’ form is for people who’s facial appearance has changed significantly as compared to their picture in current passport.
    For e.g. lot of people gain weight and then their today’s face might look different than their picture that’s 10 year old.
    If your face has also changed a lot, you have to fill this form, else, you can skip it.
    2. Annexure ‘E’ – Specimen Declaration of the applicant on a plain paper
    is a general affidavit to be signed by everyone applying for passport. It has some general points about yourself. You can read those point here:

  • Rakhi

    Thanks again for making it easy for many people!

  • Mohamed Irfan

    Hi Anil,
    Let me Thank you first for your effort and time spent for making this blog with the intention to help others.
    I got my passport, As I said got notarization in Change of Appearance form. Also Checked in CKGS application form. They have mentioned that if we are applying for Infant then the Online Application form need notarization.
    Note : CKGS has sms service including the Fedex/UPS tracking

  • Great. Thanks for your feedback.
    We are glad it helped you.

  • You are welcome.

  • Swapnil

    Hi Anil, thanks for the instructions. They are pretty helpful. I have applied for the passport renewal (before expiration date) at the Atlanta Consulate. Does anyone know the processing time for the Atlanta Consulate ? CKGS website mentioned it to be 6 to 8 weeks and I was wondering if that is necessarily true ?

  • 6-8 weeks is keeping in mind if they need any more documentation from you or if Embassy takes more time to process your new passport.
    Normally, it is pretty fast and you should get the new passport within 2 weeks of sending your application.

  • Tanmay

    Hello Anil,

    Can I use cell phone bill as a address proof

  • No.

  • Ana A

    Hello Anil, Thank you for putting this together. Is the Change in Appearance form supposed to be notarized even though I have said nothing has changed? Also, what do you need to take to the notary to get this form notarized?

  • Did you start the CKGS online application? If yes, then it tells you what form is mandatory for your case and what not.
    “change in Appearance’ form is only needed if your appearance has changed from earlier passport’s picture.

    To get it notarized, you do not need anything except your current passport. Notary will just notarize your signature on the form. That’s it.

  • Rakhi

    Hi Anil, Could you or anyone else please share normally how much time it takes to get processed at Washington DC consulate? i mean the entire processing time till you get your passport in hand? Thanks

  • Ana A

    Thank you for your response Anil. Yes, I had filled out the entire application, and the checklist generated said that the form was needed. Nevertheless, I called CKGS yesterday, and they said that I would need the form to be notarized whether or not my face and/or signature have changed. Also, for others who may need assistance with notarization – my local TD bank did it for free even though I am not a customer. But please note, there are 2 types of notarization – Acknowledgement and Jurat. The lady at the TD bank branch was able to do the acknowledgement notarization , which means , she did not stamp her seal on the original form. Instead, she attached another document that said that she has validated everything and I am indeed who I say I am. That page has her notary seal on it. I then called CKGS again, and they said that the “Acknowledgement” type notarization should be ok, however, they prefer the Jurat type.

  • Rakhi

    What number you call to get in touch with CKGS, if you like to share..?, Is that the one on customer care? Thanks

  • The time varies each month but you can consider 2 weeks as the standard from the time you send your package and the time you finally receive your passport.

  • Thanks Ana for sharing the details. We appreciate it.

  • Ana A

    Hi Rakhi, I called them on (213) 213-5019 . They are available from 9:00 AM – 10:00PM ET Monday-Friday.

  • Rakhi

    Ok. Thanks. Another question if i may, Have you or anyone-else ever had to upload a photo of yourself in anywhere on the forms while filling up them online?

  • Rakhi

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

  • Rakhi

    Hi Ana, I would like to know one more thing if you would like to share, Have you uploaded any photographs of yours when you were filling up the online NRI passport application ? I happen to read it on the CKGS instruction page but i havent heard about it from anyone else.. It will be great help if you could share you experience. Thanks

  • Rakhi

    Hi Anil, Now i am really depending on your write up and your valuable suggestions regarding the passport renewal… I was almost going to fill up the online NRI Passport Application Form and i just happen to read the filling up instructions given by CKGS website. In that they mentioned uploading a picture of applicant with some specifications. This is, where, after you give all your basic information about yourself on the online NRI passport application form and before you get to print out the form for filling it up manually from 7-29 questions. When i was reading your write up and question and answers in your blog , i haven’t seen anyone mentioning about uploading a picture. So i was wondering what was your experience and Did you ever had to upload your picture on the online form? or, anyone else has that experience?. I am sort of stuck here because if the picture needs to be uploaded i have to scan and to be ready when i start filling it up online. So if you could answer my concern at the earliest that will be a great help for me.. Thanks again . I appreciate it.

  • Don’t worry. Yes, they do ask you to upload the picture on while filling the Online NRI application form.
    I guess i may have missed that point in above article.

  • Rakhi

    Ok, Can i use the same passport size photo to scan and upload?, i mean the same ones which will be used for affixing on the forms ?
    Please advice if you have any suggestions on uploading the photo, like anything to be careful or to be avoided and any size specifications etc.,.. Thanks again. i appreciate it.

  • Amit

    I am applying for Passport renewal at Houston office I have follwowing questions. 1) Is it mandatory to add spouse name in Passport if you are married? 2) My passport expires on 10/30/2017 . Will it be fine If i mail out package to CKGS by 10/23/2017?

  • 1. No it is not mandatory. It is your choice if you want to add spouse name or not.
    2. You should apply for passport renewal before expiry to avoid issues later.
    I would strongly suggest to send the package as early as possible as your passport expiry is too close.

  • Yes, use the same photo as you would be pasting on the forms. You can yourself scan it and upload.
    I guess that’s what everybody does.

  • passport4new

    Hi Anil,
    I have applied for renewal
    In -> 1. Start with CKGS Passport Application Form
    Under Miscellaneous service i have selected no change in address
    I have already paid fees , now when at online NRI application govt website, is it OK if i select USA address to be printed on new passport at question 3, My old passport has India address, but i dont have any proof with me except my old passport for India address , no Aadhar , No DL and utility bills are in parents name , My SBI Bank account was closed years ago

  • I would suggest to re-start the application or edit the existing one.

  • passport4new

    so if i restart application, will i have to pay fees again ? I dont see any option to edit the current application, please note that I have only completed 5 main steps till pay, have not completed step 6 and 7, I have all the proof for US address though

  • Sorry, my bad. I completely missed the point that you have already paid the fees.

    There is no issue as such with your application. If you do not provide the Indian address proof, they will automatically put the US address.
    Do not re-start the application.

    You can confirm this by calling CKGS customer care too.

  • passport4new

    I called CKGS customer care, they said to cancel current application by cancelling payment and fill in new application

  • ok. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Rakesh

    Hi Anil
    in the CKGS => Applicants details => Family Details
    Full name of Father : ??
    Should the name of my father/mother/spouse be in format or
    I am getting confused as it is reversed in india compared to usa.

  • Rakesh

    Hi Anil
    Address to be printed in Indian passport : 1. USA 2. INDIA
    What should we select ?
    If i select USA, next time when renewing I will not be in same address and will not have any proof of address. Is selecting INDIA better option ?
    Please help


  • Rakhi

    Ok. Thanks..

  • It should be first name – lastname. Follow the Indian format.

  • 1. If you select Indian address and it is different than the current address in your current passport, then you will have to provide Indian address proof.
    2. If you choose USA, then your current USA address proof is fine. Next time when you renew, you can use the address that you have at that time.

  • Rakesh

    Thank you Anil

  • Rakesh

    Great, thanks Anil

  • passport4new

    which i-797 copy to attach, latest one or all ?

  • Nirmal

    Hi Anil, 3 photos enough for Passport Renewal? One’s we attach to Online application form, National Verification form and appearance form? or Do we need to send them additional 3?

  • Yes, only 3 photo in total are required.

  • Latest one that is still valid.

  • Nirmal

    Thank you

  • Riyas


    My passport renewal has been pending with the Houston embassy since Oct 17th. I understand that the average processing time is 4 to 6 weeks. I had booked my India travel on Nov 27.

    If we go by the max processing time of 6 weeks I can get the passport only on Nov 28 or 29 which is beyond my booked travel date.

    Does it really take 6 weeks for embassy to return the passport to CKGS ? is there any way i can expedite the approval ? Any help will be appreciated.


  • Hi Riyas,
    I do not know of a way to expedite the request.
    On the other hand, you have ample time for your travel. Don’t worry, you will get your passport within next week.
    Normally, it only takes 1-2 weeks. If you do not get it by Nov 10, you can call CGGS and ask for the reason for delay.

  • Riyas

    Thanks Anil for the reply.
    Also had emailed the Houston embassy got the below reply
    “4 weeks is the normal processing time for passport issuance. You may request a status update once passport issuance is delayed beyond normal processing time.

    Consulate General of India”

  • You are welcome.

  • rish


    I am applying for my wife’s passport renewal from usa. This is the first time her passport is going to be renewed after getting married. The Indian address on her current passport is obsolete as it is her address before we got married. I wanted to know if it is possible to use my driving license as proof of her address (along with the marriage registration) if I want my Indian address to show up on her passport? She doesn’t have any documentation with my Indian address on it which she can submit as proof.

  • I don’t think she can use your ID for address proof. It has to be her name on the address proof.
    if she does not have any Indian proof, she can use the US address.

  • Rohit Kale

    Hi Anil,
    Good Morning. I am in process of renewing my passport. I had couple of questions regarding the Documents mentioned in the Checklist

    1. Where would i find the following document:
    – Change of Appearance form
    2. In the Sample Annexure E letter which I found online, There is mention of “Place” and “Date” right at the bottom of letter where you sign the letter. Since i am currently in US, should the “Place” be where i am currently at or my “Indian Address”

    Looking forward hearing back from you,


    Rohit Kale

  • 1. Change of Appearnace form will be available on CKGS website when you start your application.
    2. Place = Your current location i.e. city where you are currently in US.

  • Rakhi

    Hi Anil,

    Some thing just cam across, when you take passport page copies, it should be as separate Page 1, Page 2, page 3 etc., as copies? Or Is it ok if the (page 2 & page 3) , (Page 4 & Page 5) on the passport are together on the same side of the copy, I have these pages together when i scanned the passport pages since its easy to do that way, so wondering whether i have to scan the pages separately and take copies again?
    Your suggestion and experience will be much appreciated..
    Thanks again

  • Rohit Kale

    Hi Anil,
    Thank you for the quick response. I had another query regarding the NRI Passport Application.
    1. Why do we fill out the NRI passport Application, is it applicable if i am working in US on H1B and i am still citizen of India?
    2. In the sample of NRI Application form given above, The Address entered in “Address to be printed in Passport” is given to be US Address. Shouldn’t this be Indian Address since it should match the one which was given in CKGS website? Also shouldn’t Indian address be applicable for people who are still Indian citizens?

  • Hi Rohit,
    1. Since you are applying for passport renewal in Indian Embassy, it is assumed that you have plans to stay more than 6 months abroad. Else, you would have probably renewed your passport in India itself before coming or after going back to India. I guess, that is why they call it NRI passport application.
    2. You can provide your Indian address if you want it to be printed on your new passport. You would need to provide Indian address proof for that.

  • Two pages of passport on one single printed page are fine. There is no issue.

  • Sham

    I have chose option to add Spouse name but in document checklist – Marriage Certificate isn’t included.

  • Its okay then. The CKGS document list should be considered final.

  • dienekes

    Are passport copies of spouse and marriage certificate copy required in case of addition of spouse name on passport service? I did opt for this service as part of the passport renewal application but do not see these two on the document checklist.

  • Sham

    By 3 you mean is – just the ones stuck to the form right?

  • Yes

  • Are you adding your spouse name for the first time or just carrying it over from old to new passport.
    In case of new name addition for the first, they ask for Marriage certificate and Spouse passport copy. If you are just carrying it over, then do don’t ask for the proofs.

  • dienekes

    New addition, my current passport doesn’t have my wife’s name.
    But although they do show “addition of spouse name” as a miscellaneous service added to my online application, the document checklist doesn’t lists either the marriage cert or the spouse’s passport copy.
    However, as you suggested in your original post, I am anyways including copies of my wife’s passport front/last page and our marriage cert in the package. I guess extra documents should not cause any confusion.

  • Yep, I would do that too.
    There is no issue with including more documents.

  • Sree Anirudh Swayampu

    My passport is expiring on Feb 18.
    1. My address on the old passport and Aadhar card are different so can I post my Aadhar card for Indian address proof?
    2. Can post my discover savings bank statement for US address proof?

  • 1. Indian Address Proof – Yes, you can post Aadhar card.
    2. No, Discover bank statement is not a valid proof. These are acceptable for USA Address proof – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill or State ID.

  • Sree Anirudh Swayampu

    – my permanent address on licence and i20 is in california but i moved to delaware 2 months back. how can i post my documents as its asking me to post from my cali address else my app will be rejected. Below msg in red letters in the shipping page

    (Address entered must be identical as mentioned on the Govt. form and proof of address submitted. Your application will fall under ineligible category in case addresses are found to be mismatched. Ineligible category means that your application will be returned to you without further processing and you will be asked to re-apply following the correct process.)

    – can i fedex my docs to my cali address and ask my friends to fedex to Sanfrancisco juridiction.

  • There is no such requirement as to mail your documents from California. They do not verify the address that you send your docs from.

    What they mean is that the address printed on your address proof documents SHOULD MATCH with what you have entered online on CKGS website while filling application form.

    You can mail them from anywhere in US. It does not matter to them.

    In your case, if you are providing California address proof, then fill the same address on passport application forms.

  • Kumar

    Do we need to get notarized for Passport application form page no 29? Currently in my checklist it ask to get Notarized only for Change of Appearance Form only. Could you please confirm whether we need to notarize Passport Application form too.

  • If it is not mentioned for you, then you can ignore the notarization of form page 29.

  • Sree Anirudh Swayampu

    (Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or I- 797 approval notice or Valid I-20.)
    – my i20 shows end date as aug 27 and iam waiting for my EAD, so can i post the photocopy f1 visa on my passport ?

  • yes.

  • Vishal Vora

    Nationality verification form has “period of stay abroad” — is this from most recent entry to USA OR the entire period when someone left india for USA for the first time excluding visits abroad ? Question 12 on NRI application form is similar but different wording..
    And that seems to be ………. Enter the total duration (months/ years) you have lived continuously in USA.
    In between, if you have visited/ resided in location other than USA then exclude that period.

  • Rakhi

    Hi Anil,
    I have a question about the CKGS status update. When do they start sending text messages to your phone and update it on the ‘My account’ page at CKGS website after the package has been delivered at their center. ? I see my package has been delivered at the center through the tracking number but i havent received any text messages or any updates on ‘My Account ‘ page yet.!?
    Please share if you have any experience or have you ever heard anything like this before from anyone else?
    Thanks again for your help!

  • You can use the most recent period of stay length. It does not matter much.

  • You start getting messages as and when they have scanned your application packet into their system. it is possible that the package has been delivered to their office, but they still have not picked it up and scanned it.

  • Rakhi

    Thanks Anil, Also when the FedEX returns the passport do they require the person’s signature to deliver it?, Do you need to be at home when they deliver? Or anyone else at building management facility can sign and receive it for you? How does it work normally, Any idea?

  • Anyone can sign. Normally, If you are not there, they will leave the package at your doorstep.
    You can track and provide instructions to Fedex (if you have account with them online) about how to treat the package too. They might charge you for this though.

  • Moddy

    Hi Anil,
    I’m confused about this one question, do I need proof if I want the address (indian) on my old passport to stay the same on the new one? I see conflicting answers in the comments below.

  • Cox and King has changed the requirement a little bit. The old answers might talk about the old process.
    As per my information, If you want the address to remain same as what you have on your current passport, then there is no need Indian address proof required.

  • Sree Anirudh Swayampu

    will it not be a prob if they see the address and place of california in all the docs and iam getting it notarised in delaware!

  • No. They do not verify all these things.
    All documents that have valid and active supporting documents are acceptable all over USA.

    I am not sure why exactly are you doing this, but, I would suggest to submit the documents that are valid.

  • mahesh

    I have a question regarding USA address proof. I recently moved from NC to NY and I have drivers license having NC’s address. The only address I have currently is my Paycheck. Can I use that as USA address proof?

  • The acceptable proofs are:
    USA Address proof – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill or State ID.
    Unfortunately, Paycheck is not one of them.

    You can pretty much use the Driving License address as USA proof and then get the new passport mailed at your NY address. Mailing address can be different than real address.

  • mahesh

    Thank you so much for quick response.

  • You are welcome.

  • Amey Borkar

    Hi Anil,

    I have already submitted and printed the CKGS passport renewal form with a certain web id of “Online NRI passport renewal form”. I then realized a spelling mistake in online nri form so i filled in and printed a new one- with newly generated web id.

    Is there any way to modify the existing CKGS form and update it with new web id of Govt NRI form? If not, can i just submit this newly filled form and not care about what i i specified in CKGS?

  • It is better to cancel current CKGS application and cancel payment too (if you have already paid it). Then, re-start the CKGS application and make sure all values match with NRI form.
    I would not suggest to send the application with mis-matches as this may delay your passport renewal.

  • Hem

    Hi Anil,
    I have a few questions regarding passport renewal. I hope you would help me out!

    I have ECR on my passport second page. Is it an issue if it comes in the new passport? While going through Q&As I found that for getting ECNR in the new passport we should attach highest degree certificate. I am recently graduated and currently I am working. I do not have my Masters degree certificate right now I have only transcripts. Can I submit my transcript instead of degree certificate.

    I have the same India address as in the current passport. Is it necessary to attach the Indian address proof?

    I am on OPT (EAD). Should I send EAD photocopy or i20 or both?

    Thank you in advance

  • 1. Yes, you can attach the ‘transcripts’ for ECNR status. There is no clear guidance on this from CKGS, but any proof that proves your educational qualification should work.
    2. No need to provide Indian address proof, if you want to keep the same address in new passport as you have, on current one.
    3. Better to send both EAD and I20 copies.

  • Hem

    Thank you so much Anil.

  • You are welcome.

  • nikunj patel

    Hi Anil, Thanks for article.

    My passport is expiring in 2 months.

    Yesterday I filled my passport renewal form on CKGS website as well as on Govt. of India NRI Passport application website.

    In Govt. of India NRI Passport Application website, I chose wrong option for ‘Service Desired’ – I chose ‘Fresh Passport’ as i got confused with options.

    After some google search, i realized that I was suppose to choose ‘Re-issue Passport’ option as my passport is expiring in 2 months.

    I have completed all steps as per CKGS website and paid fee. I have NOT mailed any documents yet.

    I don’t see any option to Refill Govt. of India NRI Passport Application and link it back to CKGS web reference number.

    Please advise.


  • You should cancel your existing CKGS application and CKGS payment too.
    Re-start the application.

  • Vishal

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for the article.
    I have completed my CKGS form and online NRI PASSPORT form and not yet mailed it as I did not upload the photographs. Is there a way to go back and upload the photos online?
    Will the withdraw and resubmit option be the only way to do?
    Is it charged?
    Can I just mail the form without online photos and mail the photos using email?
    Is there a way to modify the CKGS form?
    Please advise. Thanks once again

  • 1. I do not think government’s online application allows you to upload picture once you have finalized it.
    2. You can mail the form without uploading photos. I have not heard of any issues.
    3. If you do want to upload photos, you have to do the whole process again. You can cancel CKGS application and cancel the payments, if you have already done so.
    4. The other option is to call CKGS and ask if they can change your government’s online application number to the new one from back-end. I am not aware of any such case though.

  • Vishal Kale

    Thank you !

  • Hakim Bohra

    Hello Anil,

    Thanks for the article.

    Unfortunately I am the late comer. My passport has expired 1.5 months ago. I would really appreciate if you can answer to the below questions.

    1. What all extra documents I would need since my passport has already expired ?

    2. Will the birth certificate work for Indian address proof ? The utilities bills are on my father’s name, is it OK if its not on my name ?

    3. My marriage certificate in Hindi. Do I need the English translation for the same ?

    4. When you say affix the photo to the Indian address proof. Do you mean attach a photo to address proof ?

    5. Where would I get change of appearance form? Does it have to be notarized ?

  • 1. Start the passport application on CKGS website and it will show you the extra documentation that’s required for expired passport. I have not tried that option yet.
    2. Only these are acceptable Indian address proofs: Aadhar Card OR Recent Bank Statement from Government bank (Should have affixed photograph) OR Drivers license OR Utility bill not older than 3 months
    3. There is no clear guidance on the marriage certificate language but since it is America, my assumption is ‘English’ is mandatory.
    4. No. Photo on address proof is only required in case of ‘India’s Government bank’s passbook’. If you have ever held an SBI account in India, their account passbook has customer’s photo on first page with bank’s stamp. That’s what we mean by photo affixed on Indian address proof. All other indian address need not have photo.
    5. Change of appearance form is available on CKGS website. Once you start the application on their website, you will option to download and sign it.

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Hi Anil,

    The subtitle of your post says, “Total 6 photos required for reissue” but later in the post you have mentioned “Total 3 in number”. Which one is correct?

    Thanks for putting up this great article.

  • Thanks for notifying us. We have changed the subtitle to reflect 3 photos.
    At this time, total 3 photos are required.

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Thanks for the quick response! Just to clarify, all these 3 photos will be pasted on forms. No loose photos required. Right?

  • Yes, no loose photographs.

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Thanks for clarifying this..

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Thanks again!

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Hi Anil,

    Based on your response seems like uploading the photo with government’s online application form is optional. I wish they mentioned that clearly.

  • It is optional as the online form does not force it on user to upload, but I would strongly suggest to upload it.

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Unfortunately, I already completed the form without uploading the photo (thinking I can do it later).
    The online application doesn’t allow me to go back and upload it later though (as you mentioned in #1).
    I am going ahead with my document submission and hoping it still goes through. I will provide an update in the comments here if it works out fine.

  • bhadresh joshi

    : JOSHI

  • bhadresh joshi


  • Why don’t you use USA address int he absence of Indian address proof?

  • Can she write her name simply? There is no need for specific signature. Just writing her name will work too.

  • 1. You can write the fees that you are paying to for just the re-issue for passport. This is an OLD form from government of India, when they used to accept the paper checks as the only mode of payment. At that time, we had to mention the total amount enclosed in the application packet.
    Now, CKGS has made the payment mode as card and this question does not really hold any relevance.
    You can write any amount i.e. the total that you paying including ALL services or the total of amount that you are paying just for passport renewal (excluding CKGS service fees).
    2. I would suggest to upload the photo online even though it is optional. If not done, there are no adverse effects though. I am not really sure what they really use it for. You can recreate a new form and upload it now if you forgot to do it earlier.

  • Harish Chandravanshi

    Hi Anil,

    I am applying for passport renewal for my son. I have couple of questions in this regard.
    1. How should we put of the names of Father and Mother. Should it be or . Instructions in CKGS suggests not to change the order of the name and need to be exactly as per the Father and Mother’s passport (where it is Surname followed by First name); hence I went ahead with format. Will that be acceptable?
    2. For my son, can I share the photo copy of my Driver’s license as address proof in USA and copy of Adhar Card as my proof of address in India.
    3. In the Govt. Online Application form what should be Passport Service type for passport renewal? I have selected Re-issue of Passport. Please suggest if that is correct?

  • 1. What CGGS wants is the same ‘Given Name’ as mentioned in parent’s passport. If your ‘given name’ format in your passport is ‘Last name-first name’, then use the same.
    2. Yes, for the kid, parent’s address proof of any parent (either mother or father) is acceptable.
    3. Yes, ‘re-issue of passport’ is correct.

    For your information, we have detailed instructions for Minor kid passport renewal here:

  • prasthak

    Have incorrectly put the month of birth to MAR instead of MAY(correct one), in the Embassy passport form which is now submitted. If I change it manually on the form and self-attest that change, would it be acceptable? The Cox and Kings form has the correct month (MAY, in this case).

  • No, it is not acceptable.
    I would suggest to re-fill the online form to avoid any delays in passport issuance.

    If you do not rectify, they will most probably ask you to do so later or return your application.

  • prasthak

    Thanks. I already had submitted the payment to Cox and Kings wherein I included the Web file # for the Embassy/Goverment passport form. If I am re-submitting that application, then where, in the Cox and Kings website, I should update that so that it can be linked with the correct application Web File # ?

  • I think you can’t edit your application now.
    You will have to cancel the payment and cancel CKGS application. Starting a new application is the only solution as far as i know.

    You can also try calling CKGS customer care to know if they can change it for you from back-end.

  • prasthak

    Can I cancel the payment done via credit card?

    I would be happy to use that option and submit the application from the beginning, rather than calling Cox and King as I had a bad experience with BLS few years back.

  • Harish Chandravanshi

    Sincere thanks for your prompt help Anil. Also my heartfelt thanks for sharing instructions for Minor kids passport renewal. This information is very useful.
    I have one more query with regards to point no.1 above. In my passport, I have Surname followed by the Given Name (i.e First Name). And I have followed the same name format in application. I hope this won’t be an issue. In the sample form, I have noticed First Name followed by Surname; hence the doubt.

  • You will have to call CKGS and ask for their help with cancellation.

  • What exactly you mean by Surname followed by Given Name in passport?

    If my name is ‘Anil Gupta’. Then my passport will have:


    Is your GIVEN NAME showing as = GUPTA ANIL?

    Given Name = First Name
    Surname = Last Name.

  • Harish Chandravanshi

    Sorry for the confusion Anil. In my Passport the order is:

    Surname: Chandravanshi
    Given Name: Harish.

    And that is my confusion.

  • This order in passport does not matter.
    Just use the Given Name from your passport to fill the Application form wherever they ask for ‘Given Name’ or ‘First name’.
    Use Surname wherever CKGS asks for ‘Last Name’ or ‘Surname’.

  • prasthak

    Thanks. Unfortunately CKGS is no different then the old BLS. They have the contact # on the website saying they are available from 9 AM to 10 PM EST but is just a cheap google voice phone ringing all the time I call them with nobody answering it from the other side.
    ALso used the contact us form option. waiting for the reply.

  • Ya. I can understand that.

  • Harish Chandravanshi

    Thank you Anil. Your help is much appreciated.

  • som

    I am renewing my passport. Do i need to choose add/change address, if indian address is not changed but printing USA address on passport?

  • If you want your US address on new passport, then choose ‘Address changed’.

  • Muthuveerappan Narayanan

    Hey Anil, in the NRI form I gave both my address as Indian address …..will it be a problem (Question 3 ) but I want the passport to be delivered to my USA address ?
    Then you said to get notarized in question 27, I dont see an option for it ?
    What is ECR and ECNR ?

  • Muthuveerappan Narayanan

    And, in my checklist it never asked for my address proof in India, should I just keep what ever is mentioned top by you or only what is needed in my check list

  • 1. This Q3 for address on Government’s form is for printing on the passport. Mailing address is different and should be mentioned correctly while filling CKGS forms. Q3’s answer will not affect the mailing.
    2. Q 27 notarization is required only in case of minor passport application.
    3. ECR (Emigration check required) stamp is obsolete. It was placed on Passport earlier when people used to go abroad with no educational qualification. You can check ECNR wherever it is asked on forms and include your highest qualification certificate as a photocopy. This optional though.

  • You can skip the Indian address proof if it did not list in your document check list. That’s fine.


    Hey Anil, does the address that needs to be printed on the passport has to be US address. What if i want my Indian address on it?

  • It is your choice. You can choose to get Indian address printed while filling up CKGS form.

  • Devdeep

    Hi Anil, What should be the “period of stay abroad”? I have been residing in the US since 6 years but my last entry in US was only 6 days ago. If I fill 6 days then its in conflict with my answer to “Residing at present address in USA since” which would be for more than a year.

  • Shreyas Agnihotri

    Got my passport yesterday without any issues. So uploading the photo in government application is surely optional.

  • I have observed that answer to this question does not really matter. I think that this form was designed in old age when there used to be lesser travel outside India and people did not travel back to India much.
    In today’s worlds, people travel almost every month outside USA for different project’s.

    You can pretty much fill 6 years and it won’t make any difference. They only verify the legal documents that you provide for your status in USA.
    Its time they should have a re-look at the questions in their form. Some of them are really weird.

  • Great. Thanks for sharing the result. It will certainly help others.

  • Ravi Korlimarla

    Hi Anil, I forgot to enter my email address and phone number on the Online NRI Passport application. I filled the email address and phone number with a pen. Is this allowed (since they only told to use pen for questions after question 7) I cant find a way to add these details any other way and have already paid the renewal fee.

  • At this time, you can either call CKGS to cancel your fees and application and you re-do everything.
    Or you can send the application as it is.

    I have not heard of anyone getting his application rejected, simply on the basis of writing with PEN for questions meant for online filling.
    You should be good to go.

    If there really is any issue with your form (if CKGS thinks you should have written it online instead of using PEN), they will request you to do so later when they check your application.

  • Missk Missk

    Hi Shreyas,
    Have you renewed the expired passport or was it still valid?
    Hi Everyone,
    Do you have any list of documentation or any experience in the process of renewing passport in newyork and passport is already expired more than 6 months to 3 years validity.

  • Saifina Prasla

    Just add (re-issue of passport fee + ICWF fee = $75.00 + $ 2.00 = $77.00) by ONLINE/ CREDIT CARD Mode of payment

  • Shaan Sarang

    Hi Anil! I’m trying to figure out the proof of address since my address in India changed. The accepted documents mentioned by the checklist and you are Aadhar Card OR Recent Bank Statement from Government bank (Should have affixed photograph) OR Drivers license OR Utility bill not older than 3 months. The problem is I have none of these things besides an account with a government bank. I have a recent bank statement (3 months old) from the bank but it doesn’t have an affixed photograph. I was hoping you could clarify what affixing a photograph on a recent bank statement meant?

  • This is how SBI’s passbook with affixed photograph looks like.
    I have added this picture to above article as well, for other guests to see.

  • I have added the picture of SBI (State bank of India) passbook with affixed picture and bank stamp in above article here:

  • Shaan Sarang

    Thanks for the quick reply! So send in the bank passbook instead of the bank statement or both of them? I am assuming just a photocopy of the bank passbook will be enough? Thanks again

  • Haman Bhatia

    In my email to get the approval for Tatkal, I missed typing a number in my passport number. However, I did get the approval for Taktal. Do you think I can use that email or should I resend an email and get the approval again since the email is part of the document list that needs to be attached?

  • Haman Bhatia

    Also one more question Anil, when I was trying to fill out a “normal” application and chose Walk In, I was asked to choose an appointment date. However, once I got my Tatkal approval, I refilled the application as Tatkal and chose Walk In, but this time no appointment select option was presented. Does this mean I can walkin without an appointment?

  • It is better to do it again. The process can be painful and delayed if CKGS finds any issue later.

  • Haman Bhatia

    Do I reply to the approval email and tell me that in my original email, one digit was missing? Or should I start a fresh email thread? Does it really matter since they approved the tatkal status by looking at the attachments of passport pages in the original email and not just the content of the email?

  • Yes, for walk-in, no appointment is required. You can drop it in anytime during their working hours.
    Which Embassy are you submitting your documents to?

    Each embassy has their own no-appointment submission hours. Please check it before going there to avoid inconvenience.

  • Haman Bhatia

    Weird. Like I said initially when I was doing a normal application and chose walk in, it asked me for appointments. But for tatkal walk in, it didn’t. I am submitting my documents to the NY CKGS office.

  • The front page of the passbook as i have shown with your Indian address and bank stamp is good enough. No need for statement to show your money deals 🙂

  • I have never had any such experience before, so, can;t really say how will they react.
    I am pretty sure they have not verified anything with respect to your passport number before giving this approval. You know how government office works.

    I guess that you can go ahead with it. if they find it questionable, they will revert back to you for clarification.
    Anyways, even if they do decide to NOT process it in Tatkal, the normal time is 10 days. Tatkal is 2 days.
    Your choice.

  • Here is the link for their timings:

  • Shaan Sarang

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. One last question if you don’t mind me asking. Do I need to send in the original passbook or is a scanned copy good enough? Again, thanks a lot for the help. I know it’s the weekend and you taking time out to help is much appreciated.

  • Scanned copy’s printed version (on paper) needs to be sent.

  • Shaan Sarang

    That is all I needed to know. Thank you again!

  • You are welcome.

  • Haman Bhatia

    Hi Anil, one more question. In the Passport Application Form, first line, what amount do I enter under Payment of Fee to be filled by Applicant and what Method of Payment? I paid everything online. The break up of the fee I paid is $225.00 – Passport Fee, $19.95 – CKGS Service Fee, $2.00 – ICWF Fee, $5.00 – Text Message, $8.82 – Convenience Fee, Total = $260.77

  • This is an old format when they only used to accept payment by check.
    You can fill the total that you paid or leave it blank.

    It won’t make any difference.
    For my personal passport application, i had left it blank.

  • Haman Bhatia

    Oh perfect, thanks a lot!

  • Santhosh

    Hello Anil,

    This is related to my sons passport renewal. Few queries:
    1. I already affixed 3 photographs on various applications. Now, apart from this, do i need to send additional 3 photographs separately?
    2. As well, There is a form called AuthorityLetterforcollectionOfPassport. In this form, there are two signatures required. One is of application, so my son signed. Another one is for “Specimen signature of the authorized representative?” Who need to sign here?

  • 1. Only 3 are required that you have already pasted. No extra photos need to be sent.
    2. Parent has to sign.

  • sharvil shah

    Hi Anil,

    I have the bank statement from US bank,is that valid as a residence proof? If not I need to get the state ID. As I have already submitted the application I am worried about the timeline for the documents to reach to the Indian mission at new york CGI… What if I send my documents without the US residence proof for now. and later send them the proof..

    Will my application still be valid?


  • 1. US Bank is NOT a valid address proof as per CKGS.
    2. CKGS will put your application on-hold and ask you to upload or send the proof if they find it un-acceptable.
    Do not worry. You cannot stop the package that you have already sent.

  • Gregory

    Hi Rish/Anil,

    @disqus_c1dlpF9DpL:disqus: I’m in a similar position. Applying for my wife’s passport renewal, but the Indian address on her current passport is obsolete. What did you end up doing? Did you provide only the US address. But then, what did you fill in for Nationality Verification form where it asks for a complete permanent address in India?

    @SoanT:disqus: Any thoughts on what to fill in for the perm Indian address in the Nationality Verification form in this case?

  • You can fill any of your relative’s Indian address, if you have it.
    There is no real police verification done there. It is just a formality.

    Also, in this case, choose to get the US address printed on new passport.

  • Mounika B

    Hi Anil,

    Below is from passport physical document list, latest as of (15jan2018), I am
    Indian Address Proof ( If applicant wants to add /
    change Indian Address)
    Aadhar Card
    Recent Bank Statement from Government bank (Should
    have affixed photograph)
    Drivers license
    Utility bill not older than 3 months

  • Yes, that’s correct. We have the same list on above article.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Satish Potturi

    Hi Anil,

    Good Evening, Quick question on Notary. You mentioned that notary is required for:
    Passport Application form – Specifically Q no. 29. If it lands on 3rd page, then notarize only page 3.

    But in the Check list, its no where mentioned to notarize, “Online Passport Application Form”
    The Checklist says to notarize only “Change of Appearance”.

    Please advise.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • If its not mentioned for you in checklist, then you can skip it. No need to worry.