Australia Statutory Affidavit Sample – Co Worker Letter

Australia statutory letter sample - copy, paste and use for free. Notary and witness signature required. Print on plain or stamp paper in India.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  1 Nov, 19


Statutory Letter in Word Format – Copy paste and use

Use this free Statutory declaration letter to support your work experience claims if your employer is not issuing skill letter on their letter head.

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Statutory Document Support Proofs

You will need to submit any one of these proofs along with the statutory document for Australia PR Assessment

  1. Certified copy of your payslips – preferably first & last payslip for the employment period. OR
  2. Certified copy a Human Resource statement or Service Certificate with employment dates – Also called relieving letter in India. OR
    Employment agreement or offer letter or Appointment or joining letter is not acceptable.
  3. Certified copy of a Termination Letter with employment dates. 

What is a Certified copy for Australia PR?

Skill experience letter for Australia from Colleague

This co-worker experience letter can be printed either on employer’s letter head or a plain piece of paper or a stamp paper (India).
If the colleague has left the previous employer too, this should be clearly mentioned in the letter that the current person is NOT working with the previous employer.

Colleague Letter Notary

Notarization is required for your manager or colleague letter. You may use this letter for ACS Assessment for Australia 189/190 permanent residency.


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