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H1B 60 days grace period USCIS rule – H4 EAD Validity

H1B 60 days Grace period meaning DHS allows a grace period of up to 60 days for non-immigrant workers in…

8 months ago

H4 EAD News 2018 DHS – Expect Rules by Dec Last Week

Dec 18, 2018 - ImmigrationVoice's Appeal against Removal Accepted in Court H4 EAD news update today: Immigration Voice reports that…

8 months ago

EAD expedite request with USCIS for severe financial loss

USCIS Expedite Request for EAD 2018 USCIS allows you to request for expedited processing of your EAD application, if your…

2 months ago

Renew Indian Child Passport in USA – Documents, Process

Renew Indian Minor passport in USA after 5 years with CKGS. Processing time 1-4 week. Total 3 photos. Self Attest…

3 years ago

EB2 to EB3 Downgrade for Faster Green Card – India, China

EB2 to EB3 Downgrade India EB3 India has moves past again EB2 India Green Card priority date in Jan 2019…

3 months ago

USCIS NTA Policy News – 18 – 33 day grace period before NTA is issued

What does the NTA do? An NTA is a document that instructs an individual to appear before an immigration judge.…

3 months ago