Get Delhi University Transcript in Sealed Envelope

Get Delhi University transcript by post or in-person application in 10 days. Fees Rs1500/$150 > 6 yrs, Rs1k/$100 <= 6 yrs. Mail directly to WES Canada.

Written by Anil Gupta
  By Anil Gupta          Updated  27 Jun, 19


Documents for DU Sealed Transcript – Sealed

  1. Copy of ALL mark-sheets that you are requesting TRANSCRIPT for.
  2. Your course Syllabus i.e. subjects that you studied. You can find subjects written on the back side of your mark-sheet.
    DU has posted subjects online for many courses but not all at Syllabus.
  3. University Enrollment Number or normally called Roll Number.
  4. Copy or Degree or provisional degree.

You can get DU Transcript in sealed envelope by post (Postal Mail) or by In-person application submission at DU North or South Campus.

There is no option to apply Delhi University Transcript online. The process for IP University, Delhi Transcript in Sealed Envelope is also similar.

Send DU Transcripts Directly to WES Canada

You can send DU transcripts directly to WES Canada by mailing from DU campus Post office within pin code 110007 (Delhi).

DU Transcript Processing Time

DU transcript process takes minimum of 15 working days excluding Gazetted holidays, Saturday and Sunday. You can expect to have your transcript envelope ready in 20 calendar days.


Check DU Transcript Status

You can call Delhi University office on phone number 001-27001021. There is no option to check status online.



If applying from IndiaIf Applying from outside India
Upto 6 yearsINR 1000USD 100
More than 6 yearsINR 1500USD 150
Per Additional copyINR 100 eachUSD 10 Each (Includes Postal charges)

Source: Fees

Degree Transcript

DU only gives out mark sheet transcript by default. If you want the degree transcript as well for immigration to Canada, you have to apply it at North campus university office window 04.


Transcript Application Form

Open link in new window.

Source: DU Transcript Form

DU Application Process

#1 Download and fill the Transcripts form

You can use an extra paper sheet if your number of paper and titles do not fit within the space provided in Point 6.

Requestor’s OWN signature are required on application form.

Get all mark-sheets and degree photocopied. No notary needed. Write Syllabus on a piece of paper with hand or get it typed.

#2 Pay fees on DU website

You will need to register on this DU website to make a payment online.

Once registered,

  1. Go to Useful Links (upper right side of the website) >
  2. Students >
  3. Miscellaneous Online Fee Payment.

You may need the Delhi University Enrollment Number to make the payment online.

Enrollment number is different than ‘Roll Number’ and can be found on top of your Delhi University degree. I have shared the sample DU degree and mark sheets at the bottom of this article. Check there to spot the enrollment number.

After making payment, download and print the payment receipt.

You can also pay fees in CASH if you are applying in-person at the university payment counter. Get the receipt.

#3A If applying by Postal mail

  1. Get an envelope and add all photocopies, payment receipt. Write DU address on this envelope.
  2. Get second envelope, write your OWN address on top.
  3. Keep second RETURN envelope inside FIRST envelope.
  4. We recommend to use INDIA POST’s SPEEDPOST or registered post and stamps for sending and RETURN envelopes.

#3B If applying in-person

Keep all documents in single envelope and submit at university window no. 9 which is located at the back side of university office building.



If you passed out from College in South Campus

Section officer,
Examination Branch – III,
South Delhi Campus,
University of Delhi,
Benito Juarez Rd
New Delhi – 110021
Landmark: Behind A.R.S.D. college building, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi


If you passed out from College in North Campus

Section officer,
Examination Branch – III,
North Delhi Campus,
University of Delhi,
New Delhi – 110007

Sample DU Sealed Transcript

The transcripts are taped and signed by university official to make tamper proof. You should NOT OPEN it yourself.
Wherever you need to submit it, you have to submit it as it is. Most people need it either for applying to universities in USA or immigration to Canada, Australia and other countries.

Sample DU Degree, Mark Sheet

Open link in new window.

Australia Canada

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  236 Useful Questions & Answers

  1. rahul
    rahul 14 Aug, 18 at 1:58 pm

    Hi, i got the transcript and attested copy of degree from DU in an sealed envelope but just the envelope is little different from what you have shown in picture ,the envelope i got does not have anything written on it except the stamp everywhere it is not signed only stamped on front and back and envelope doesnt have delhi university written on it only stamp contains delhi university please tell me is it going to be accepted by WES canada like this….?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 14 Aug, 18 at 7:13 pm

      Yes, it should work. May be, they have changed the envelope format and stamps policy.
      It’s okay. It will still work.

    • Pravesh
      Pravesh 19 Feb, 19 at 7:58 am

      Hi Rahul,
      Could you please update on your case. I’m in the same boat, so wanted to understand, if that works.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 19 Feb, 19 at 8:51 am

      No need to worry about the envelope. DU may have changed the stamping and signing requirements now.

      It is perfectly fine and you can use it.

  2. RR
    RR 8 Aug, 18 at 12:00 pm

    Finally got my transcripts from DU within 20 days of application. It was actually hassle free. The entire process was done by mail. The documents were received at my Indian address.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 8 Aug, 18 at 1:17 pm

      Wow..that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing the result.
      So, did you use Fedex India’s label to send your application and then received the transcripts at your sister’s Indian address?

      It would be great if you can throw some light as lot of other people would like to do this to save transcript cost.

  3. monika ojha
    monika ojha 1 Aug, 18 at 2:30 am

    Hi, i have to apply for transcripts from DU (SOL) year of passing 2007, i have 1 year marksheet and 3rd year combined marksheet but i don’t have marksheet for 2nd year, so can i proceed with only photocopies of 1st year marksheet and 3rd year marksheet along with degree. please advise.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 1 Aug, 18 at 7:14 am

      I think consolidated mark sheet should be fine.

  4. Anil Gupta
    Anil Gupta 19 Jul, 18 at 7:40 am

    If the syllabus is not mentioned on DU website, then you have to write it yourself on plain piece of paper and submit with your application.

  5. Henry
    Henry 19 Jul, 18 at 1:40 am

    May I ask you one more question Anil. MA – Political Science Syllabus is not mentioned at the back of 2001, 2002 marksheets that I have. What should I do? How do I get it? It is not given on the link that you provided
    Is it possible to get if from the Examination Branch, South Delhi Campus? Please advise. Thanks !

  6. Henry
    Henry 18 Jul, 18 at 4:54 pm

    Hi Anil.

    I have a question. What if someone failed a year and completed the graduation in 4 years? In the Transcript form that we need to submit to the Delhi University do we need to mention that failed year marks also and attached the mark sheet of the year failed. Or only we need to fill the passed year information? will this have any impact on the transcripts submitted to WES for Canadian PR?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 18 Jul, 18 at 6:08 pm

      I have no idea about submitting failed year mark sheets or not.
      I guess you get what you ask for from Delhi University. If you just ask the transcripts for passed years, they should give passed year transcripts only.

      As far as WES Canadian PR is concerned, they have their own rules to evaluate your education. I don’t think they give any importance to failed year as long as you finished your course and finally passed out of it.

      • Henry
        Henry 18 Jul, 18 at 11:11 pm

        Thanks Anil ! Appreciate your quick response.

    • Henry
      Henry 19 Jul, 18 at 1:27 am

      Just one more question Anil. MA-Political Science Syllabus is not mentioned on the back of Year 2001,2002 mark sheets. What should I do? From where can I get it. It is not available on the the link that you provided. Can I get it from Examination Branch, South Delhi Campus? Please advise.

  7. harry
    harry 5 Jul, 18 at 10:56 pm

    Hello Anil Sir ,
    I have recently join infosys Mysuru Location ,i have submitted my Delhi University degree And Consolidated college attested mark sheet which is 2011-2014 batch in BSc. Physical science with computer science Course From Moti Lal Nehru College(Affiliated to DU),At that time University and my college not issue any semester wise mark sheet.
    But Infosys reject my marksheet and said me to submit semester wise mark sheet(All of Six Semesters), I told them my university not issue semester wise mark sheet ,they said that give me that in written proof or any notification issued by University or ask college or Univeristy to written on letter head that they not issue semester wise marksheet only issue consolidated and degree.

    Can u please suggest me what can i do in this case ,can i apply for online transcript according to this blog ,are u sure they issued semester wise marksheet because i have consolidated marksheet already .If u have any notification regarding this issue please email me i am very grateful to you.

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 5 Jul, 18 at 11:09 pm

      Hi Harry,
      I am not aware of any such notification, if any has been issued by Delhi University.
      You can request DU transcripts and submit them with your employer. The sealed transcripts from DU will prove that they came from direct university and that should be good enough for Infosys.

      • harry
        harry 6 Jul, 18 at 1:25 am


  8. Abhinav
    Abhinav 1 Jul, 18 at 5:00 am

    Hi Anil,

    I realized that I’ve made an error with the enrollment number. I’ve already send the required documents to DU, 2 weeks back, and now I want to track the status. That is it in progress or stopped because of that error. I tried all the contact numbers possible but there is a) hardly every any response, and b) finally when someone picks it, they provide another number. Do you have any link or contact number where I can track the application status?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 1 Jul, 18 at 7:48 am

      Unfortunately, there is no official number to track status for the transcript application, that I know of.
      You can probably send another application with correct enrollment number if it is urgent.

  9. Varun
    Varun 28 Jun, 18 at 7:29 pm

    I want to send my brother to get the transcripts for me as I am out of India. How can I do that?
    Do I need to write a letter to nominate him?
    And Can I send him the filled transcript form scanned with signature?

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 28 Jun, 18 at 8:18 pm

      Yes, an authorization letter can work.
      Fill the form and send it by post to your brother in India. Scanned copy may not be accepted.

  10. Bhawna
    Bhawna 19 Jun, 18 at 2:50 pm

    I am trying to pay the fees on this link, and it’s asking for the Enrollment number. Do you know where I can find it ?

    • Bhawna
      Bhawna 19 Jun, 18 at 2:51 pm

    • Anil Gupta
      Anil Gupta 19 Jun, 18 at 3:08 pm

      Enrollment number is written on your final DEGREE. I have updated the article with sample degree which shows Delhi university enrollment number.

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